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Here on earth, some lose their jobs, or the price of goods rise so much that their income is less than their out-go. That economic crisis of life most of us have come to understand at times. Our God has told us that He paves the streets of the New Jerusalem with gold, jewels lie around that city like dust does on earth. The foundations of the city are valuable stones. The gates of the city are made of gigantic pearls.

So, what happened? Why suddenly is the gold dust of miracles testing to be only cellophane? Is God on an economy kick? Can't He create planets of gold to satisfy all the seekers of gold dust in their services? Is God almost broke?

Has He run out of His cash flow? Is God facing bankruptcy?

Usually, right after the ‘gold cellophane’ miracles, we see the preachers begging for money. Was the ‘gold cellophane’ instead of real gold, a sign that God needs money badly? Should we be worried when gold dust proves to be cellophane?

If the manna in the wilderness suddenly was no longer ‘manna’ the food of the angels, but became burnt popcorn, would Israel have worried they had drained the resources of God? If, at Cana, Jesus had turned the water into kool aid, instead of wine, would the people have worried about God's finances?

If Peter went fishing and found a worm in the mouth of the fish instead of the shekel, would he have worried that God's bank account must be overdrawn?

Then why would God be sending cellophane instead of gold dust? Just wondering!




Whenever tested, the jewels proved to be phoney, and the gold dust proved to be cellophane. Gold cellophane can be put near a register and blow throughout a room, creating an illusion of it falling from heaven, through the ceiling, and floating down to bless the congregants..

God does not need to create cellophane, He can create real gold dust if He wanted to. God is not a phoney, nor is He a scam artist. Sometimes people are, and that leads us to the human side of pretend miracles.

Jesus did not turn the water into koolaid, by putting a pack of koolaid in the jars, shake them a bit, and pass them off as a miracle of wine. Man could do that today.

Jesus did not approach a limping person, have them sit down, and then lower one hip a bit, and pretend He just lengthened the leg. But many a scam artist has done that.

Jesus did not wear flotation devices and pretend to walk on water. I have seen unrighteous men do that kind of so called ‘miracle’.

It is time that Christians quit allowing the tom-foolery of religious scam artists. Do we need a John MacArthur to point it out for us, or can Charismatics ever get the gumption to call scams to be scams.

There are the real miracles, the real healings, the real raisings from the dead, we do not need to accept scam artists to have proof that cessationism is wrong. The scam artists are a plague in the charismatic movement. We need a healing from them, and be the powerful, truthful, example of what Jesus meant for the gifts of the Spirit to prove to this world.

A bit of research into the gold cellophane events shows that there are a number of cases where it has been tested, some even by the ministers who say they experienced such. As yet, I have not found any that tested to be real gold, real silver. All of them at best tested to be a plastic, vinyl, or man made material, not a metal or rock that God created.

Surely there are fake miracles and none would disprove a real miracle, but where is the test that proved any of these ‘gold dust’ claims to be truly gold dust? The challenge has been given, and no one can find one that tested to be real gold. We could not claim all to be fakes, if one could substantiate the miracle in even one case.

Surely the leg lengthening could be real at some time, but some have been fake. The fake lengthening of a leg has been perpetrated by some fake healing evangelists down through the years. I could show someone how it is done, but I don't want to train the next fake scam artist.

In 1999, in Toronto, where some claimed their ‘fillings’ of their teeth had turned to gold, some were convinced to go back to their dentist and prove the filling were now really gold. When they did, and the dentists provided records that they were gold, but gold that the dentist had put in themselves previously, supposedly then forgotten by the person.

Gold is hundreds of dollars per ounce. In cases where a sanctuary was littered with bags full of the golden fluff, why did they not sweep up the gold, get enough to not have to take an offering that night. Yet, no, they did not sweep it up, they ignored this valuable 'gold'?? and took an offering... Hmmmmmmm! If the preacher himself believed it to be gold, why not carefully sweep it up in the hoover sweeper?



A burning bush is not a miracle if it only burns. Any bush can burn. The burning bush of Moses was not consumed by the fire, making it a real miracle.

Golden cellophane, put near an air conditioning vent, and then the fan turned on at a specific time, will scatter gold dust around the 'sanctuary' that is being defiled by the hoax, the scam, that is not a miracle of God, it is a sham, it is a hoax, it is shameful.

