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(See Enoch 85:3 to 90:41)

Can you imagine the privilege of having all of God's plan throughout history revealed? Enoch was given such a dream. God allowed him to see events to occur from Adam to the Millennium.

Jesus often used parables to reveal many truths....here God used an allegory with different animals symbolizing people and nations. The parables were used to disguise certain truths from those who did not want to see them....and the allegory given Enoch was used to make the truth God wanted revealed - evident.

God didn't want the revelation to be distracted with details of the future. Had Enoch seen missiles, television, automobiles, it would have confused Enoch so much that he missed the truth God wanted him to see.

Following the vision Enoch "awoke and remembered it all."

(90:39) Dreams sent by God are hard to forget. It was not passed by as a wild dream....but immediately following the dream....Enoch "praised the Lord." (90:40)

As Enoch began to ponder the dream his reaction changed.

"Then I wept bitterly....my tears flowed because of what I had been shown. I had seen events to come." (90:41)

First "praise" - then "bitter tears"....this reaction is not unusual. In the book of Revelation, John was given a revelation of prophecy.

Rev. 10:10

"I took the little book out of the angel's hand, and ate it up; and in my mouth sweet as honey, and as soon as I had eaten it, my belly was bitter."

Prophetic truth is always received from God as sweetness....we enjoy the revelation and truth. Prophecy studies are always popular....but when the contents of the prophecy are digested - it is bitter. The woes, the judgments, the ramifications of the prophecy bring a realization that one must carry this message to the sinners upon whom it is a warning.

Ezekiel also found this to be true.

Ezekiel 3:2-3

"So I opened my mouth, and He caused me to eat that roll. And He said unto me, Son of Man, cause thy belly to eat, and fill thy bowels with this rollthat I give thee. Then I did eat it: and it was in my mouth as honey for sweetness."

vs. 4 "....get thee unto the house of Israel and speak with My words unto them...."

vs. 14 "....I went in bitterness in the heat of my spirit."

Prophetic revelation may begin with "hallelujah" - but as the truths are digested....the bitter reality and its consequences begin to affect the prophet.

The first animals mentioned in the dream are "bulls." Bulls are emblems of great strength. Twelve white bulls are emphasized here. We know them as the patriarchs.

(1) Adam
(2) Seth
(3) Enos
(4) Cainan
(5) Mahalaleel
(6) Jared
(7) Enoch
(8) Methuselah
(9) Lamech
(10) Noah
(11) Abraham
(12) Isaac

Between Noah and Abraham several are omitted from this list, but these twelve are the patriarchs of what we call"the patriarchal age." The age that follows them is Jacob....whose name was changed to Israel. The age that began with Israel is the Jewish age. There were twelve tribes of the Jewish nation. Then with the coming of Jesus came the church age which had twelve apostles that are emphasized. Each of these ages was approximately 2000 years.

12 Patriarchs 1                   2 Tribes of Israel                12 apostles

Patriarchal Age                    Jewish Age                        Church Age

2000 years                          2000 years                       2000 years

During a final 1000 years (Millennium) all the saints of the three periods will unite to rule and reign with the Lord.

In chapter 90, verses 37-38, a "white bull" is seen....Who represents Jesus Christ. All who worship Him are transformed into "white bulls"....thus....the ages began with mankind likened unto a"bull"....strong and powerful. The ages will conclude with all the saints likened unto"bulls."



The second animal, mentioned often in this passage, is "sheep."Those in the Jewish age are seen as the flock of God. God is seen as "the Lord of the sheep." This term could just as easily be translated as "the Great Shepherd." In the Bible, we see David as the first one to see God as the Shepherd. (I Chron. 21:17, Ps. 23) But Enoch predates David by many centuries, and he saw the Lord as "Lord of the Sheep." The first sacrifice to God in the Bible is a ram offered by Abel as a substitute for himself. (Gen. 4:4). The word "shins" (used for the material which God used to first clothe Adam and Eve) is a word used of ram's skins. So the idea of sheep being a substitute for man is most ancient.

