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“Ye shall be as gods, knowing...”


In Genesis 3, we find the initial lie of the Bible, no other recorded lie any earlier, and the devil has used this same lie, or some form of it, upon many through the ages.

Genesis 3:1,4
“he (serpent) said unto the woman, Yea, hath God said, ‘Ye shall not eat of every tree of the garden?’...  The serpent said unto the woman, ‘Ye shall not surely die, for God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then shall your eyes be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing...’”

This first recorded lie of Scripture came from the ‘father of lies’.  The devil’s lies have been so abundant, mankind has fallen for many of them.  Some make it a habit falling for lies of the devil.

John 8:44
“he is a liar, and the father of it...’
Multitudes have believed lies of the devil, and the one to Eve, his first lie, is one that many believe, even today.  Some think that other saints are not as knowing as they.  They often do not know much of the Word, so they know that, and so they denigrate the Word. If the Word of God is shown to be in disagreement with their so called revelations, they believe their ‘experience’ of knowing, rather than the Bible.

There are many in the ministry that get thinking that they are ‘gods’.   They at least get too much pride in their education, their speaking ability, their power and gifts, etc.  Their pride in self is assertive against the worship of our own Lord.  They take credit for healings, miracles, and the salvation of souls.  They keep count to brag, as though they did those things.  They fall for the trap of the initial lie of the devil, and begin to think that they are ‘gods’ of some kind.

There are enough people in the churches that think they are the returning ‘Elijah’ or ‘Enoch’.  They have been deceived by the devil that they are so blessed, and they think they are God’s chosen one to come and reveal things not in the Bible.  Often, these things turn out to be contrary to Scripture. 

Yet, that does not stop these ones from spreading the lie, that their doctrines are from God.  God’s revelations never contradict His written Word.  Yet, some think that their experience, their vision, their dream, is higher than God’s written Word.

Rabbis in Judaism put their decisions, and explanations of Scripture above God’s own.  They change and alter truths of the Word, and think their revelations supercedes that of the original Scripture. 

Many in our time call themselves ‘apostles’ and put their ‘new’ truths above the Written Word of God that they often contradict.  This is playing ‘God’, and is falling for the same lie as the initial lie of the devil in the garden to Eve.
The gnostics of the early church period were a group who believed a version of this same lie that the devil told Eve. Many books, found to be hoaxes, were written by those claiming a ‘gnostic’ beliefs.  “Gnosticism” comes from the Greek word ‘gnosis’ meaning knowledge. The early gnostic followers did not have a belief in Jesus as Provider of salvation, but trusted in a special revelation of knowledge, and claimed the attainment of that knowledge constitutes a supreme achievement, and entitles them to a ‘salvation’.  This ‘gnostic’ sect gained some prominence in some of the early church ages. 

Valentinus, a mid second century clergy from Alexandria, was actually considered to be Bishop of Rome in 140 A.D.   He was not given that promotion, and understanding of how far gnosticism was from the true gospel quickly spread.  By 180 A.D., Irenaeus, Bishop of Lyon, was publishing attacks on gnosticism. In the first century, gnosticism came to denote a prominent segment of the Christian community. They departed from the orthodox faith, and claimed that ‘special revelation’ gnosis, the ‘inner knowledge’ that they superimposed over all the orthodox teachings.

Their weakness in this spread of their heresy, was that there was no historical record to verify that Jesus, or the apostles, had taught such ideas.  Their doctrine was all mental, no physical verification existed.   They held the conviction that direct personal, absolute, knowledge had come to them, and that special knowledge made them superior, and free. 

These ‘gnostics’ thought they had ‘knowledge’, and they tried to supercede their ‘knowledge’ over the written Word of God.  They believed the lie of the devil, that they were ‘like Gods, knowing’.   How foolish mankind has been down through the centuries, to still be falling for that initial lie.

Simon Magus had originated this gnostic heresy in the first century. He was an early one of that century to believe that lie of the devil. Others soon followed that lie.  Cerinthus continued such heresy, and Valentinus tried to keep it spreading in the second century.  They attempted to use the Christian faith to spread their version of salvation.  They claimed to be keepers of secret teachings, secret gospels, and secret traditions and rituals.  Some ministers today are still preaching that kind of message.  They think that they have some new revelation that supercedes all others.  They want mankind to beat a path to their door, support only their message, cease their own ministries to support that of the ‘apostles’ ministry.  They are reaching to claim ‘deity’, and to claim an infallible, higher ministry than anyone else. 
Valentinus claimed to have apostolic authority, given to him by Theudas, a disciple of Paul. He claimed to have the teachings that orthodox Christianity did not possess.   But as early Christians listened to their teachings, the question often came up, as to what gospel they had to verify this teaching.  