God is not cheap, and God is able to create real gold, just as easy as creating cellophane. To cheapen God to being a scam artist, allowing people to think He created real gold, when it is only cellophane makes God appear to be as trustworthy as human scam artists. It is blasphemy to say God did a miracle, when it was really a con of deceptive man.

The coin Peter fetched out of the fish's mouth was not a piece of cellophane of no value. The water that turned to wine, was not koolaid made when no one was looking. I cannot find a scam God ever did in place of a miracle. Nor do I find the One Who is omnipotent has any reason to do a scam.


Where is the integrity of the ministers? Why do the ministers not say: This is only gold cellophane, and we put it in the air duct system to stir you up to an emotional frenzy so God could do a miracle in your life of some other kind?" That would be the honest explanation, but they claim it is real gold, they claim it is God doing it, linking God to their lie, and it is far more than embarrassing to God, it is blasphemy against Him.

The honest explanation of it, would be embarrassing to the minister who lacks integrity, it certainly would be. I am certain the Spirit of TRUTH was grieved in that emotional deception on innocent (I hope) victims of the scam that some human did.


I am reminded of years ago (I am older than most of you) when some healing evangelists had tent meetings. Some were caught paying someone to come up on crutches, be prayed for, and then throw the crutches down, and run down the aisle, claiming to be healed of their lame condition, which did not ever exist.


When exposed in such scams, some would defend their practice with the explanation that they were 'priming to pump'.

Priming the pump was how the old hand pumps on wells would get the water flowing, a bit of water was poured down the pump, and then pumped real hard till water began to flow from the depth of the well.

These exposed scam artists said that the fake miracle was done to generate the flow of faith from the people, so some real miracles would occur from that flow of real faith.

Were some truly healed there ??? Yes, there were some real healings after the 'priming of the pump' fake miracle. Those miracles were due to the faith of the person healed or the faith of other innocent victims of the scam. Those miracles were real, and I do not question that some truly get healed in some services of the scam artists of today, but it is due to the loving mercy of God on the innocent victims there.

Some of the 'gold dust' miracles have been proven to be gold cellophane, I still have not heard any proof of a real gold dust one. If there is such proof, now would be a good time to relate that evidence. At least, the ones proven to be cellophane are fake, not of God, but perpetrated by con artists calling themselves to be of God like the old 'crutches' scam.

Perhaps, the scam artists feel justified to get faith to rise. However, Jesus did not 'prime the pump', He did not do a fake resurrection of someone, so people would have more faith so He could raise Lazarus from the dead. If we could find such scams in Jesus' ministry, we could no longer say He is the TRUTH, the Way, and the Life.

If my grandmother had been healed in a service of some scam artist, I would have thanked God for honoring her faith, but I would still have been ashamed of the con artist that faked a 'priming the pump' miracle.

In my lifetime, observed by myself, I have seen some who were false and evil in their work. Most did it to make the crowd bigger and the offerings bigger. I know some may have started out sincere, but the love of money and the desire for fame seductively led them astray.

We need to, as Christians, take a stand against the scam artists, for to wish them even a 'God bless you', we are told in II John means we are partakers of their sins.

2 John 1:10-11 (KJV)

10 If there come any unto you, and bring not this doctrine, receive him not into your house, neither bid him God speed:

11 For he that biddeth him God speed is partaker of his evil deeds.



If someone were having many people slain in the Spirit in their services and it was proven that he was using some scent of a drug to make them momentarily pass out, and then I myself went to the service and was slain in the Spirit, I would question whether mine was real. It would be very difficult to come to the conclusion that it was real, for the preponderance of evidence would lean in the other direction.

No one is un-Christian for testing the spirits. It is Scriptural to expect that all words, all miracles, all signs and wonders be tested. We are commanded to do so. So, if someone questioned my salvation for being skeptical when many false ones in certain camps are proven scams, I would wonder if they had read what the Bible teaches on this subject.

There have been many scams. If I were in the location of such scams, I would question everything, for the leadership, or someone in control, is playing the congregation for fools.

We do not test an event by the emotion of the service. There is emotion in Mormon meetings, there was emotion dancing around the golden calf in the wilderness. Emotion in the crowd being deceived does not make something genuine.

