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This will be an eventful


the last couple years have been hard...

there have been departures,

and cleansing,

and in alot of ways, loss...


but what the Lord takes away,

He replaces, and blesses,

and empowers...


and we are now stepping into,

or should I say running headlong into...

blessings and restoration...


intercession is the key...

to get us to be the right kind of intercessors

for Him,

He had to cleanse our tongues...

and some yielded willingly to that,

some, like wild horses, fought the bit,

and bucked like a stallion...


but now God is readying some for the great

ministry of intercession...

which to some does not sound like

a 'great gift' like they want...

but what they failed to realize is,

'intercession' is the gateway to the

great ministries the Lord has offered...


refuse the door, and you miss

seeing what is inside that room...


Jesus interceded in Gethsemane,

and while on the cross...

and then came 'restoration, resurrection,

victory over the devil...


Jesus went away to intercede for us...

at the right hand of the Father...

and that time will conclude with the

second coming..


intercession is a gateway...

when Job interceded for his friends,

he received double portion and health...

but not till intercession...


are you seeing the pattern?


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The Lord is grieved...


this man assuming power in this country

is not the 'Messiah',

he is not the 'Answer'


so far about 150 million is being spent

on his parties,

they raised 41 million,

and private donations are supposed to pay

for this...


Bush was greatly criticized for spending

40 million,

but the expense of this inaguration

is over 150 million...

Bush's inaguration had 4 balls, I believe,

I have counted 24 for this one,

though, they are saying often there are 10...

but I count 24, not counting special dinners...



they do not have enough money to pay

for it...

so, as privately as they can,

they will declare a national emergency,and

take about 100 million from fema funds...


Adoration and worship are being given

to this one...

Sins are going to be happening

often in these parties,

the Lord's name will be taken in vain

(to put it mildly),

blasphemy, uncleanness, drunkenness,

verbal attacks on God's children...


occur often in these parties

to a man...


and yet, our Lord stands in the heavens,

anxious to return...

and His name is being dishonored by many

at this party...


I feel the Lord

calling for us,

His prophets,

 to honor Him on this day...

like the three Hebrew children,

Hananiah, Azariah, and Mishael,

to not bow to the golden idol...


to bow only to Jesus...


I am issuing a call,

one the Lord is asking me to issue


a call to praise the name of Jesus

on Tuesday....

Call on Jesus to 'have mercy'...

Call on Him to help us...


Look to Him,

He Who commanded to 'have no other

gods in His presence'...


This man being inagurated is a man,

one who needs God's help,

one who is helpless without God...

and yet, many are worshipping him...

looking to him for their salvation...

and Jesus is being forgotten by many...


Not we, his army of prophets,


we must not forget our Lord,

Savior, Master, Lord,

and Coming King...


His coming is soooo soon,

we should be partying for His coming...


if you are 'in tune' with the Lord,

you will feel the grief of the Lord,

as you watch the events of tomorrow....



praise the Lord, tomorrow,

even more than you do daily...

our Lord wants to hear our praise!


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Originally Posted by murjahel



so far about 150 million is being spent

on his parties,

they raised 41 million,

and private donations are supposed to pay

for this...


 Yes, his entrance is certainly telling...


Apparently, his first act as 

Officer-in-Chief is to fleece the flock.


What a sham and a shame.


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The hardness, resulting in the hard-hearted

attacking the children of God,

is one choice...


Intercession and repentance is a separate




The Lord is testing...

finding out which group each will choose...


the reasons to choose hardness, and attack

will seem so good to those who choose...


someone wronged you, you think...

someone does not respect your spirituality,

you feel...

that person must be full of pride to not notice

how great you are...  you reason...


the rationalization goes on ...

and yet... choosing to harden, and attack...

will be easy...


intercession and repentance

is a more difficult choice...


to intercede for those who lied about you,

stole from you, falsely accused you...

is not a natural and easy choice...


to repent for every sin and failure

you have, to stay forgiven, since you cannot

be perfect, is humbling...


so... the passing of the tests...

is going to be hard...


but the reward for passing is sooooo great...

and the loss due to failing the tests,

is soooo great...


be careful, prayerful, and

stay alert to the devil's lures...


