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part 2


Now a greater abomination is seen.

Ezekiel 8:13-15

"...shalt see greater abominations that they do... Then he brought me to the door of the gate of the Lord's house which was toward the north, and behold, there sat women weeping for Tammuz ... shalt see greater abominations than these."

This is a "greater abomination" (8:13) than the previous ones. Ezekiel is brought to the inner gate door of the Temple. At that gate sat women who were weeping for Tammuz. Tammuz was a Phoenician deity, one that we would recognize if one of his other names were used for this false god. Different nationalities worshipped this being, and each nation had its own name for this deity.

Phoenicia worshipped

Tammuz and his wife Ashtarte


Sumer or Babylon worshipped

Dumuzu and his wife Ishtar


Greece worshipped

Adonis and Aphrodite


Egypt worshipped

Osiris and Isis


Canaanites worshipped

Belial (Baal, Metanbuchus) and his wife Asherah


These were not simply idol gods representing nothing real, but the idols under these different names, were representative of real beings who lived before the flood, and were the result of the union of women of the earth who had mated with fallen angels. The children of these marriages were giants, and renown for their powers and might.


Tammuz was represented in old lore as a beautiful shepherd who was slain by a wild boar. The boar was a symbol of winter. Ashtarte mourned for him and traveled into the underworld (Sheol) to deliver him from death. The mourning of his wife, and of the others of his day for Tammuz became a day celebrated in Babylon by women on the second day of the month which had the name Tammuz... In the Jewish calendar, it was the fourth month (July). Belial, or Tammuz, will likely be freed from the abyss, in late June or July, perhaps even on the day spoken about by Ezekiel. It will occur soon after the rapture... (This fits in with the idea that the rapture could likely be on the day of Pentecost.)


II Thessalonians 2:7

"For the mystery of iniquity doth already work; only he who letteth (i.e. hinders) will let (hinder) until he (the church) be taken out of the way (the rapture), and then shall that Wicked One (the Antichrist and the demon who empowers him, i.e. Belial) be revealed."


The absence in sheol of Tammuz was supposedly to typify the long, dry time of Syria and Palestine, when vegetation perished, and his return to life symbolized the rainy season when the dry land was revived. His death symbolized the cold winter season, and his return to life symbolized the beautiful and fruitful spring.


This mourning time, and its soap opera story that accompanied it, was being celebrated at the Temple. People worshipped this false god, this demonic being who sought to inspire people to worship him rather that God. It is strange how easily people will fall for silly stories. In our day, people weep over soap opera stars more than they weep over lost souls. Many who have criticized the women who wept for Tammuz, make light of distractions that keep them from worshipping the true God.


This cult was partly a mourning ritual, and also another way to worship Belial, whose idol image was also found within the Temple area. In Isaiah's time, the people even planted "Tammuz gardens" to honor this false god.


When Ezekiel prophesied, this evil demon spirit, named Belial was still roaming earth. He earlier inhabited Manasseh, and would soon inhabit Alexander the Great. Later, in the time in which Jesus came. Belial was put into the abyss. Yet, even then, while yet free, Belial was inspiring a religion to pray and mourn his imprisonment in sheol (in the abyss).


Isaiah, in his apocalypse, called Belial:
"the ruler of this world" (Apoc. of Isa. 8:4, 5:29).
The Bible calls him:
"the prince of this world" (John 12:31, 16:11),
and "the god of this world" (II Cor. 4:4).
He is the head of the "rulers of darkness" (Ephesians 6:12).

Belial (this name means "being of no ascent") was also known as Metanbuchus (meaning "the gift from the abyss). Yet from the fictional story about Tammuz we see that to be resurrected was his desire. He cannot be ever resurrected, and yet women believed in the false story of his resurrection, but later the Jewish people found it too difficult to believe in the resurrection of Jesus.


Another interesting fact about the story, is that shortly before the release of Belial (Tammuz), his wife (Asherah, Ashtarte) would die to go to sheol to help him return. She must have also known prophetically, that she would be imprisoned in the abyss before Tammuz (Belial) would be freed.


