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2009 was a H.A.I.R.R.Y. year


but in talking to the Lord,

there ia a different acronym

for 2010...

and it is Peace


more to come...

but it sounds good ...


2009 had me worried a bit,

watching various aspects of it

work out...

but this one, is bringing a smile

to my face...


will explain,

stay tuned...


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The Bible says that the last

days will be a time of

'wars and rumors' of wars...


that is true,

and the '2010, year of P.E.A.C.E.

does not contradict that...

for it is not speaking of politically,

or nationally....


you will see shortly, of what

it speaks...

it is good, but it is not a prediction

of national peace...


the recent attempt to blow up a plane

in Detroit, was one man,

and the report I heard today,

is they have discovered there are

at least 24 other persons with like

plans, having been trained at the same

time, ready to attempt the same...


we are not in a time of political peace...


the next few days could be eventful..



there is also some good news...

stay tuned...


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-Year of P.E.A.C.E.


p. = pursue

E. = evict

A.= abyss

C. = champion

E. = evangelize


In seeking the Lord, seeking His word for the coming year of 2010, the Lord gave me these five words, that together spell ‘;peace’. The Lord has some message for us in these words, and each being ‘verb’ in form, impress an action that the Lord wants to inspire into us for this year.

Together, we will have a ‘peace’ that ‘passes all understanding. The previous year, one that was described as ‘hairry’, was ‘hairry’ in many ways, for probably all of us. This one, can result in ‘peace’ if we follow the instructions of these words from the Lord.

The Bible says that when the

antichrist comes to the scene,

he and the world will be

expecting 'peace, peace'.


That is what the sinners will be

expecting, and they will not find it.

Jesus came to bring His own 'peace',

and a 'peace that passes all understanding'


That is the peace of which this speaks,

not the 'peace' of the kind the

antichrist's groups think they can have...


Take note of the kind of peace

this is... it is a 'warfare' peace...

The army of Jesus conquering demonic

powers, bringing an inner spiritual


The peace found in Jesus' victory. 


p. = pursue

With this word, the Lord directed me to

I Samuel 30:8:

"And David inquired at the Lord, saying,


after this troop?

 Shall I overtake them?

And He answered him,


for they shalt surely overtake them,

and witout fail, recover all."


The Amalekites had come and taken from them. It was time to ‘pursue’ the enemy. The Lord impressed upon me that it was now time to pursue the demons who for long had been aggravating, harrassing, stressing, and prevaricating to the saints.

No longer are we to be the victims, we are to pursue, chase down, cast out, and finally abyss these ones.


E. = evict

In Mark 9:38, and in Luke 9:49

we find the sotry the disciples reporting to Jesus, that they had seen someone who was casing out devils in Jesus’ name, but was not one of the disciples.


Jesus explained that if the man was not against Jesus, he should be considered as one ‘for’ Jesus. For too often, many Christians think it takes some special one to evict demons from people, from situaions.


Yet, Jesus never presented that to be ‘fact’. In truth, Jesus taught that all believers should be evicting, casting out demons.

This year is to be one of casting out demons. Evict them from the chruch services, evict them from the homes of Christians, evict them from communities, from friends, relatives plagued or oppressed by them.

Mark 16:17

"These signs shall follow them that believe, in My name they shall cast out devils..."



A.= abyss

These demons need to be abyssed in these last days. We not only cast them out, we put them into the abyss to be imprisoned there until their judgment day.

There is a story, recorded in all three gospels, and one needs to read

all three stories, to gather the whole teaching.

In Matthew 8:28-34,

we read the story of Jesus coming upon two men, who had thousands of demons, unclean, evil demons working in them. There in Matthew 8:31, we see part of the conversation, where the demons cry out asking to be allowed to go into the herd of swine, if they were cast out (Greek 1544, ekballo, to evict) of the men. Jesus could cast out, evict the demons, and let them enter the swine.