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is currently increasing...


What has the Bible foretold us of

this 'opposition'?

 The former rain revival met opposition from the world almost immediately.

The priests and the officials of the synagogues felt threatened because of the involvement of the priesthood in the crucifixion of Jesus.

Rome had crucified Jesus, so they also felt threatened by Christianity.

The Sadducees did not believe in the resurrection, so they were angry at the premises of Christianity.

Opposition from these groups came quickly.

The latter rain revival will face enormous opposition. We will compare the two periods of opposition. They are similar in some ways, and will show differences in other ways.

From WITHOUT of the Christian movement came the initial opposition to the former rain revival. It came in several well-defined steps.

First, came the


Acts 4:8-20, 29-31

"(vs. 17)...that it spread no further among the people, let us straitly threaten them, that they speak henceforth to no man in His name. ...(vs. 18)...They called them and commanded them not to speak at all nor teach in the name of Jesus."

It was initially difficult for the opposition to know what action to take to stop the incredible revival amidst Christianity. These Christians were breaking no law in curing the cripple. Thus, the opposition threatened them to leave out the name of Jesus in performing such miracles. Had their threats worked, the revival would have stopped. The miracles, the revival, and the salvation of souls was not instigated by the man - Peter, or the apostle of love - John.

It is not the denomination or the religious leadership that instigates revival. The secret is JESUS. The world today does not mind our religion too much if we do not mention JESUS. There are implied threats today, there are inferences, and condemnations for those who frequently mention the name that sends the demons into frenzies --- JESUS.

Notice today how the ones that are branded "Christian-right-wing extremists", "Christian fanatics", and "Christian extremists", are "coincidentally" also the ones who frequently mention the name of Jesus, and claim a relationship with this Jesus.

In 2007, Obama talked about the "Christian right wing’ and compared us to terrorists. Currently, some of his closest advisors are again referring to the Christian evangelicals as akin to terrorists, and preparing themselves and their listeners for action against us.

Do we today allow the threats and condemnations deter us from our mission? Do we slink away from the Christian movement to avoid these condemnations?

The second step of opposition was


Acts 5:17-18

"Then the high priest rose up, and all they that were with him, which is the sect of the Sadducees, and were filled with indignation. And they laid hands on the apostles, and put them in the common prison."

A temporary lock up of the Christian leadership was attempted for the purpose of intimidating the movement. Presumably all of them were locked up. The doors that night were locked, with guards at the door. In the morning, the apostles were gone. How? Luke says, "an angel of the Lord" delivered them, and told them to go preach. THE DISCIPLES DID NOT FEAR! These disciples did not go far, but were quickly discovered near-by - preaching.

The opposition today is beginning to use prison as a deterrent threat to the Christian revival. Pro-life demonstrators, and even those who would hold a sign of opposition to the murder of the unborn are having laws drafted and used against them. Freedom of speech, and freedom of religion are being thrown out by our legislators with these laws that will incarcerate those of the Christian movement who oppose the sinful, murderous holocaust of the nation's unborn. There are Christians in jails today who are there because of their Christian witness.

Huge detention centers are already prepared, secretly maintained, and capable of holding many thousands of people. Are these for Christian evangelicals, who persist in preaching truth?

Some new laws now being put on the books will allow this sinful government to imprison Christians for even driving someone to a pro-life demonstration, if the demonstrators come within 35 feet of an clinic which murders the unborn.

The third step of opposition was the


Acts 5:26,33

"Then went the captain with the officers, and brought them without violence, for they feared the people, lest they should have been stoned... they were cut to the heart, and took counsel to slay them..."

The opposition was so angered that they were tempted to pass a death sentence (which would mean stoning). Gamaliel (a great scholar of the day) counseled wisdom here and prevented them from trying to stone them. It was not God's will for them to die here -no doubt that God would have delivered them somehow.

Then, the PHYSICAL VIOLENCE AND THREATS came forth from the opposition.

Acts 5:40

"... And when they had called the apostles, and beaten them, they commanded them that they should not speak in the name of Jesus and let them go."