Note how "sheep" is used in these passages:
"white sheep" (89:12) = Jacob (Israel)
"12 sheep" (89:12-16) = Joseph and 11 brothers
"sheep" (89:15) = Israelites
"sheep" (89:16-18) = Moses
"another sheep" (89:18) = Aaron
"sheep" (89:29-38) = Moses
"young sheep" (89:39-40) = 2nd generation in Sinai
"another sheep" (89:41) = prophets
"lost sheep" (89:51) = backslidden Israel
"sheep" (89:51) = prophets
"other sheep" (89:53 = prophets
"sheep" (90:11) = Israelites
"blind sheep" (90:2) = sinful Israel
"resurrected sheep" (90:3) = Jewish saints after resurrection

The small lambs seen in 90:6 - are the tribulation Israelites who come to accept Jesus as the Messiah. These (as with all tribulation saints) find there is no hedge of protection about them. They are martyrs for their faith. But "one with a large horn" (90:9) comes and this ram is Elijah. "This one" (90:10) is Enoch who has accompanied this ram back to earth to be the spokesman. - While the ram with the horn (Elijah) is the powerful miracle worker, Enoch will be the powerful spokesman unto whom the "sheep and rams run."

The word "ram" is used of first the kings of Israel (Saul, David, Solomon) and then of the prophets and other leaders of Israel.


The 70 shepherds seen in 89:59 to 90:26 were quite a puzzle to me as I studied Enoch's book. The word "another" in 89:61 refers to "another one of the same kind" and this one is an angelic being, so the 70 must also be angelic beings.

The number 70 is often used in the Bible. There were 70 elders chosen by Moses to help judge Israel. There were 70 years of captivity for Israel. There were 70 weeks of years of judgment foretold by Daniel. Seventy always speaks of - the completeness of judgment. So the 70 shepherds are 70 angelic beings that are used of the Lord of the sheep to bring judgment upon Israel.

They must be evil angels for after their work is done they are judged and put into "damnation and fire." (90:21-23)

In the Bible there is another story that sheds some light upon how God works. In I Kings 22 we read of Ahab (King of Israel), and Jehosophat, (King of Judah) who are about to go to war with Syria.

Jehosophat desires to ask God for direction....Ahab says there is one man of God who could tell them what to do....but Ahab didn't like this Micaiah for his messages never were good for Ahab.

While awaiting Micaiah, the other prophets of the day all come and assure Ahab that he will be the victor in the battle. When Micaiah arrives he is warned by a messenger that all the other prophets assured victory and he'd better do likewise.

Sarcastically, Micaiah tells Ahab that he'll win....but Ahab senses the sarcasm and demands the truth. Micaiah then informs Ahab that Israel will be defeated and return without their leader. Ahab is angry and has Micaiah imprisoned until he returns. Micaiah then tells Ahab...."if you do return then I must be a false prophet."

Ahab decides to let Jehosophat be dressed as a king, but Ahab decides the way to return alive is to disguise himself as a soldier. This way, if Micaiah is right, and the leader will be killed....then Jehosophat will be the one slain....so Ahab reasoned. But the Syrians had decided not to kill the King of Israel....so they only chased Jehosophat until they realized he wasn't Ahab. Then they allowed Jehosophat to escape and began killing the army of Israel. Ahab was killed in that slaughter.


In that same chapter we see a heavenly scene in which God is asking those in heaven how they can get Ahab to go to battle so he will be killed. One evil spirit volunteers to be the lying spirit of the false prophets and help deceive Ahab to go to battle. God allows the evil spirit to do this. This story shows that demon spirits and evil angels are still subject to God's direction. They want to do evil, but God must allow it. As God allowed Satan to afflict Job with many troubles, so God allowed the "lying spirit" to bring Ahab to his place of death.

So with these 70 shepherds....they are fallen angels that want to do evil. When God wants to judge His backslidden flock, He allows these 70 to each, in his turn, afflict Israel, His flock. They were to be limited though in what they can do.

Some angels and demons are very wicked and go beyond what God wants to be done. God has bound them in the abyss. These 70 seem to come from that group, and are returned there when their part is done.

The satanic "Prince of Persia" in Daniel chapter 10 is probably one of the 70. God had allowed Persia to come to power and judge Israel. When Gabriel wanted to bring a message to Daniel there was spiritual war against Gabriel to prevent the answer to Daniel from being received. Michael came and helped Gabriel get the message to Daniel. The "Prince of Persia" was the evil angel that withstood Gabriel and Michael for 21 days. As one of the 70, he would soon be sent back to the abyss and another evil one would come. In Daniel 10:20 a "Prince of Grecia" is predicted to soon come. He too is probably one of the 70 mentioned by Enoch. These fallen angels direct men and nations to trouble Israel. Hitler was probably directed by one of the 70. Antiochus Epiphanes was also empowered by one.