Then in Mark 5:1-14, esp. vs 10,

we see another part of that conversation. There the demons begged not to be sent away to a particular distant place (Greek 649, apostello, to send far away). They begged to be allowed to enter the swine, but did not want to go to a far off place, not yet named in those gospels.

Finally, in Luke 8:26-39,

we get the rest of the story, for there Luke records that the demons actually mention the location they were fearful to be sent. There in vs. 31, they reveal they were wanting Jessu not to send them to the ‘abyss’ (Greek 12, abussos, deep, bottomless pit, abyss). Jesus could have sent them to the abyss, it is a place all demons, fallen angels, and evil spirits fear being sent.

It is now time to send all spirits that we deal with into the abyss, for the time is so short, that in these last days, those who did nt want to go there and wait for millennia there, unable to do their evil deeds, are no longer fearing the long years there, and are being more evil than ever, even if it means being abyssed.


They know their time is short, they are less afraid of being abyssed than before, so are defying being evicted, seeking to return and hinder saints, oppress the saints in greater measure than evfer before.

So, it is time to abyss these evil ones, and not only ‘evict’ them, but send them ‘in the name of Jesus’ to the abyss, where they will be bound in darkness until their judgment day.


This year is a year that we abyss all we can, hinder their work, free the work of the Lord to go forth without their oppressions against us.


C. = champion

We are to ‘champion’, conquer, in the name of Jesus. We are no longer to be just victims, but we are to be on the offense, carrying our ‘sword of the Spirit’ and ‘prayer’ bravely into attack. We are champions in Jesus.

James 4:7

"Resist the devil,

and he will flee from you..."

I Peter 5:8-9

"Be sober, be vigilant,

becaue your adversary the devil,

as a roaring lion,

 walketh about seeking whom he may devour. Whom resist, stedfast..."

Ephesians 4:27

"Neither give place to the devil..."

 (A passage often not obeyed by the army of God. We need to obey this one, especially now.)

Ephesians 6:11

"Put on the whole armor of God

that ye may be able to stand

 against the wiles of the devil...’

I John 4:4

"Greater is He that is in you,

 than he who is in the world..."

None of those verses picture Christians the way many Chrsitians see themselves in our age.

Many see themselves as victims of the devil, when we are supposed to be champions, conquerors, resisting him successfully.



champion over the devil,

in Jesus’ power.


E. = evangelize

Mark 16:20

"...they went forth and preached everywhere... the Lord working with them, and confirming the Word with signs following..."

We are being commissioned afresh by the Lord to evangelize this world, to tak ethe gospel message and God promises if we do, He will ‘confirm’ our message with signs that follow our preaching.

The goal of this championing action will bring a ‘PEACE’ to us, a peace we have too long lacked.

Too many in the army are stressed, fearful, hindered victims of the devil.

The devils need to lose their peace, and the army of saints needs to claim ‘peace’ from God that passes all understanding, and the peace will come via these actions of ‘pursuing, evicting, abyssing, championing, and evangelizing.

As we do this, we will find Jesus to be our peace.



Matthew 10:34

"I am come to send peace..."


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As we did in last year's,

we will probably look at

the previous post,

many times this year....


it will stage by stage be

confirmed by the Lord into each of our



as with 2009,

we found ourselves each in our own,

'hairry' year...

each seeing its fulfillment...


now, we are entering into 2010,

and are going to see God work



I suggest (strongly) that tonight,

either in congregation with another

child of God, or if you must, alone,

to enter into the new year with

communion, yeilding to the Lord,

giving our new year to Him...


He is always wonderful in such

dedication times...

He works miracles for us during the year,

and one of the keys to seeing

His confirming miracles is our

submission to Him.


Happy 2010....

if God has His way in your life,

it will be a blessed year...


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the 'pursuing' is a question

that some may have...

what is it, how is it...


we are told in II Corinthians


'..the weapons of our warfare

are not carnal,

but mighty through God

to the


pulling down of strongholds,


casting down imaginations,

and every high thing that exalteth

itself against the knowledge of God,



bringing into captivity every

thought to the obedience of Christ,



having in readiness to revenge

all disobedience, when your obedience

is fulfilled..."