The gnostics began to realize the need of written validation. By the end of Valentinus’ life, he had been branded a heretic, and retired from public life.  It was likely that some of the first gnostic hoax books were composed by him or at his direction.  Though some claimed to be written by one of the apostles, or someone close to Jesus, they actually are hoaxes.

His frustration at not having written apostolic validation for his arguments, seemed to impel him or his cohorts to begin composing gospels, epistles, etc. purportedly written by apostles and early disciples.   With these false books being sported about, the tide turned against them, and church leaders began to cease the early toleration of them, and wrote scaling attacks upon their theology.  By A.D. 180, Irenaeus was publishing attacks on gnosticism, and the vehemence against this sect became strong.

By the end of the fourth century, the struggle against gnosticism was virtually over.  It was about that time that the Nag Hammadi texts were hidden away (390 A.D.), by one of the last adherents to such fantasy, and were not found for many centuries. Gnosticism had officially become a ‘heresy’ and was not tolerated in Christianity.

Today, we have ‘god claiming ministers’ writing their own books, (nothing wrong with writing books, unless they contradict God’s Word, and claim to be of higher authority than God’s Word).    These false books being written usually have a dozen or more pictures of the ‘author’, and include glowing descriptions of the author.  They often contradict basic Bible truths, but claim to be ‘revelations’ verbally from God, and therefore above the Written Word. 

These books are as false as the gnostic books of the early church period.
What makes the idea that some get a special knowledge that is superior to even the Bible, a  dangerous heresy? Their teachings are so contrary to truth, that to believe their doctrines compels one to not believe the doctrines that would bring them to salvation.  The devil uses those gullible enough to believe the lie that they can have a special knowledge to go on to more and more asinine lies.  What starts out to be simple revelation (they think) soon develops into a complex doctrine that contradicts the plain teachings of the Bible.

Books are written on how to build the church.  Some claim that ‘repentance’ needs to be no longer taught.  Some say to put away the ‘cross’ symbols, and preach some message of tolerance of other faiths.  Chrislam churches are growing where they teach that the false god of Islam is the same God that is the God of the Bible.  Some preach that there are many roads to heaven, and we need to tolerate all other faiths.   These are doctrines taught by some who think they are ‘gods’ and are ‘knowing’ enough to supercede what the Bible teaches.

Modern gnosticism is a complex sect.  The modern gnosticism differs from early church gnosticism.  There are in each age, several systems for defining and categorizing.  There is no popular one, especially with gnostics.  So, even a most basic outline of their beliefs, will be debated even by their own adherents.  There are so many fools in the ministry that believe the initial lie of the Bible, that they are ‘like gods, knowing’.  They do not ‘know’, for they are fools for neglecting to worship the real God, and believe His infallible, eternal truths in the Bible.

Efforts to give a common description of the gnostic sects is unending, opposable by all of its segments and demands vast allowances for daily additions, alterations, and modifications.  There are many false doctrines out there preached by these modern gnostic heretics, that it is hard to categorize all of them.  But, to attempt a basic definition of their dogma, we can frame these tenets.


1. They believe in a direct, personal, and absolute knowledge that is accessible to human beings, and that knowledge is the supreme achievement of mankind. The originator of their experienced knowledge is built up in pride, and will then attack any who do not blindly accept them as ‘God’s gift to mankind’.  

2. This ‘salvation’ of humans by this ‘gnosis’, as it is called, replaces, in their eyes,  the sacrificial atonement of Jesus as taught in Christianity.  Gnostics do not like (to put it mildly) the doctrine of sacrificial atonement.  They want no dogmatic dogma, no commandments, no possibility therefore of sin, and no dogmatic affirmations.  They want only a progressive revelation with no static creed.

3. They see salvation as coming only through them.  Every other group or denomination in Christianity is seen as inferior and the gnostics pronounce curses and judgment on all who do not give them worship as the revealer of new truth for this age.


The idea that the serpent told Eve, that she could, if she listened to him, ‘be as gods, knowing’... is still flourishing in this age. It is still a lie of the devil.  Pastors, lay people, evangelists, prophets, etc fall for it daily.  The ‘I’m Elijah, but too humble to tell you’ complex is one of the devil’s favorite.  Their visions, revelations, dreams could be tested and found to be errant, so they avoid those who want to test all by the Word.  They pronounce some kind of curse, thereby committing the sin of witchcraft, and hurry away.