Sincerity does not prove something real and truthful. Some can be sincerely deceived. One time many in this nation were convinced by a radio show that the martians had landed and were invading the world. The victims of that hoax, who believed that radio show, were sincere. Some of those putting on that program, were unaware of the show's negative effect. Yet, it was still false, still a hoax, even though it seems so sincerely true, as presented.




Fake miracles do so much harm. The young saints who come to some meetings, get promised all their relatives will get saved if they give $38 seed. Yet, they don't get saved, and then are told that their faith was not strong enough, or their offering needed to be more. Damage is done to young saints by that kind of falsely promised miracles.

The gold dust that proves to be cellophane can really dishearten a person who was there, and deceived, when they learn the truth.

It makes the church look like a used car salesman who says the car with 100,000 miles on it was only driven on Sundays by a little old lady who drove around the block to church.

A person must have ‘faith’ before he can depart from it. Many take advantage of trusting, and hopeful people of new faith. Many have chosen Jesus, and yet, like Judas, can choose later to depart. Jesus did not do fake miracles to make Judas depart, but he still departed. How dare any do fake miracles that will harm the young saints, the babes in Christ.

People come to church, sometimes the unsaved, due to their needs. They need Jesus, the Healer, and they need Jesus, the Deliverer from financial, family, and social problems of life. Some of these fake miracle workers then dishearten and discourage them, when instead of healing and deliverance they get gold cellophane just before the offering is taken.

As the Bible says 'woe' to those who hurt the Lord's little ones.

Mark 9:41-42 (KJV)
41 For whosoever shall give you a cup of water to drink in my name, because ye belong to Christ, verily I say unto you, he shall not lose his reward.
42 And whosoever shall offend one of these little ones that believe in me, it is better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he were cast into the sea.

It is so easy to step from light to darkness. It is so easy for mankind, who once has known truth and salvation in Jesus, to turn from it, and have darkness, lose the faith, and believe doctrines of devils, being seduced by their wiles. We must not have any part in sinful works, and not condone or even ignore the pretend miracles of unscrupulous con men calling themselves prophets and apostles. These magician show hoaxes prove to some in the world and to even some of the babes in Christ, that the preacher is a con artist, not a man of God.


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The deceivers that pretend to be spiritual men of God, who do fake miracles, and then are discovered (as will happen) do great harm to young Christians.

Those of us who have been around awhile know that their cunning deceiving do not need to hurt our relationship with the Lord. I have seen too many deceive and play the con artist, and I can just walk away, undisturbed in my own faith, but what of the newly saved, the naive saints, the novices in the ministry who become victims of their shams?

This world needs to see the miraculous miracles of God, we are to have 'signs and wonders' following our ministry. These signs are to be real, not fake.

We can see make believe in the comic books, people come to church to find the real. The television can give love stories, family stories, but they are fiction, and people need the real, the actual, the truthful answers to their problems.

Gold cellophane is not real gold. Those that do those scams will someday answer to God. I am glad not to be in their boots. God wants to do real miracles that answer the real needs of people.

We need not name any minister who is a false prophet and performing this kind of false miracle. We can look at what the Bible calls the false prophets, and if someone fits the Bible description, then they are one. If they don't fit it, but Biblically preach and teach, then they aren't a false prophet.

Look at what the Bible says of last days false prophets...

II Timothy 2:1-9
"This know also, that
in the last days, perilous times shall come. For men shall be:

lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud,
blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy,
without natural affection, truce breakers, false accusers,
incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good,
traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasure

more than lovers of God, having a form of godliness
but denying the power thereof;
from such turn away.

For of this sort are they which creep into houses,
and lead captive silly women laden with sins, led away with divers lusts,
ever learning and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.

Now as Jannes and Jambres withstood Moses,

so do these also resist the truth; men of corrupt minds,
reprobate concerning the faith.
But they shall proceed no further;
for their folly shall be manifest unto all men,
as theirs also was."

The "perilous times" are here. The verses in II Timothy are speaking of the false prophets we are told to watch out for. Since there have been many 'gold dust' proven to be fraud hoaxes, con artist attempts to deceive and fleece congregations, then whoever is putting the gold cellophane in the ventilation system, be it the minister, or some of the spectators, is sinfully errant.

There has been, to my knowledge, none that were proven to be truly gold dust. But there are tests proving some are intentionally using cellophane to deceive. So, God is not creating gold cellophane, and therefore we see that the con artists are too poor to use real gold dust in the scam.

