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the Lord has been revealing something

to me...

and it is the meaning of what He showed

me at the beginning of the year..

the 'Yeshua' part..


Jesus... a name that is greater than

any name...

greater than any person ...

He is King of kings,

Lord of lords,




The revelation of this name,

Yeshua... is beginning....


This name, Jesus is going to

be a separating, divisive name...


Use His name, watch people duck,

run, or attack..

His name is going to be a flash point,

a spark in dry timber,

a flame near the fuse...


We will be using the name of Jesus

more and more...

and   Jesus' name when spoken,

 will aggravate others...

more than ever before...

but we must use His name, i.e. Jesus

our Yeshua...


Jesus' name when spoken,

 will make demons tremble,


Jesus' name when spoken,

will make sinners hate us,


Jesus' name when spoken,

 will make the apostates trip over their

own tongues.


Jesus' name when spoken,

 will make the laodiceans shut their

doors tighter,


Jesus' name when spoken,

 will make us feel His presence...


the name of Yeshua, i.e. Jesus

will have more power than ever before...


You will find God's blessing when

you use Jesus' name..

you will find that others react to

His name, when spoken,

like they have been struck with

a spear...

they will smart...

they will react... in their hearts,


we need to speak Yeshua's name...

we need to use it...

He is present in power to be

a thorn to their hearts,

a slap to their souls...


You will see shortly,

as you use His name,

that there will be no choice...

they will react in defiance or submission...


we have come to the 'Yeshua' part

of this year.....

what you saw before in measure

you will see now in abundance and

magnificient power...


As we go on in this year,

and further, toward the rapture,

we will find the 'name' of Jesus

will do more and more...


eventually in a few months,

His name will be used to calm storms,

bless food that is about to multiply

and feed the hungry,

heal sick bodies,

make blind to see,

and lame to walk...


break open the hard, high walls of

resistance of sinners...


His name and those who speak it,

will have many oppose them,

but the speaking of Jesus

in their midst will put panic and fear

into those opposers' hearts...



try it, watch now, but keep watching,

it will grow in power...


He is Yeshua, my Jesus !!!


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This is something different than

we have seen before...


in the early church,

there came a time when they

forbid the disciples and Christians

to speak the name of Jesus,

for there, as we are about to see,

the very name ...

showed power...


they spoke Jesus and bodies were healed...

we are approaching ...

not there yet,

a time when the name of Jesus

will evoke more power than we are used to...


Jesus is soon to return..

the devils feel it,

the earth is feeling it...

some of the saints are feeling it...

some are fast asleep and not feeling it...

some are dead... and  never will feel it...


more on this later


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Yeshua, and His name...

whether you call Him 'Yeshua'

or "Jesus'...

is going to be a very powerful

force in these last days...


We, in the 'promised land' thread

are soon to discuss how to

meet the 'Captain' of our army,

for He wants to meet with us

as we approach the final revival,

and all its work for us...


We are to get His plans for our

final surge against the devil...

We need to lead our loved ones

to Jesus...

We need to see lives healed and blessed..

The persecution from the world

will greatly increase...

WE are going to need to know

how to survive, how to avoid the prisons

and deaths planned for us by the devil.


The 'Captain' is going to tell us...

we have our Yeshua,

as  we expected Him,

ready to reveal why 'Yeshua'

was the last letter on the

'hairry' year... LOL


can't wait...

this year is going to be eventful,

esp as we approach the fall


got lots to do myself...

God is pushing in many ways...

gotta get things in order...

we have a war against the devil,

for he has planned a final war

against us of the last days..


No fear...

we win...

we have the Yeshua, Captain

Who is the 'Lord of hosts'.. (head of the




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Jesus is Yeshua


and He is working getting

ready for His coming...


we see the signs politically,


in signs and wonders...

we feel it in our spirits...

we hear it in sermons and prophetic


we read of it in the Word...


if you don't know that Jesus

is working to get us to be ready

for His coming,

then you are  dead spiritually



the call spiritually has gone out...

'the bridegroom cometh'

and He is coming soon....


the 'night cometh when

no man can work'...

and we need to work while we can...


Yeshua is revealing Himself

and His plans for these last days

very plainly...


sin is abounding all around us..


where sin abounds,

grace doth the much more abound...


we need to enjoy the 'grace'

that is greater than the sin is large..


it is time to speak to Jesus...

we have a power in His name

that is greater than any power

in this world...


try something...

face one of your worst problems...

face it, look at it,...

then call out the name of Jesus...

say it over and over ...

calling for Him to work,

reminding Him to look at this problem...


say 'Jesus' over and over...

a one word prayer...

the Name that is more powerful

than any other name...


see what happens...

Yeshua is present,

and present to help...




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Jesus is trying hard

to get us to be close to Him...


it is a battle,

for demons are desperate to hinder

the work of the Lord Jesus...



Yeshua time is here...


draw close to Him...


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Originally Posted by murjahel


 There will be a 'hardness' increase on some.... This hardness will bring a greater chance of being in the harvest of tares, for their spirits will resist the Holy Spirit and His conviction, His voice... till they cease to recognize the voice of the Lord...  This hardness will cause many to sin the unpardonable sin.  There will be more with the unpardonable sin in these days than ever before.

   Attack from those that are hardening their spirits against the true saints of God will come.  Attacks will be verbal, physical, and spiritual.

   Intercession of the saints will increase, for the need of an intercessor for those hardening their hearts.  Intercession must be made for those who have not yet sinned the unpardonable sin, so as to give the Lord opportunity to have mercy once more on their souls.

   Repentance of many will begin... There will be a revival of tears and repentance of many, due to the mercy of the Lord coming just before the judgment of the church.  There will be great specatacles of repentance, with the anxiousness for forgiveness so great on many, that they will not be able to postpone repentance to a more 'suitable' time for such.

   Restoration of much power that the church should always have had... There will be healings, miracles, salvation of souls, visions, dreams, etc...

   This stands for the 'Yeshua', the Gk form of Jesus... He will reveal Himself in great ways to the church.  I do not understand the fullness of the meaning of this Name for the year... but for some reason, God says that the name of Yeshua will be prominent in His dealings with mankind in the year.




We began 2009 with this

message from the Lord,


have seen His Word be fulfilled,

confirmed over and over....


this has been a 'hairry' y ear..


we have seen the hardness,

the attacks from demons,

the Lord has called intercessors,

God has heard our oft repentances,

and has oft restored what the devils

have tried to destroy...

and now, we, more than ever

have been calling out for our



so... now what???


the story is not complete,

we are going to see God move,

and do more... He has not retired....


You, I, all of us are still here,

and we are moving on, to see

even more...


stay tuned...

God is going to reveal more....

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