When threats do not work, and then the secret planning of physical violence will lead to the carrying out of actual violence. They gave the disciples thirty nine stripes, which was an agonizing and tortuous whipping with a sharp-edged whip. The disciples still paid no attention to their demands to stop preaching Jesus.

The fifth step was


Acts 6:12-13

"They stirred up the people and the elders, scribes, and came upon him, and caught him and brought him to the council. And set up false witnesses..."

False witnesses twisted what Stephen really had said (about Jesus destroying the temple). The temple of which Jesus spoke was His own body... He had said, "destroy this temple and in three days, I will raise it up..." Stephen explained the true meaning of Jesus, which should have been obvious in the post-resurrection period, to these Jews. The false witnesses again tried to misapply this teaching, and provided another unjust trial upon a child of God.

During the latter rain revival, there will be unjust trials of the children of God. If a child of God fails in any way, the media, and the courts will use any excuse to inflict perverted justice upon them. Jim Bakker was sentenced to forty some years in jail for what our lawmakers do on a daily basis. Some money was sent to Jim Bakker for building a hotel, and it was used for television expense. In a manifold expansion of this, most of the money collected for social security is spent by our lawmakers for other projects. They call it "government" for themselves, but made it illegal for anyone else, especially anyone who is a Christian. Because of Jim Bakker's spiritual failure some seven or eight years previous, many in the Christian community decided to "shoot the wounded" instead of encouraging and forgiving. The media and the sinful government of the nation used the opportunity to attack him with unjust trial.

There are, and have been, many other less-noted unjust trials against the Christian world since that time. They are ever increasing. New laws are being written with the purpose of being used against the Christian body of believers. This is a step of opposition many of us may see soon. If any real revival period of the church age is examined, you will find that false accusations, imprisonment, and persecution quickly develops.

Then, the following step is the


of the saints.

Acts 7:54, 57, 58

"...they were cut to the heart, and they gnashed on him with their teeth... they stopped their ears and ran upon him with one accord... cast him out of the city and stoned him..."

The Bible adequately warns us that in the last days "perilous times" shall come. We are warned that our own lives will be in jeopardy, and we may likely face martyrdom in the last days. They hated and crucified our Lord Jesus, and they will also hate those who preach His gospel.



became widespread.

Acts 8:1.3

"And at that time there was great persecution against the church... Saul, he made havoc of the church..."

It will start on a small basis, in isolated areas of the ountry. When a successful pattern of persecution and violence is finally recognized and allowed by the people and government, the violence will be widespread. It is coming soon. We should not be ignorant of it. We need to sit down and count the cost of building, and when we know the cost, we can forge ahead in the power of the Spirit. The opposition will then not be able to stop our witness. We will have a song in the prison (as Paul and Silas). We will have a resurrection after the stoning (as Paul). Our imprisonment will result in the salvation of souls (as at Philippi).

Persecution does not give the devil victory, unless we forsake the Lord in the midst of it. If we allow the Spirit to use us with the gifts of the Spirit at the times of persecution and violence, victory will be assured. Stephen may have been stoned to death, but his final prayer on earth allowed God to change the coat-holder Saul into the Apostle to the Gentiles - Paul. Everything the devil tries to do to stop us will bring him further defeat.

This opposition from without the church is how the persecution started for the former rain revival.

Then followed opposition from WITHIN.

 We have been mainly facing that kind of opposition ever since. It is the main form of opposition the church faces today. When the opposition within the church is finally handled by the Lord with the final judgment of the church, we will again face stiff opposition from without. Till the "harvest of tares" (Matt. 13) has cleansed the church, we will face grave opposition from those inside the church.

After the initial opposition from without the church began, there also started in a small way, the opposition inside the church. Paul spoke of Demas who had "forsaken" him. John spoke of Diotrephes who "loveth to have the pre-eminence." This Diotrephes had indicated that he would shun John from his church, if and when John would come. Diotrephes wanted to be the only important personage of that congregation. Jealousy and envy had crept into the congregation. We have seen the devil work similarly countless times down trhough the ages, getting some to lie, steal, denigrate, falsely accuse other Christians. This opposition is found inside the church, by some calling themselves Christian, each side maintaining they are

hearing from God, whereas, at most, only one side is.