When Jesus came, and was crucified, He cast out this Belial, and put him into the abyss.


John 12:31

"...now shall the prince of the world be cast out."


John 16:11

"...of judgment, because the prince of this world is judged"


This was prophesied by Daniel.


Daniel 5:10-11

"...there shall rise unto you from the tribe of Judah and of Levi, the salvation (Yeshua) of the Lord, and He shall make war against Belial."


Now this false god, this demonic spirit, who once opposed the true God so much that he sought worship even within the Temple of God, is in the abyss. Someday soon, he will be freed to inhabit the Antichrist. He knew enough from hearing the prophecies of prophets as Isaiah, to know that he would be imprisoned in the abyss, and developed a false religion to try to pray him free.


Revelation 17:8

"The beast that thou sawest was, and is not, and shall ascend out of the bottomless pit, and go into perdition (the man of sin, i.e. the Antichrist)."


Some "doctrines of devils" are being taught in these last days. This was predicted by the Lord.



I Timothy 4:1

Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils."


I heard recently that another church announced that Belial had just been freed from the abyss, and the latter rain revival was now over. This is a false doctrine, (not surprisingly from a church with already many other false doctrines), for Belial cannot be released yet, for we (the church) could simply throw him back in for his disobedience. Jesus put him there originally, and we are to do "the works that" Jesus did, and "greater works than these." So this doctrine, that Belial is released, and the latter rain revival is over is just a doctrine the demons would like us to believe to hinder our present revival and the even greater one soon to begin. Even the women at the temple wept for similar doctrine weeping for the soon release of Belial (Tammuz).



Revelation 13:1 speaks of a "beast" who will inhabit the Antichrist. Revelation 13:11 speaks of another "beast" (Sammael) who will come from the abyss to inhabit the false prophet.


Apocalypse of Isaiah 10:2

"Belial, the evil demon who rules this age since its inception as the king of demons, will come from his place (the abyss) and inhabit the likeness of man, and dwell in a lawless king."


Belial will make war on the two witnesses during the last half of the tribulation. He will be the one responsible for killing Enoch and Elijah. However, these two witnesses will do what this demonic spirit could never do, be resurrected. The devil and all his cohorts (as Belial) are LOSERS!


Revelation 11:7

"The beast that ascendeth out of the bottomless pit shall make war against them (the two witnesses) and shall overcome them and kill them."


These women in Ezekiel's day worshipped and mourned for Tammuz (Belial). This offended God, and was a great abomination to Him.






Now, an even greater abomination is seen by Ezekiel. He comes to the inner court, right in front of the Temple proper, and is shown 25 men (the High Priest, and each of the leaders of each of the 24 divisions of the priesthood) turned away from the Holy of Holies and facing the East. These were the "elders" (Ezek. 9:6), (called "high priests" in the gospels), misusing the Temple for false worship.


These 25 were looking for the return, resurrection of Tammuz, Belial, Baal, etc. Belial and the other half human, half angelic beings had no promise of a resurrection as do we. Yet, they have always wanted one, and they incorporated into their false religion an anticipation, that they would be back. To satisfy their longing for a human-like body, these fallen spirits often possess the bodies of some humans.


Ezekiel 8:17

"They have filled the land with violence, and have returned to provoke Me to anger."

When the spiritual leaders are corrupt, much evil follows. The city of Jerusalem and the whole nation of Judah were being led by corrupt leaders, and the sins of the city were almost too horrible, appalling, and atrocious to enumerate.


The worship of Asherah, of Sammael, and of Belial was so horrible that God could not bear the sins anymore. The leaders themselves were not only involved in such idolatries, but they were believing the prophecies of Tammuz cultists, and looking forward to the "resurrection" of Tammuz.


This crowning abomination occurred at "the door of the temple of the Lord" (Ezekiel 8:16). Where they should have been weeping and calling upon God to "spare His people", they were anxiously looking for a false god to do what he could never do... (i.e. be resurrected).


Joel 2:17

"Let the priests, the ministers of the Lord, weep between the porch and the altar, and let them say, Spare Thy people, O Lord, and give not thine heritage to reproach."