The devil is called the ‘deceiver of the whole world.’

Revelation 12:9
“...the great dragon, was cast out, that old serpent, called the devil, and satan, who deceiveth the whole world.”

So, he not only is capable of deceiving all, but at some time or another has deceived all.  He is still working.  We will find more and more of these as we approach the rapture.  Each deception to which  persons succumb will lead to another.

To some, they have come with a revelation that all black people are descendants of Cain.  Since all Cain’s descendants were wiped out in the flood of Noah, they had to come up with some fabricated scenario to explain how some survived.  So, they decided that Noah was to take two of every kind of animal on the ark, and they decided that black people were akin to animals, so that is how they got past the flood.  Now, though supposedly saved from extinction in that way, they decide that all  Cainites  are evil and therefore should be punished and even killed as God’s way.  One lie led to another, and all were not from God at all.  The bias and hatred of the originators of that lie was the reason they fell victims to the devil’s lie that he would show them things too deep for Bible believing Christians to understand.

Some others today have much of the world being ‘nephilim’, and therefore not able to be Christian.  That lie leads to the next lie of the devil, that those with this special revelation need to gather weapons and ammunition to be ready to kill these evil ones.  Anyone who would be dumb enough to teach other than they believe is judged to be one of the ‘nephilim’.  So, even me teaching this fact about them, would make them decide I must be a nephilim, for I oppose their gnostic knowledge. LOL

One deception leads to another.  They later will be deceived of the devil that ‘now’ is the time to kill those who are Cainites, or nephilim, etc.  The devil has long used one lie to lead to another till he gets murder committed.  The babes in Egypt were killed, and few survived, Moses being one.  In the time of Jesus’ first coming, 14,000 babes were killed.  Today, many justify abortion.  Some that kill abortion doctors also are deceived by the same devil.  The ultimate goal of the devil is to bring death.  He does not care who, whether babies or adults, Christians or non-Christians, he wants to have them murdered. 

Judas traveled with Jesus.  His name, according to Jesus, was written in heaven, and yet, he believed the devil’s lies, and entered into a conspiracy to kill the perfect Jesus.  If the devil can convince one of Jesus’ church, one who heard truth taught daily, how much easier is it to convince many Christians today.

John 13:27
“...after the sop, satan entered into him. Then said Jesus unto him, ‘That thou doest, do quickly.’”

Judas could be deceived.  Likewise, we could, if we are not careful.  We also could be dumb enough to not need the devil to deceive us, for many fall for the lie told by the deceived one.  They do not check the Bible to see if it is Scriptural.  They do not recognize the pride and arrogance of the one who passes on the devil’s lies. 

They have believed themselves to be ‘gods’, and think they ‘know’, and the believing of the devil’s initial lie, is leading to many stupid, heretical cults that call themselves ‘churches’.


Peter said to Jesus, that he would never deny Him.
Mark 14:31
If I would die with Thee, I will not deny Thee in anyl wise.  Likewise said they all...”

Peter was sure that he would never fail. That kind of arrogance and pride makes us vulnerable to the devil’s lies.  For the devil used that arrogance to convince Peter that since he was too great to fail, he would not need to stay awake in Gethsemane to pray up for the coming trial of which Jesus had warned.  Therefore, Peter was easy prey for the devil.  Great pride led to great fall.

Jesus said to the devil himself ‘get thee behind Me, satan’ while in the wilderness temptation. (Luke 4:8) Later, Peter blurted out some words authored by the devil, and stupidly believed by Peter, and Jesus again said ‘Get thee behind Me, satan, for thou art an offense unto Me; for thou savorest not the things that be of God, but those that be of men...’

In the same way, many today, like Peter then, have followed and believed messages from the devil.  Jesus recognizes the source and intent of the devil’s lies to us.  We must use the warnings of the Bible of this, and avoid, reject, the lying messages of the devil.
We need to be very careful, prayerful, and well studied in the Word.  If we are, we can avoid such deceptions.  When we find victims of the devil’s lies, we need to speak Scripturally with certainty, and not validate by silence the false words given by these modern gnostics.

It is time for us, as ministers, to study the Word, humbly, completely.  It is our certain source of truth, and the little voices we hear need to be verified to be God’s voice, and not the ‘devils’.  We  hear the devils’ attempt to make us believe that we are ‘gods’ and we ‘know’.  We must renounce  that ‘INITIAL LIE’ of the devil, and be humble in our Bible study.

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