This "form of godliness" fools many and some sincerely believe that the cellophane is real gold, and in mercy God may heal some of these ones that are fooled, but the scoundrels who perpetrate hoaxes are accountable to God, and are to be 'turned away from.'

If we tolerate such scammers, we are partakers of their sins. So, "from such turn away" and do not tolerate, nor stay in their "congregations", to not become enablers to their sins. They are "never able to come to the knowledge of the truth", so why should real saints stay in such congregations?

This has puzzled me, and I suppose the Lord is likewise puzzled. To remain with the ones with "corrupt minds", to remain in sham worship with those who are "reprobate concerning the faith" is a definite act of disobedience, and many will have to answer to God for such sin! God has commanded that we "turn away" from them.

Even though many do not obey the Lord's commandment to "turn away" from such ones, we do know that God will fulfil His promises and soon "allow them to proceed no further." Their "folly shall be manifest" when God brings the "judgment" that begins at the "house of God." These are the ones that God will soon judge.

Peter warns us in that same passage that the "righteous will scarcely be saved." My heart aches for many who I have seen that remain in close fellowship with "reprobate", "corrupt", servers fake miracles. I can only warn them, but I cannot force them to leave such evil ones. I would like to drag them from the camp of modern day "Jim Jones", and I would like to pull them out of the congregations of "Jannes and Jambres" but even Moses did not do such.

There are multitudes of real miracles, signs and wonders that are real and God authored. Magician tricks in the church are as false as the 'sawing a lady in half' tricks of entertainers. The church is to have such a higher standard, our miracles, our words of knowledge, our prophetic words are to truly be authored by God alone. God needs no actors to throw away crutches that they did not ever need, to build faith in a congregation. God does not need cellophane to inspire some to feel braver to give in the offering.

Even though many have been scammed, and in services where it is proven that it is only cellophane, we still see emotional frenzy, which is indicative of their being fooled by the fake. God wants true worship, and wants it inspired by a love for Him. To be told that the gold cellophane is proof that God is going to bless you greatly, therefore feel free to give all you have at the moment in the offering, is what I call the sin 'greed' aided by the fake miraculous.

God wants the Holy Spirit to fall on congregations. Some will repent when He does. Some will be healed, blessed, anointed; but the devil offers a counterfeit to those kind of services, the devil offers gold cellophane. The emotional frenzy of those deceived by it, is sad. They could have had the Holy Spirit falling upon them, instead.


In the Marian Shrines of the world, it is common to find reports of rosaries and teeth being turned into gold, and gold dust sprinkling phenomenons. The gold dust is not just common to a few charismatics. Actually, the most usual place to witness these "miracles" is at a Marian Shrine.

So, in going back through history, looking to see where this gold cellophane thing started, it seems its origins may be at that kind of place.

One evangelist said his angel he knew came down the aisle of the church sprinkling gold dust on people, and only he could see her (yes, his angel was a female, go figure!). It was announced that God was sending gold dust to indicate he was going to pour out financial blessings on all the church. Of course, there was an offering taken to collect the appreciation from the congregation. No one thought to get out the hoover sweeper and gather some of that gold into the sweeper bag as the first down payment on that wealth to come. This same evangelist had started in Catholic charismatic circles, and perhaps that is where the 'idea' of gold dust originated in his later ministry.

in the 1940's, Franklin Hall wrote a book on how Christians could learn to become immortal, if they followed his directions. In his teachings, there was no need for a rapture and a new body, it could be done on this body. His book, 'The Return of Immortality' gave stages of spiritual growth, and the end result was to become immortal... of course, he is now dead, so it must not have worked. Part of his ideas included gravitational and levitation control, and psycho spiritual exercises.
The "gold dust" idea was sponsored in his ministry. He called it an 'immortal substance' that comes on a believer who feeds upon it. Some who attended his meetings saw fine gold or fine silver dust seem to emanate from what he called the 'immortal heavenly objects IVO's', or from 'UHO's unusual heavenly objects'. The silver or gold dust was seen upon them, and through impartation was being sprinkled on the believers at the meeting.