The 25 deliberately turned their back on this God they were commanded to weep before. Sun worship, originated in the hope of a coming one (Belial, Tammuz)... for as the sun rose every morning, and people trusted in that sun rise... so they were expressing the hope of a return... and in this case it was for Tammuz, Belial... that they awaited.


Josiah had destroyed the "horses dedicated to the sun" and the "chariots of the sun" (II Kings 23:11). When spiritual leaders turn attention from intercession and from God, and put their love and desires elsewhere. God is greatly disturbed!



Ezekiel 8:17

"Lo, they have put the branch to their nose."

The word "branch" is from the Hebrew word "zmowrah" meaning a "pruned twig"... It was a part of the totem pole statue made to honor Asherah... Small branches were put in small holes on this image... People would hang jewelry and gifts to honor Asherah upon this image. Then they would break off the end piece of that branch, and with that twig, enter into the temple to flaunt their worship and offering to a false goddess.


After the abortions, child sacrifice, and fornication was committed on the hill top locations to this goddess, with the twig end of the branch, show that they had finished such "worship". This abomination of libidinous rites and lewd practices provokes God's anger, and He has great "fury", and "will not spare" nor have "pity" for these people who brazenly flaunt their worship of false gods...


Ezekiel 8:18

"Therefore, will I also deal in fury; mine eye shall not spare, neither will I have pity; and though they cry in mine ears with a loud voice, yet will I not hear them."

Such poles could be, and should have been:
cut down (Ex. 34:13),
plucked up (Micah 5:14),
burnt (Deut. 12:3),
and broken in pieces (II Chron. 34:4).


Originally, the Jewish people brought the totem pole tree into the Temple area to represent the tree of life... but the heathen ideas and cultic beliefs of Asherah soon corrupted their intent... The idol that was once worshipped as a symbol of the tree of life, was later an image of Asherah. It was perverted to mean the origin of life, and was sometimes even pictured with male organs (Ezekiel 16:17).


God will not hear their cries when they call for mercy in judgment. As horrible as their sins were, the sins of the last days are even more horrible.


Satanic worshipers in France still worship this false goddess through abortion. Many in churches today still condone and some even practice the murder of the unborn. Sexual perversion, sexual license, homosexual ministers of churches, etc. are found in many congregations. The worst of the sins, according to God, was the lack of "sighing and crying" for such sins. The people flaunt the branch, fail to see the sinfulness of these sins, and think God is unconcerned with debauchery and depravity. This horrible idol worship is hated and makes God reveal His name as "JEALOUS".


Exodus 34:13-14

"...For thou shalt worship no other god; for the Lord Whose name is JEALOUS, is a jealous God."


The putting of the branch to their nose, was the accepting and condoning of such heathen and immoral practices. Any worship that is not uplifting to God - is false, and any attention and love we have that is greater than our worship of God - is false worship. These people in Ezekiel's day had gone far into such false worship.


Deuteronomy 5:9

"Thou shalt not bow down thyself unto them, nor serve them; for I the Lord thy God am a JEALOUS God."


Deuteronomy 6:15

"For the Lord thy God is a JEALOUS God among you, lest the anger of the Lord thy God be kindled against thee."


Deuteronomy 4:24

"For the Lord thy God is consuming fire, even a JEALOUS God."


Psalms 78:58, 66

"For they provoked Him to anger with their high places (where Asherah was worshipped), and moved Him to JEALOUSY with their graven images... He smote His enemies in the hinder parts; He put them to perpetual reproach."


Each of the sins listed is called "greater" than the one formerly listed. The sin becomes greater, the closer it is committed to the presence of God. This is why Peter tells us that "judgment begins at the house of God" for sins of the church are much more abominable to God than the sins of the heathen. Yet, many within the church think the sins of saints are minor to God. This is a common misconception and fallacy.


Ezekiel 8:17

"Is it a light thing to the house of Judah that they commit the abominations that they commit here."

Many of us have noticed a someone correct another's children, but their own are "holy terrors"!! God is not like that, and He will clean up and judge the "religious" before He judges the world. There is a pre-tribulation judgment for the church!

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