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Happy thanksgiving.


It is a day that we as Christians should not have to depend on a presidential decree to decide we need to praise and thank our Lord.  It is a day that many, if they looked at various circumstances, like hurricanes, storms, financial troubles, election results, coming tax increases, political corruption of the nation, etc. would have a hard time thinking of natural circumstances for which to be thankful. 

Yet, we are Christians.  We have an eternal hope.  We know the coming of Jesus is nigh.  We know that 'all things are working together for good.'  We know that despite who and how this nation is governed, we are part of an eternal kingdom, with King Jesus as our Ruler.  


We have had a year of grasping many victories, despite the plunging economy of the world.

are two ways of living the Christian life. One is ‘wilderness journeying’, and the other is ‘promised land conquering.’  One looks at the present troubles, the other looks beyond the present to the soon coming victories. The choice is ours. God does not want us forever in the wilderness. The wilderness is a place of passing through, of training for taking the promised land, but not meant to be a permanent dwelling place.  We are only on this earth for threescore and ten, maybe fourscore years, but we have eternity with Jesus.  This life is but a speck of time in eternity.


We need to thank the Lord for the blessings of this year.  We have learned from them, we have benefited from His presence, and from His comfort this year. 


Do not be distracted by the troubles of life, be rejoicing for the victories of now, in Jesus, and for the victory to come.  All our true victories start in prayer.  All prayer should begin with THANKSGIVING.  All answers to prayer should end with THANKSGIVING.  As Paul taught in the Word, 'IN EVERYTHING GIVE THANKS'.  So, to the Christian, everyday, every prayer, every trial, every blessing, is a time of THANKSGIVING.  We should be well practiced on this.

GOD has PROMISED MANY BLESSINGS. We are promised spiritual prosperity, material prosperity in heaven, blessings, revival, success, power over the devil, daily bread, etc. Thank the Lord for a victorious life.


Joshua 1:6

"Be strong and of good courage."

Joshua 1:7
"Only be thou strong and very courageous."

Joshua 1:9

"Have not I commanded thee? Be strong and of good courage."

Joshua 1:18

"...only be strong and of good courage.’




Happy thanksgiving !!!!

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