Also, Hall claimed to never change his clothes, for they never wrinkled, and claimed that he never had body odor. These, he said, were 'perks' of his deep spirituality, and fasting. Now, I am not going to call him a liar, but I guess there are no UHO's around me, no gold dust, and I guess I must not be as spiritual, for my wife even irons my permanent press shirts, and I find no matter how spiritual I try to be, deodorant, body power are necessities in m house. LOL 

Well, there is no proof of any 'gold dust' ever being gold dust. There are examples of fraud. Therefore, to believe that one is 'real' takes some naivete, some gullibility, and some not obeying the Scripture to test the spirits. What kind of stand do we take if we find 'witchcraft' in the church? If someone had gold cellophane floating out of your ventilating system, would you even investigate to find out who did it? Can board members, church treasurers, advertising agents, even be responsible in attempting to deceive even the pastor? I know those are too difficult to answer, but since some are truly false, some are truly scams, would it not be wise to be on guard against becoming the next victim to this oft repeated scam?

In some recent excavations of the area where Jeroboam had set up an altar, so he and his people would not have to go to Jerusalem and the temple there, an interesting discovery was made. At this sham altar, they supposedly worshiped Jehovah, but false priests were in charge, and the attempt was made to counterfeit what might happen in Jerusalem. Not having the permission of God for such things, fakery had to be employed. This is where the unnamed prophet confronted Jeroboam, and when Jeroboam stretched forth his arm to call for soldiers to seize the rebuking prophet, his arm froze, he had to ask that prophet to pray for restoration. In their diggings at this altar they found a long dug out area that led to a hidden room deep beneath the altar, a megaphone type opening cut out in the rock allowed a hidden person to speak into it, and it would reverberate loudly to the persons out at the altar. This was an attempt to make them think that they came there, and God actually talked to them, answered them, etc. Not knowing of this hidden megaphone set up, they could easily be fooled.

The wiles of the devil have not changed, in the deceptive tricks utilized over the years, whether it be with 'crutches' that were thrown down, even though the person never was never lame; or the gold cellophane deceptions that often occur. There are probably many other kinds of deceptions that evil men have devised. The devil still instigates some person low in Christ-like ethics to scheme. Maybe the crowds grow in size, maybe the offerings get bigger, maybe the fame of the perpetrator is enlarged; but for whatever, the devil's goal is to lead men away from what God really wants done. The methods change, but not much. The crowds somehow seem very easy to deceive.

Jesus came and some rejected Him, and Jesus said that another would come in His name, and deceive many. Why are people so easily fooled by bad imitations...??? Would it not be nice if we could trust every preacher? But, there are some like John the beloved disciple, and others are like Diotrephes, or like Simon magus. We do have to seek discernment, and it is not natural, it is a supernatural endowment, that is much needed in these last days, when we are warned that seducing spirits will be greatly at work in the church.

I am not a cessationist, for a cessationist believes that the gifts of the Spirit ended in the apostolic age of the early church. I not only believe in miracles, I find God does them in my presence still, real, legit, real, honest, true miracles. The miracles of God are far above the miracles of the magicians of Egypt in the days of Moses. Those magicians were shamed by their pathetic and weak miracles.

Our Lord walks on water, God sends enough manna to feed several million people for many years, God has water for several million people and their animals to pour out of a rock that followed them around the wilderness. No miracles match God's.

Today’s scam artists put the gold cellophane near an air conditioning vent, and then the fan turned on at a specific time. Some have oil in a little sack under the arm pit connected to a tube down the arm to the hand, that seems to make the hands of the scammer to be oily hands. God wants this kind of fake miracles to cease.

The gold cellophane so called miracle, will scatter dust around the 'sanctuary', and the deception of the congregation blasphemes God. The hoax, the scam... is not a miracle. God is a CESSATIONIST for scams, He will make them to cease. His toleration is almost up.

Matthew 13:40-43 (KJV)
40 As therefore the tares are gathered and burned in the fire; so shall it be in the end of this world.

41 The Son of man shall send forth his angels, and they shall gather out of his kingdom all things that offend, and them which do iniquity;
42 And shall cast them into a furnace of fire: there shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth.
43 Then shall the righteous shine forth as the sun in the kingdom of their Father. Who hath ears to hear, let him hear.

God not only believes in cessationism of fake, lying miracles, He will cause them to cease. And then, the righteous shall shine forth. Then, the real miracles of God will be seen as never before when the sham miracles cease.

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