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November/December I had an "awakening" I never believed in God. When I woke up I didn't either. I was laying in bed at 1 am. I was on my phone and it was like my eyes opened. And it felt like I had been asleep a very long time. While I didn't believe in God my whole life, I always had an off feeling. Like a lot was wrong with the world. Some may have called me paranoid or crazy. This awakening ultimately lead me on an insane journey. The insane journey led me to God. I fully believed on Jan 5th 2017 when he saved me. I'm sorry it took so long but I'm glad God doesn't give up on things as easy as us Humans do. Or I'd be long gone. I was in a situation where I had the choice to beg God to let me live or die at the end of a 12 gauge. After the gun left my throat and the man left I sat in awe. God just showed me undeniable proof of his existence. For someone like me it rattled my whole world perspective. After a 5 mile walk home in 5 degree weather with the wind coming at Me and praying the whole time. I made it home safely. Since then I've been trying to get closer to God and live better in doing so. I learned a lot in the inbetweens and lord willing I will learn a lot more. In that period I briefly lost sight and followed dead ends. Only to find I was coaxed into the dead ends by myself as well as suggestion. In the crazy journey I learned I have a Rockefeller ancenstor. Depending on what you believe I believe my family was cursed because of it. But again I don't know everything. If anyone has knowledge on the subject matter I'd be glad to hear your opinions and stories. I don't feed the fear, so don't be afraid to share any story with me. Being a baby Christian I have a lot to learn and I intend to do so. Thank you for your time. GOD BLESS YOU ALL

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check out this post on curses...


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