Then there were disputes in many congregations of that day between the Jewish converts, and the Gentile converts. The Jewish converts had been raised with many details of law. They had dietary rules that the Gentile converts did not understand. They had rules on clothing, rules about the Sabbath, rules about circumcision, etc. Some attempted to inflict these rules upon the new Gentile converts. Many of the Gentiles resisted these added rules to the Christianity they had been taught by Paul and some of the other apostles.

The converts and fans of Peter, Paul, and Apollos each contended over which was the greatest preacher. Some tried to separate from those groups and claim a superior allegiance. This last group claimed to be fans only of Christ Jesus. They were claiming to be the super-holy group. In actuality, the divisiveness of all four groups was corrupting and hindering the church.

The church congregation at Corinth had many problems. They had terrible sins that corrupted the assemblies. Paul had to severely exhort them on many issues.

These sins inside the church continued to grow and develop. During the middle ages the church was selling indulgences that allowed one to pay money to the church so he or she could commit a terrible sin and be "forgiven" ahead of time. The right to commit adultery, theft, murder, etc. were all being condoned by the church for a price.

In our day, we find many false prophets and their heresies. There are many hypocrites and spiritual abusers. The whole set up of many denominations and congregations perpetuate a form of Christianity that is powerless and is grieving to the Holy Spirit.

In the latter rain time of the church there are predictions of great opposition inside the church. Many have read the following verse and assumed it spoke of sinners outside the church. However, if the context is noted, one will find that the Word is describing the conditions inside the church of the last days.

II Timothy 3:1-14

"This know that in the last days perilous times shall come. For men shall be

lovers of their own selves,





disobedient to parents,



without natural affection,


false accusers,



despisers of those that are good,




lovers of pleasure more than lovers of God.

Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof, from such turn away.

For of this sort are they which creep into houses,

and lead captive silly women laden with sins,

led away with divers lusts,

ever learning but never able to come to the knowledge of the truth...

their folly shall be manifest unto all men...

Yea, all that will live godly, will suffer persecution. But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving and being deceived..."

We are currently in these "perilous" times of the last days. The church is corrupted beyond belief. Many saints have "hidden their heads in the sand" of denial. The sin within the church is embarrassing, and appalling. We have seen many church congregations degenerate into pits of debate, judgmentalism, heresy, pride, spiritual apathy, and even perversion.

Some are debating allowing homosexuals be their pastors.

Some are encouraging sexual license.

Some are denying the resurrection and new birth.

Some are incorporating new age and occultic practices into the congregations.

Some are spiritually abusing young children, and new converts.

Some will spread lies and half truths to denigrate any one whose ministry they envy. Many a one who has been called a "false prophet" or "heretic" in these last days, are the real saints of God. Those that are truly - "false prophets" have made their messages to satisfy the "itching ears" of the hearers, and are propagating damning doctrines.

Some will "shoot the wounded" and shun the hurting saint.

Some love themselves, and are self seeking, capitalizing on the generosity of saints who believe their passionate pleas for money.

Some are taken in sexual perversions that would shock any who discover the sins. Some lesbians are even now promoting changing God's name to "Sophia". They want to change the Word of God. They do not even have a relationship with the God of heaven, and yet they attempt to stay within the church.

Some are proud and feel superior to other saints, wanting the others to follow them as obedient sheep to a substitute shepherd.

Some have a form of godliness, but do not have the true Christian love that would empower them to true revival.

Some are ever seeking to learn, but are refusing to believe the real truth. They have allowed their minds to be so corrupted with false doctrines, debates, and arguments on small details... that they never find the simple truths of the Word.

Some attack the real children of God, and the real message of salvation, Christian love, and Biblical truth.

Some spend their time seeking to lead others into their own brand of deception. These persecute, lie about, and shun those who expose their corruptness. If someone disagrees with their foul language, their judgmental condemnations, their carnal spirit, they attack that person with vehemence and anger.

II Peter 2:1-2

"...even as there shall be false teachers among you, who privily shall bring in damnable heresies... many shall follow their pernicious ways; by reason of whom, the way of truth shall be evil spoken of..."


