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IN ISAIAH 9:10???

Jonathan Cahn denies that he is claiming there is a direct link between the two nations and this verse, however, despite numerous denials, his book often claims the opposite. Sometimes, he inserts the claim in the words of his fictional characters in the book. This is a clever way to teach it, but reserve deniability when challenged.

Nouriel Kaplan said:

"An ancient mystery behind everything from 9-11 to the economy... to the housing boom... to the war in Iraq.. To the collapse of Wall street... Everything in precise detail."

The ‘prophet’ said:

"Solomon was the third king of Israel... George Washington was the first president of the United States. There was something in the linking of ancient Israel and America, as wikth all the other mysteries."

Cahn links the words of Isaiah 9:10 with many catastrophes of the United States. He believes that once that verse was quoted on 9-11, it set in motion some unchangeable events, that must inevitably take place. In a 700 Club interview on January 3, 2012, he said:

"...has determined the actions and actual words of American leaders. A mystery that goes back two and a half thousand years and is a warning of judgment and a call of God, a prophetic call of God."

Tom Daschle quoted Isaiah 9:10, it was not a foretelling of what his words would be, it was a politician purposely quoting Isaiah’s words. I often quote verses, and it is not that those words were foretold that I would quote them, the words were chosen by me to be quoted. To try to make the verse a prophetic announcement of what some politician would say, it is no more than a chosen quote.

Cahn asserts that Daschle spoke those words in defiance of God, and of God’s judgment upon America. In actuality, that claim in proven wrong by the conclusion of Daschle’s words, which Cahn conveniently omitted.

The end of Tom Daschle’s words were:

"The people of America will stand together because the people of America have always stood together, and those of us who are privileged to serve this great nation will stand with you. God bless the people of America.’

That does not indicate a defiance against God. God is still honored, not blamed for the events of 9-11. God and America were in defiance against the terrorists, and God is seen as the Answer, not the enemy in Tom Daschle’s speech. Cahn fails to mention those words, and in so doing is besmearing the intent and heart of Tom Daschle.

The Harbinger, which borrows heavy from the kabbalah teachings of the Zohar, is a corruption of how prophetic teachings are given in the Bible. Cahn believes this is a prophetic message, but his exegesis of the verse, his corruption of words spoken by a politician, his twisting of intent and motive, and his using fictional story, later claimed to be non fictional facts.

The Zohar is a mystical book with many heresies, from teaching of Lilith who supposedly was a first woman before Eve, to glorification of the serpent as only trying to give mankind a knowledge God did not want them to have, to a long list of perverted, and un-Scriptural ideas. Cahn uses this perverted and dangerous source to verify his ideas. Kabbalah is an evil tool of the devil against the truth of the Word of God.

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