This 'pursuing'

is a chasing down

of these 'enemies' (evil spirits)


built strongholds in your life

of habits, weaknesses, besetting sins,


pull down those strongholds and evict

those builders of such...



then to cast down the imaginations

and those thoughts the devils

put in you of fear, anger, bitterness,


those evil thoughts inspired by devils

need more than just tolerated...

pursue those demons that give those,

rebuke them, bind them,

tell them to shut up...

finally abyss them...


bring into captivity, every thought

to obedience of Christ,

this will also make us pursue those

demons that give those disobedient

to Christ thoughts...



be ready to 'revenge'

the dastardly things the devils

do to us...


this does not sound like

what most Christians do in regard

to their lives...

but this  pursuing that Jesus is

calling for here, and in our 2010

word, is this kind of action....


don't look to your neighbor,

your mate, your friend,

look to yourself...


that is what God is having me do.


are you yourself doing it?

I am looking to do this, i.e. for myself,

to pursue those evil demons

that have been trying to harm,

deceive, mislead me...


gonna kick their backsides....

tired of them... LOL.



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the other thread that will

go along well with this one,

is the demonic warfare thread...


we need to know how to battle

these demons this year...

this is to be a year of

removing their peace,

and bringing ourselves more

PEACE than we have had before...


the key to our peace,

is removing the 'peace' the demons

have tried to have in this warfare...


our country right now is not calling

the 'war on terror' to be a 'war'


not wanting to identify any enemy,

not wanting to admit we have an

enemy sworn to destroy us...


does it help???



too many Christians have tried to

make 'onward Christian soldiers'

be only a parade...

not a march to battle...


we are in a war...

we need to know all we can,

we need to wear our armor,

we need to swing a sword at the enemy...


all those only here for the victory parade...

well, it will come... but your

Commanding Officer (Jesus) might

appreciate you showing up for more

than the parade at the end...


the war is still going on !

it is time to win it...


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we are all in this warfare...


not one of us is already in the

winners parade...


the demons try to give us thoughts

that are not godly...


I was on the phone this morning

with one who was being given

thoughts of blasphemy, and insult

to God..

yes, that is an extreme...


were they his thoughts?


but did the demons take advantage

of tiredness, or sleep or half sleep times

to try to make him think he was

himself thinking those things?



what do we do?


we 'pursue'...


if you were a soldier, sleeping

in your foxhole,

and the enmey sneaks up and begins

firing... what do you do?


you awaken, call to arms all your

fellow soldiers, you begin to fire

back and make them wish they

had not tried what they tried...


you pursue them with your weapons...



what do we do this year

when demons put thoughts in our minds

that are not our own,

that are false, evil, deceptive, etc???


we 'watch and pray'...

the word for 'watch' is


stay away and alert like a soldier

on a 'watch'...


so... warning can be sounded,

so weapons can be utilized...

so the enemy that sneaks in during

the dark times,

wishes they had not...


pursue the enemy..

rebuke, bind, abyss,

claim Jesus, champion the battle,

defeat the enemy...


No more laying down and being

victims of their false words,

their attacks on your mind...




your fellow soldiers will be there

to help...

the enemy will turn tail and run...


'resist the devil, and he will flee'


pursue is a one word

translation of that verse... LOL


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the goal of all these

acronym words is the



to have peace is a warfare...


the enemy is the devil...


though we have our own issues,

our own weaknesses,

the devils seek to exploit those

and make it far harder to have



so, how do we do it?


we battle the devils...

not others...



we are to be aware of their

'wiles' (as Paul calls them)


what are their tactics?


well, they attack our mind,

our  heart, our physical weaknesses...


Jesus 'went about healing all

who were oppressed of the devil...'

we are told...


the devils know my weaknesses,

he knows yours...


on mine, there is a constant attack..

often needing help...