Opposition in the early church, started

from 'without'... and later came froom


In the last days, the order is reversed.

Opposition will mainly be from 'within'

until the judgment of the church.

Then, opposition from without will

increase to levels never seen before.


The opposition from within is currently

at levers never seen before, and is increasing


The first opposition to the latter rain revival was from WITHIN its own ranks. The devil has sought to corrupt Christianity since its inception.


Judas was an early convert to the false deceptions of the devil. Ever since Judas, the devil has sought to hinder the church by planting inside it those who are sin corrupted and deceived.

Betrayal by these "brothers", friends, church acquaintances, relatives, and church leaders will be a common occurrence in these last days.

Luke 21:16

"And ye shall be betrayed both by parents,

and brethren, and kinsfolk, and friends;

and some of you shall they cause to be put to death.

And ye shall be hated of all men for My name's sake."


Luke 21:12-13

"Before all these, they shall lay their hands on you,

and persecute you,

delivering you up to the synagogues,

and into prisons...

 and it shall turn to you for a testimony."


Matthew 24:9-10

"Then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted,

and shall kill you,

and ye shall be hated of all nations (peoples)

for My name's sake.

And then shall many be offended,

and shall betray one another,

 and shall hate one another..."


The opposition that we meet from within or without, need not trouble us into despair. We are to be overcomers in these last days. If we can learn to stand against the opposition within, we will have no real trouble when the opposition comes from without. Do not shy from the opposition. Do not fall into the deceptions of the devil. Stand up and be counted for the Lord.

Zechariah 10:5

"...they shall be as mighty men, which tread down their enemies in the mire of the streets in the battle; and they shall fight because the Lord is with them."

We have a hedge of protection about us in these last day. We have the power of the Spirit to bestow upon us manifold and miraculous gifts, signs, and wonders. The devil cannot defeat us, if we do not give up. If we simply "resist" him, he is defeated.

The devil tried greatly in the former rain revival to oppose and defeat the early church. The devil could not stop what God had started.


In the latter rain revival, the devil thinks that the



spiritual abusers,


and false prophets

that he has placed within the framework of the church will cause its ultimate end, but God has another surprise for the devil.


When God has purged the church of these offenders, and revived the remainder of the church, He will give a revival that will astound the world. Then, the devil will use the sinners of this world to resist the Christians. This last desperation attempt of the devil to oppose and to stop the revival will be valiantly defeated by the saints.







LOOK UP!!!!!!"


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The world, life,

and trials we go through

all tend to steal much from us...


God is in the restoring business...

He loves to restore...


we are called to pray for things that are His


and His will is to restore...


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I am wanting to hear more

about the 'Y' in HAIRRY....


Yeshua Messiah.


You said more would be revealed

about the meaning of His Name...

Has there been anything more

on that since you first were shown it,



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Originally Posted by murjahel


 There will be a 'hardness' increase on some.... This hardness will bring a greater chance of being in the harvest of tares, for their spirits will resist the Holy Spirit and His conviction, His voice... till they cease to recognize the voice of the Lord...  This hardness will cause many to sin the unpardonable sin.  There will be more with the unpardonable sin in these days than ever before.

   Attack from those that are hardening their spirits against the true saints of God will come.  Attacks will be verbal, physical, and spiritual.

   Intercession of the saints will increase, for the need of an intercessor for those hardening their hearts.  Intercession must be made for those who have not yet sinned the unpardonable sin, so as to give the Lord opportunity to have mercy once more on their souls.

   Repentance of many will begin... There will be a revival of tears and repentance of many, due to the mercy of the Lord coming just before the judgment of the church.  There will be great specatacles of repentance, with the anxiousness for forgiveness so great on many, that they will not be able to postpone repentance to a more 'suitable' time for such.

   Restoration of much power that the church should always have had... There will be healings, miracles, salvation of souls, visions, dreams, etc...

