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1.  And I answered: No, O Jehovah, my Lord.
2. But then the Lord answered: Why are you troubled about that which you do not understand, and upset at those things of which you are ignorant?
3. For as you have forgotten those who are alive now, and those who died previously, so do I remember those who are yet to be born.
4. When Adam sinned and death came upon all to yet be born, the number of those yet to be born was decided.  For that same number a place for the living and a place for the dead was prepared.
5. Until that number to be born is reached, the resurrection cannot occur. So until that time, Sheol must receive the dead.
6. I have chosen you to hear what things are yet to occur.
7. For truly, My redemption is near, and not as far distant as it was.

Is this why the devil pushes for abortion so greatly?  Is he trying to keep the final number from being reached, so that he may endure a little longer?

Our world has become so calloused to death and murder.  It goes on under our noses, on our television screens, in our schools and churches, and even in our hospitals to the unborn.

Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood, in "Women and the New Race" page 67 said:
The most merciful thing a large family can do to one of its infant members is to kill it."

Tens of millions of unborn babies have been killed in the USA since it was made "legal".  More than twice than many in Russia have been killed in the same time. In China, the number is impossible to calculate, but is staggeringly higher than both Russia and the USA.

Abortion is presented as a contraceptive, and foes of human life proclaim that a woman should be allowed to choose whether to kill her unborn child or not.

Man is created in God's image, and this puts mankind far above the animal level. The value of human life is above imagination.  Christ died for each life that will accept Him.

Recently, a nurse from "Christ" hospital, said that there they were performing "therapeutic abortions" without consent or knowledge of even the mother. (So much for her right to choose.)  The cervix was made (via chemical intervention) to open, and the 5-9 month baby would almost fall out. When handed one of these "still alive" infants, she asked what she was to do with it, and was told to just hold it till it died. When it did not die, she was told to place it in the "soiled utility room" with the diseased and germ ridden linen of the hospital, and return when it was dead. The mother was told that she pre-maturely gave birth, and the baby did not survive. When asked why such practices were done, the nurse was told that this is done to keep the mother from feeling guilt for aborting the baby.  The doctors, and or the hospital, had decided it was in the family's best interest to not have this baby.

Is abortion murder?  YES! Killing human life is murder. No one has the authority to decide if a born, or unborn, child should die:
Exodus 21:22-23
"If men strive and hurt a woman with child, so that her fruit depart from her, and yet no mischief follow, he shall surely be punished, according to as the woman's husband will lay upon him, and he shall pay as the judge determines.  And if any mischief follow, then thou shalt give life for life."

Despite the fact that abortion is murder, every 20 seconds, in this supposed religious nation, a baby is aborted. We criticize Hitler for 6 million Jewish people being killed, while our nation, under the acceptance of its voters, have killed 30 million unborn babies.

Now with the RU486 pill, to allow uncounted abortions, and with "lilopristone" that makes the baby "disappear", mothers can without much aid, kill their own babies.

Once, 5% of the doctors performed abortions in this country. Now with ultrasound, and more awareness of the reality that these are truly babies, not just blobs of fetal tissue, only 2% of the doctors will perform abortions.
35% to 40% are done via "SALINE ABORTIONS" wherein saline, prostaaglandin, urea, or other agent is put into the amniotic sac, the baby swallows it, and dies a slow, violent death from its burning.

Many others are given D&E ABORTIONS, wherein the doctor tears the baby apart to remove it from the "mother's" body. It is reassembled on a table to make sure all the parts have been removed from the womb.

"LATE TERM ABORTIONS" occur right up to and including the time of birth. The doctor crushes the babies skull, sucks out the brains, and then removes the murdered baby.

Now, BABIES BORN ALIVE, BUT MEANT TO BE ABORTED, are denied care, placed near deadly germs, and made to die of lack of care. and these are called "ABORTIONS". All of these are MURDER.

Baruch shows that God has a number of saints to make it to heaven, and the devil is fighting that number to be reached.  The devil wants to abort and kill as many as he can dupe this sinful world into doing as he can.

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