The evil being that empowers the Antichrist is said to be one "who was, and is not, yet will be." (Rev. 17:8,11) The Antichrist will rule the eighth kingdom used by God to punish Israel for its sins. The eight kingdoms are:

1. Egypt
2. Assyria
3. Babylon
4. Medo-Persia
5. Greece
6. Rome
7. Revived Rome
8. Antichrist

John in Revelation reveals that the evil power behind the Antichrist is the same one that empowered the kingdom preceding the then present one. John lived during the Roman one - so that means the evil power that empowered the Grecian affliction on the jews - that is - the evil power of Alexander the Great is the same evil power that will return from the abyss to empower the Antichrist. He is one of the 70 total that God has allowed to periodically come and afflict Israel.

God is the Great Shepherd who will some day judge those 70 shepherds for overstepping their work. In this passage of Enoch we see the "Lord of the Sheep" watching the 70 do their work.... ut when the sheep begin to see their sin... the Lord then comes to judge the 70 shepherds and end their work.

Other angels are also mentioned in this passage. The "star" of 86:1 and 88:1 is the fallen angel, Semyaza. The other fallen angels are called "stars" - (86:3) and "fallen angels" (90:21).

Good angels are referred to in 87:2, 89:61, 90:17. The seven archangels are seen in 87:2, 90:21, and three of them are referred to in 90:31. The giant descendants of the fallen angels are called "elephants, camels, and asses." (86:4) Compare with Enoch 7:2.

In reading the passage, use the following chart to identify other animals.
lions = Babylonians (89:10,55,56,61)
tigers = Medo-Persia (89:10,55)
wolves = Egyptians (89:10,61)
asses = Ishmael (89:11)
Midianites (89:13, 16)
dogs = Philistines (89:10,42, 47)
hyenas = Assyria (89:10,55)
wild boars = Esau (89:12)
Edomites (89:10,61,42-44)
foxes = Amalekites (89:10,42-43,55
badgers = Amorites (89:10)
pigs = Canaanites (89:10)
falcons = Ammonites (89:10)
vultures = Iran (89:10, 90:2,11)
Kites = Greece (89:10, 90:2,4,11)
eagles = Rome-revived Rome (89:10, 90:4,11)
ravens = Syria - Iraq (89:10, 90:2,11)

With this chapter and its analysis of the animals... now go back and reread Enoch 85:3 to 90:41. The clarity Enoch gives is amazing. The whole plan of man's history, and God's dealings with man is given. Yet, to Enoch, this was shown about 5000 years ago. Almost all of it was future... we read most of it as history. Enoch saw it before most of it happened. How mind-boggling it must have been! Yet God has told us that He "reveals His secrets to His servants... the prophets." God is still revealing to His prophets.

In Habakkuk 2:14 it says that in the last days:

"the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord, as the waters cover the sea.:

This means that prophetic revelation, and fulfillment of past prophecies would so cover the earth that prophetic knowledge would be as a flood of waters on this earth.

Yet in Amos 8:11-13 it also says of the last days:

"Behold the days come, saith the Lord God, that I will send a famine in the land, not a famine of bread, nor a thirst for water, but of hearing the words of the Lord. And they shall wander from sea to sea, and from the north even to the east, they shall run to and fro to seek the word of the Lord, and shall not find it. In that day shall the fair virgins and young men faint for thirst."

In the same time period, we find a flood of waters, and a famine and drought. How can this be? In these last days- we see fulfillment after fulfillment of prophecy. We also see clearer understanding and revelation of God's prophetic word encompassing many. Yet, we also hear the "scoffer" say, "Where is the promise of His coming?" We also see people living as though Jesus will never return. In these last days some are flooded with prophetic understanding and others are dying of thirst for God's word.

The difference is in our acceptance of His revealed word, and our acceptance of Jesus. If we are thirsty for prophetic knowledge and accept what God has, then God will abundantly pour more revelation upon us. If we do not want God's prophetic word, or accept the bitterness that comes with it, we will die of thirst for lack of it. God will not force man to accept it... but abundantly gives to we who desire it.

Just as the prophecy of 85:3 - 90:41 caused Enoch to weep bitterly... so true revelation does not just give us a "hallelujah" to shout... but a "woe is me" comes with it. We may as individuals escape the judgment - wrath, but our world and many of our loved ones will face these judgments without God. The job of taking the message of prophecy to mankind should make us weep.

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