   This stands for the 'Yeshua', the Gk form of Jesus... He will reveal Himself in great ways to the church.  I do not understand the fullness of the meaning of this Name for the year... but for some reason, God says that the name of Yeshua will be prominent in His dealings with mankind in the year.


more to come


The post was posted several months ago...

and we have been seeing many

of these things develop in the year...


The 'hardness'  has increased...

with the harvest of tares to be sooo soon,

it is of great concern.

The attitudes, angers, and grudges

of some is increasing, not decreasing.


The 'ATTACk' is also increasing...

posts are being privately done,

attacking, nit picking, twisting of facts,

outright lying...


The 'intercession is also increasing...

Some are feeling a greater and greater

desire to be intercessors..

and a key to surviving spiritually

in this year will be 'intercession'...


Repentance... well, we will see


it will be hard... some have dug their

ditch pretty deep...

but it will yield great reward,

if they truly repent...


Restoration is what they will find

as they get up off their knees...


Some will find 'restoration' as

a part of God answering prayers of

years.  God is going to restore

what the devil has robbed...


The 'YESHUA' part is hard to fully comprehend

yet... this one is still a bit of a mystery...

but Yeshua is working in a great way in these

last days...

perhaps it is Yeshua at the door of the about

to be judged saints, knocking, and knocking...


I think there is far more to the 'Yeshua'

revelation ... we will shortly find out...


we seem stuck on the earlier letters

for 2009...




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Some dreams...

show us some facts that the Lord wants

us to know...


some details of such facts,

He is not interested in telling us...

at least, not at that time...


sometimes, in my experience,

I see someone in the vision,

of certain height, size, etc..

and I assume it is this person or that person

due to the setting, and all...


Later, I find out that the person is not

who I assumed... but as years pass,

situations change, we find we had assumed wrong...


We see this in the Bible,

where visions oft had 'early meaning,

and much later time meaning...

whereas a ruler of that day is seen

but is representative of a ruler in the end times..


the visions of Gog and Magog

are examples...

Gog has long been dead...

yet, the one he represented is still to come...


People who are novices or just want to

find fault, will jump on those kind of things...

imagine the critics of that day when the

prophecy was first given, and then Gog died...

they probably  taunted the prophet's message...


At times, if we try to put details to the general

visions given, we make mistakes of 'assumption'....


Do not let your 'assumptions' bring unnecessary

ridicule to the truth of the prophetic message...


more to come...


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Let's say,

that I had a vision or dream

in which I saw a large, tall man

stab me...


in the time of the dream/vision coming,

I may assume it was a tall, large man who hated

me the most at that time...


by the time the vision is fulfilled,

it may be someone else that I may never had suspected

before that time... but time changes...


That is just an example to illustrate

that we need to beware of holding our initial

assumptions do not keep us from

seeing God fill in the details later...


In this year, you may see

details of your former visions come more

to light...

details will be clearer,

former assumptions may be changed...


the reason some may not have felt

your vision or dream was for real,

may turn out to be,

that they sensed some assumptions

were incorrect...


Prophets have always been

easy victims of prophetic critics...


Let's not help them...

they don't need help,

they will do it, even without encouragement...




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The Y in the word


is becoming a bit more understood.


From what I am seeing,

from what God is now STARTING to unfold,

this year is one in which

the attention toward Jesus is growing....


The demonic world is sensing the nearness

of His return...

The devil is trying to bring the 'antichrist'

to power...

and in practice is bringing a number to

prominence that are simulating Jesus,

trying to assume Jesus status...


Devils are stirring up books, movies,

videos, organizations to blaspheme

Jesus and His Person....


Hatred of Jesus is overflowing onto

those who love Jesus...

but the hatred is mostly against Jesus...


Love for Jesus is growing in the Christian


We feel His soon coming, inside our


His nearness is felt...

an anxiousness is growing...


While the devil is working against Jesus...

slyly getting many to blaspheme,

deny, depart from, and even hate


we find at the same time,

that the Spirit is glorifying Jesus...


His name, when used by the saints,

make demons shutter...

use it... see the signs...


On the internet, I have found

organizations who are dedicating themselves

right now to denigrating, blaspheming,

and degrading Jesus and His name...