Jesus even sought help when

praying in Gethsemane,

and on the mt of transfiguration,

He sought company...


We need fellow saints....


the church is for that...

of course, much of the church in our

day is Laodicean...

and not alot of help to themselves,

let alone to others...


in Jesus first coming,

going to the synagogue or temple

was not much help to Him,

probably three times He took the whip

to what and who was there,

He did not find prayer warriors...


in our day too,

we need prayer warriors,

we need fellow soldiers,

and we need some intercessors who

will stand with us...


some have Christian mates,

Christian parents, Christian children,


some have a few warriors who will

stand with them...


in the past, on another board,

we found how some began to

talk wrongly (putting it mildly)

to those they were supposed to be

of help to, not in attack at...


that was wrong, and we stopped it...

we now have this board,

where that kind of thing is not

going to be...

for we don't fight our fellow army,

we fight the devils...


we need to have fellow soldiers

to stand with us in this battle...


we want 'peace'...

we find it by








peace is there, when the army

follows the Lord in this warfare...


remember, I am not the

commanding officer...

I am not the 'boss'


in fact, in truth, I have oft

taught against that whole concept...


we are not nicolaitans,

we are fellow soldiers...


in this case here, of this thread,

I am only the messenger,

delivering the message,

and it is to be tested and confirmed,

or tested and denied...

and that burden is on each of you...



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good news and bad news...


ever get a message like that?

well, none of us want to hear the 'bad news'...

we all want some 'good news'


the bad news is that the demons are fighting

harder than ever, impersonating your own thoughts

to make you feel things not really you...

and they are impersonating God Himself,

to make you think He is telling you things

that turn out to be wrong, errant, and stupid..

certainly not really God


so... those evil demons are at work...


the good news??

well, God has told us that HE wants us

to pursue, not hope they go away of their own will,

and to evict, not let them stay,

and abyss, send them where they are imprisoned

till judgment day,

and to

champion, not lose....

and then

unhindered, we can EVANGELIZE


that will be the P E A C E that you

have wanted...


did you have peace today yet?

maybe you need to follow the Lord's

instruction on how to get it...??


THAT  we can have P E A C E ...IS GREAT NEWS...


some months back, I wrote something

that for some (at least) is proving prophetic...





That is why I have been teaching here,

we are coming to a time,

when the devils will unleash

every bit of force

 they have to hinder,

 and overcome.

But we are to be the overcomers,

not the overcomees...



We are now at that 'time' prophesied...

we are being attacked as never before...


'where sin abounds,

grace doth the much more abound'


we are to be pursuing,

and making those stupid devils wish

they had not tangled with us...


no, you don't feel strong enough...

I know...

me neither...


but remember the story of the

ant who sees an elephant and asks if

he will let him climb on him,

and be carried by the elephant across the


the elephant agrees,

and together they cross the bridge...


on the other side the ant

says to the elephant..



Yes, we can chase demons, evict and abyss them,

but only because we have the Omnipotent Lord Jesus

with us...

with Him, we can do it..

and He has instructed us to do it...


make those demons shake... fear... and run!


walk with the Lord in this...


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Did you start yet?


Have you pursued those evil demons

who have been troubling you?

Chase  them down, rebuke, bind,

and evict them yet?

Then did you abyss them,

and 'champion' over those lousy



If not, why not?

Were you too busy making pop corn?


Sometimes, we as Christians know

what to do...

We have been told and told in the Word,

We, as Spirit filled soldiers in His army,

know what the orders from Him are,

and we don't always do them.


Remember Gideon's 300?

They knew their objective,

knew what victory they wanted,

rushed toward almost 200,000 enemy,

anxious to obey the Lord...


Just wondered if any of you remembered



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P.E.A.C.E. is coming...

it is the year for 'peace' to arrive

in a blessed way....


that is good news....


there is a 'route' to finding

its location,

and it involves aggressive battle

against the enemy of peace...


spirits of fear, doubt, anger,

etc are fighting your peace,

and my peace...


