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One of the false doctrines now being tolerated in the church, is the allowing of unmarrieds in the church to cohabitate. In the 1960's, less that a half of one per cent of the households in this country were unmarried. In the 1980's, that rose to over 1 per cent. In the 1990's, that rose to over two per cent. Now, we are finding it is over 5 per cent of the households.


This is bad enough, but we are finding that the demons are making pastors consider it a sin-not-to-be-mentioned. They condone it, turn a blind eye toward it, refuse to identify and correct it. The motives are often money, or not wanting to lose the families of the couple if they are condoning it.


Some states report that already it is over 25 % of the couples. (California, Alaska, Washington). Currently, there is more than one of every 8 homes in the nation with cohabiting, unmarried adulterers within.


The census bureau of the nation already claims that more than 4 million households of the nation are unmarried.


Today, one in 3 single women choose to live with their partner before marriage. In England, that number is 70%.


The religious status of those cohabiting, show that 8.2 per cent of the Mormons cohabitate, 20-24% of the Protestants, 23% of the Catholics, 32% of the Jewish, and 44% of the non religious. Thus we see that religion is not hindering by much what the unsaved, heathen do. The church has allowed the sinfulness of the heathen to become too common in the church.


Is this wrong? It is a shame that some have to ask that. Of course, God instituted marriage. God calls non-marital sex to be adultery, fornication. It is condemned often in the Bible. Those partaking of such sins are said not to go to heaven.

The risk of divorce for those married couples who cohabitated before marriage is 40-85 % greater than for those who did not cohabitate first. That means it is almost twice as likely for them to divorce, than for those who followed God’s plan.


Cohabiting women have been shown in tests and surveys to be more irritable, more anxious, more worried, and more unhappy than married women. This is likely due to the conviction of the Holy Spirit. The church has been hindering the Holy Spirit, by not preaching the Word of God concerning this sin.


Of cohabiting couples who have children in that arrangement, only 40 % of those children will see their parents marry. Of those who do marry, half of them will divorce.


Bill Brooks, executive director of the North Carolina Family Policy Council, said that studies have shown that those who cohabit before they are married are more prone to break up, and less stable in later marriage.


Those who cohabit without marriage, are sinning. It is called ‘adultery’ and ‘fornication’. 93 times in the Old Testament, we find such illicit intercourse is mentioned. Those who cohabit, and refuse to marry, suffer guilt, fear, and remorse.


Hebrews 13:4

‘Marriage should be honored by all, and the marriage bed kept pure, for God will judge the adulterer, and the sexually immoral."


The Lord has not changed His Word, and it is still not right for such sins to be amidst those in the church.


In North Carolina, there has been a statute since 1805 (210 years) against cohabitation. It is rarely enforced, but it is a shame that a ‘state’ can have a law against this sin, but the church has oft been guilty of condoning it, or refusing to state that it is sinful what many of its attenders are doing.


Six other states have similar laws (Virginia, West Virginia, Florida, Michigan, Mississippi, and North Dakota). In January of 2005, North Dakota upheld the law against cohabitation by a 52-37 vote in its legislature.


In Charlotte, North Carolina, U.S. Magistrate, Carl Horn regularly asks defendants of other crimes if their living arrangements violate the cohabitation law. He refuses to release them unless they promise to comply.

It is a shame that some outside the church have more morality than many ministers.


This slip in morality, this errant doctrine of demons, is crippling move of the Spirit toward the revival He wished to instill in the churches.


The demons of the last days are spreading false doctrines are also called ‘seducing spirits’. They have ‘seduced’ many a minister to ignore these blatant sins.





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