Yeshua is near...

hearing the praises of those who love Him...


the devil knows that he will have

an opportunity to attack Jesus' name

and Jesus' followers..

he is doing all he can...


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the 'Yeshua'...


the devil is going to seek to hinder the

revelation of Jesus...


Jesus is now at the right hand of the Father..

soon to return..

the devil is planning his side of armageddon...

rallying armies of humans and evil spirits...

but till then

he has only Jesus in us

to attack...


the attack will be hard...

harder and more vicious than ever seen...



Yeshua is revealing Himself...

and revealing Himself in ways

we have not seen before...


The revelation of Jesus,

soon to be physical and lteral...

is now being done by Jesus in His church..

cleaning up the church will soon take place...

revealing Jesus in those  left,

or to be left

will be wonderful...


Unworthy are we,

to have Jesus revealed in us...

but remember the shadow of Peter,...

healing came to those,

when Peter's shadow fell upon them...



the presence of Jesus was in Peter so strong,

that when light made a shadow around Peter..

it was not just Peter who made that shadow..

but Jesus' presence within Peter...


watch for Jesus to be infilling you...

with His presence...

so powerfully, so wonderfully...

that your shadow will also be His...


Yeshua will be engulfing you...

enjoy... enjoy...




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amen !!!!




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Originally Posted by murjahel


The year 2009 will be a very



Much is going to happen in 09


Years past,

we would look over the year,

and point at a few events that showed

that Jesus' coming was nearer...


but in 09,

we are going to have sign after sign...

event after event that will startle the world

and startle even the saints...


The Lord has explained it will be a

hairry year...


The hardness of many against Christians

will be shocking, it is already starting...


Callousness rather than conviction will be seen.


Where is the conviction of the Spirit

on those who lie, steal, falsely accuse,


instead of conviction,

we are seeing anger, bitterness,

they are conceiving evil deeds to do to

the children of God,

and some of those conceptions will

be made into action in this year...


hardness will become attack...

and not just verbal attack...


the world will attack the church greater

than ever before in this country....


We must therefore,

begin or continue to INTERCEDE

as never before...


pray for those who despitefully abuse


pray for govt leaders, even when they

do un-Christian things...

for the enemy is demonic...

the humans are being used...

but can still repent...


REPENTANCE will come from some..

some of the hard ones will break under

the work of the Spirit in their lives...


the thief on the cross was a hardened sinner..

but He repented....

the other thief hardened...

we will see both in this year...


the hardened and the repentant...


RESTORATION will also take place...

God is going to restore in many ways...

I cannot begin to list the many ways...


this word 'restoration' at the end of the year,

will be FULLER of meaning than

the word 'departures' became in 08....


the many ways that God will 'restore'

are going to astound and make each

marvel at what God is doing...


What God will be doing in each of our lives

can be described as RESTORATION...


the final thing is

the Y...

standing for Yeshua...

the name of Jesus...


we shall learn more about that

part later...


for now....

don't get distracted by the

hardness and attack...

that part is the part satan is inspiring

and using to try to discourage us...


God is calling for the

intercession, and repentance...


God will do then the

restoration and Yeshua...


The first two... 'h' and 'a'

are the devil's work...


the 'i' and 'r'

are our part...


then God does the 'r' and 'y'...


We will see all three working this year..

we can only endure the devil's part

if we do our part...

and as we do our part,

we will defeat the devil's part,

and receive the Lord's part...


is that perfectly clear?



God is in the 'restoring business'

and when we have wrecked our lives...

He will restore...


when we wreck others' lives...

God can restore...


When we see the restoration...

the mercy of God,

like He had on Saul of Tarsus,

the main persecutor of Christians,

who was changed...

by the mercy of God...

we can hope for such power...

to work in us...


Thanks Lord,

for your restoration power...

thanks for what you do in mercy...


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We are 7 months into the year...

we have seen many fulfillments of the

H.A.I.R.R.Y. year...



now, we are about to see the 'Yeshua'

part become more clear...


that part has been making some wonder,

and some are eager,

for it sounds like something good...


it is good,


'every good and perfect gift,

is from God'


God has some revelation for us,

some literal blessing of Yeshua for us...


it is time to claim His blessings...



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