We can't tolerate their attacks...

we need to chase that away....


Worship, Bible study, fellowship

with fellow soldiers,

can build your strength,

and then






then we will



Yes, then we have a peace

that will 'pass all understanding'...


 This is not a 'political' campaign...

some recently promised 'change',

and 'hope'...

and the more change given there,

the less 'hope' we see in politics...


Man does not have the answer...


This world is going to see

economic ruin, terror and war,

death and famine...


if we, the army of the Lord,

have a PEACE,

and the power of God,

we can march toward the coming

of Jesus in triumph...


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are demons fearful of us?


the Bible says to 'resist' and they 'flee'..


it says to 'give no place to them'...

so that may indicate they are going to be

trying, but if we 'resist' they will have to back

away quickly...



without 'resistance' they are braver,

and want to take what they can,

oppress and afflict, torment and be mean...


the key is the resistance....


we are not to dwell in foxholes,

not to hide from demons...


they are not stronger than you with Jesus...

so... 'draw nigh' to the Lord,

then 'resist' those evil wimps and watch them flee...




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a year of P.E.A.C.E.

yes, we need peace....


there is a pursuing...

aggressive battle against the devils

who have tried to hinder us...


there is an eviction...

of kicking them out of our lives,

for they want to stop our ministries...


there is an abyssing

of locking them away from further



there is a championing

of claiming victory over them...


and there then will be evangelism

what we all, as God's children

should have as our number one goal

in life here...



yes, with that, it will be a good


if we don't do these things,

the last one won't come...

we want evangelism, we want

our loved ones saved,

we need to follow the path

the Lord gives...



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The Lord has for a number of years

given me a view of what the new

year would hold...


His accuracy has amazed me...


this year, with the acronym


I am finding that it is amazingly

right.... as I see it unfold...


there has been a battle going on...

but am finding out that the Lord

is leading us into battle, not retreat...


He has had me 'pursuing' not

looking for a foxhole..

and 'evicting' has been starting...


there is movement in this war,

there is a battle ongoing...

God intends for us to 'champion'

and to finally have many souls

won to Jesus...


yes, I am in this war...


it is difficult,

as all wars are...


some want to be 'lone rangers'...

or join a stagnant group of

fox hole hiders...

they have a building with alot

of comfortable pews...

( and I do hear they have a good choir)



but the Lord wants us, His prophets,

in ministry, not in pew filling...


we have a battle to win,

we are going to be winning this year...

won't miss that for the world...


got alot of names on my prayer list,

and know God is going to save many...


to all you pew fillers...

sorry you turned in your

combat boots for slippers...

but pew fillers don't need combat

boots, their job is to keep the pew

warm till Jesus comes...


the Lord wants me in a work

of getting pew fillers out of the pews,

get them back into combat boots,

and into the war...


this year is going to be

an awesome year...



the Lord knows how to

'carry me' if need be...



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I have heard from some,

who say they are finding a




there  is peace to be had...




I am going to be fasting

and spending some more time with

the Lord...


I have been,

I don't talk alot about my time with

the Lord...

it is a private thing for me,

but time with the Lord is a wonderful

thing, brings peace...


the battle against demons has been

intense this year...


lies about me, to others, has

been one part of their attack...


they hit as hard as they can,

but we are not on the 'retreat',

we are to 'pursue'...

and the demons are not having




tired fo them feeling victors,

tired of them making us victims...

not any more...

they are pursued, evicted, abyssed...


tune in to the Lord,

our Champion, let Him speak

what you need to know...


'peace' passes all understanding...

it may look like disaster at times,


God is revealing, showing His power,

and what we are learning

right now, in this opening month of this

year, is showing us much...




yes, it is wonderful...

and it comes by pursuing the demons,

not be succumbing to them...


we chase them...

not hide from them..

not listen to their lies...


we chase them away

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