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last year was a 'hairry year...


this year, things are to be

a pursuit of demons,

evicting them,

abyssing them,

championing over them...


winning souls is a great part to that..


want to be there,

want to witness of Jesus,

in front of a few or many,

or even just one...


to see souls come to the Lord,

that will be blessed


the time is coming, and I hope this

year, where the witness will be mostly

outside the church,

due to persecution, terrorism,

etc the church will be pretty vacant...


the souls are going to be greatly

suffering, the ground is going to be

soft for the seeds of witnessing,

and a harvest is going to be taking



I hope my book gets published

on 'prophetic soul winning'...


got alot of proof reading done on it,

a bit more to go..


made alot of errors, silly and dumb ones

as a result of hurrying so much to get

it done...


plan on winning alot more souls to Jesus

before He comes...

am looking forward to it...


this place, as long as the internet is up,

is somewhere we can refer those who

come to Jesus, there are answers to alot

of questions in the books in the various

categories  here...


this can be a resource for them..


am anxious...

am wanting Jesus to use me...


talking to Him today...

getting down to the nitty gritty of

His working in me to win souls...


been broken, ready for Him

to put together what He wants to make

of me... if anything...




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The revival in the early church time,

 hindered Rome,

 and the false religions of the day.


These people, who were thus hindered, persecuted the church greatly.

There were trials, imprisonments, stonings, beatings, hungry lions, beheadings, etc.


The revival in this time,

 will also hinder,

 and it will hinder until it is taken

"out of the way"

by the rapture of the Church.

II Thessalonians 2:7

"Only he that hinders shall hinder,

till he be taken out of the way..."

God will have to take the church out of the way, for our ministries will become so effective, that if left here, the Antichrist and the other forces of the devil could not come and do their deceptive, evil work.

Some believe in a mid-trib rapture, but I believe in a pre-trib rapture of a church that will be so revived in the double portion of revival, that the tribulation cannot start with the miraculous, powerful, revived church still on the scene.


We are on the verge of this revival,

God is calling saints,

to ministries...

They are anxious to begin the work...

evangelism is the top of the list....

in fact, it is almost the whole list...

all other things on the list are there

to help the evangelism...


God is anxious for souls to be

reclaimed from the devil's grip.


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during this year,

doing our 'pursuing',

evicting, abyssing, and championing,

we are 'hindering' the devils' work...


some are not hindering the devils too much


some are actually hindering the Lord's work...


the Laodicean church does not even

know the Lord is not in their services...

they are totally dense and in a fog...


some hinder God's prophets...

seek to distract them,

seek to detour them,

seek to discourage them...


smile while doing it...


these people are usually unaware

they are hindering God's work,

but they are...


Mary and her other sons

sought to talk Jesus out of going

to Jerusalem that passion week...

they did not know they were working

against God's will, but they were...


Peter tried to talk Jesus out of washing

his feet, but Jesus insisted...


Some fell asleep while Jesus prayed in

Gethsemane, hindering what the Lord

had asked them to do, but they were



Jesus told some to throw their nets

on the other side of the boat...

they had already tried that,

and tried to dissuade Jesus,

but He insisted...

and they caught a ship load of fish...


Today, we see many not doing

what the Lord wants,

looking to do it their way,

pridefully feeling mature and superior,

and able to chart their own course...

miss seeing what Jesus sees,

miss walking with Him,

and become hindrances to His desires...


They settle down in their resting places,

and quietly hinder the Lord and His desires

for them...


the call has gone out...

'the Bridegroom cometh'...

but some are still sleeping...



like in the parable of the ten

virgins, they all slept...

of the ten they all awoke,

some a bit late....


some have not awoken yet...

I am beginning to wonder if some

ever will...


I tried 'yelling' the warning...

some just told me to 'shut up'...


are you finding the same thing?


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the P.E.A.C.E.









is proving so true for this year...

the Lord meant that there is to be

a plan of

not running from demons,

but to pursue them... chase them

away with the name of Jesus...

thereby evicting them...


and then put them in the abyss...

don't let them think they can back off

and come again tomorrow...

get rid of them ...


be the 'Champion' for the Lord...

greater is He that is in us...'


and then


our goal for this year...


too many are running or hiding

from demons,

being evicted from places by them,

instead of vice versa...


champion? or loser?

we have to choose...


and evangelizing is not

easy while running from demons...



which do you want...




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The year is nearly over...


have you found it to be

P. E. A. C. E. ???


Have you found PEACE by

an illustrated lesson of


the demons...


and then


these same ones from the scene...




them ...




the attack...



there is a


a good news time...

sharing that with others...


That is what the Lord prdicted for

this year...

have you found it?

are you still in that process...


is the end result a

gaining of

PEACE ????


what is to come in 2011?

is God going to show us more for this next year???


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Was this a year of



Too easily, we could say 'no'...


but 'peace' is not measured by

the lack of trouble, by a lack of

turmoil, or by an abundance of

pleasant things happening...


Some years back, there was a

contest of painters, to paint a picture

depicting peace...


many entered the contest...


some painted a bowl of fruit,

some a pasture and a quiet stream

flowing through...

some a pool of quiet water,

some a lamb lying in a field quietly...


what painting won?


a painting of a bird, in a nest,

quietly watching as a storm raged

all about  the nest...


peace is not the pleasantness

of outside circumstances..

but it is the calmness inside,

while the outside may be in turmoil...


When turmoil, trouble, persecution,

confusion, horrible circumstances come,

as they do...

are you at 'peace' inside...


that is what is meant by a

'peace that passes understanding'...

for there is no outward

reason for such peace...


but inside a person can be a calmness,

a faith, a trust, a hope, a joy

that is PEACE...


have you found that kind of peace?


it is in Jesus...

and available to us...


it may take some repenting,

some bended knees,

some acceptance of God's will,

some pursuing the demons that

want to rob our peace,

some evicting and abyssing them,

some championing over them,

some concentration on the 'good news'

of the faith...



what a find !!!

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