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Abortion is the extraction or expulsion of the child still in a mother’s womb with the intent to end its life. Many call the developing human child to be a ‘fetus’. Abortionists will never call the unborn baby to be a ‘baby’ or a ‘child’. They prefer to call it a ‘fetus’, a ‘product of conception’ or a ‘piece of tissue.’ The News media most often calls ‘pro-life’ advocates to be ‘anti-abortion activists’. Yet, often the media calls baby killers to be ‘pro-choice’ or ‘defenders of abortion rights’.

In January 22, 1973, the Supreme Court of the United States legalized abortion in the infamous ‘Roe vs. Wade’ decision. Some Christians have begun to think that if it is legal, it must be all right. This treats the government as the Sovereign and omniscient one, as though the government was totally righteous and incapable of moral error.

Some have come to define the ‘abortion’ issue as a ‘difficult moral choice’. But it is not a moral choice, for if God condemns murder, and a mother ends the life of her child, is that her ‘choice’ to make that decision? We do not condone her murdering her five year old child’s life, and neither is our ‘choice’ to allow her to end her unborn child’s life. God is the Sovereign One, and He is above this nation. Even if ‘under God’ were removed from our pledge of allegiance, that would not remove the reality, that God is Sovereign Ruler of this universe.

Absolute moral choice exists, and things are right or wrong as God defines them, not as governments, or individuals define them. It may be legal in this country to kill one’s unborn child, but God’s answer still stands.


The ‘Roe vs. Wade’ decision was a 7 to 2 vote of the Supreme Court. It held that until a child in the womb reached a point of development that it could sustain life outside the womb (usually 6 to 7 months), it could be aborted. In the last 2 or 3 months, it could be aborted if the ‘life or health’ of the mother was threatened.

Many argue that they are not killing a ‘baby’ in an abortion. But they are not right in that judgment. The baby has 46 chromosomes, different from the mother’s or father’s. By 21 days, it has a heart beat. At 45 days, it has brain waves. In the 9th or 10th week, the thyroid functions. At 12-13 weeks, it has fingernails and fingerprints, it can suck its thumb, and can feel and react to pain.

The side that calls themselves ‘pro choice’ are in favor of what choice? They favor the right for a person to ‘choose’ to kill their unborn infant. They argue that one cannot ‘legislate’ morality. We do legislate rape, incest, child abuse, theft, murder, and multitudes of other morality issues. But, some of the ‘pro choice’ advocates, would probably like to change those also.

In 1990, there were 1,610,000 abortions in our country. In 2000, there were 1,313,000 abortions. This is a 17.4% drop. Are we getting more ‘moral’? Or, can we be satisfied with just a ‘decrease’? Would we have been satisfied if Hitler had ‘tapered off’ in his work of the holocaust? It was in 2000 that the Bill Clinton administration approved the marketing of RU486, the morning after abortion pill. Is that part of the reason for the seeming decrease?

Only 3 to 5 % of the abortions, list the reason for such murder to be for ‘rape, incest, deformity of the child, or a threat to the mother’s life. All others are for ‘convenience’ (95% to 97%). At first questioning, two thirds say they cannot ‘afford’ the child, but in later study, many of those have boats, take long vacations to expensive places, have savings and checking accounts, several cars, televisions in multiple rooms, etc. In reality, it has been shown that about 21% of the mothers would face financial calamity if they gave birth. The government programs set up for unwed mothers and for low income families are quite helpful. Many people wait years to adopt a newborn, so that is also a possibility for those unable to raise their own child.


Most abortions are done by violent means. The ‘saline’ burns the baby alive. The dismemberment method pulls body parts from the baby. The forceps can be used to crush the skull, then the brain are extracted to be sure the baby cannot be born alive. These are violent and cruel.

In addition, one of every 6 abortions, are done by ‘evangelicals’. This is an indictment of the church, to have that many of the million and a half abortions, done by those attending churches that should be teaching the truth.

Isaiah 44:2

"This is what the Lord says, He Who made you, Who formed you in the womb, and Who will help you..."

Isaiah 49:5

"And now the Lord says, He Who formed me in the womb..."

Jeremiah 1:4-5

"The word of the Lord came unto me, saying, Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you, before you were born, I set you apart, I appointed you as a prophet to the nations."

The womb is the workshop of God, where He works and plans the life of the child, an innocent being. It is sacred and God’s domain. The violence of abortion to that child is murder of the gravest nature.

The church should understand that, and as representatives of God, should be preaching the truth, not condoning the sins. It took the church 12 years to the number of crisis pregnancy centers to equal the number of abortion clinics. This is a shame. The church should exhort members who condone abortions, should vote for ‘anti-abortion candidates on election days. The churches should preach repentance to those who have had abortions. The churches should preach forgiveness for those who have repented.





1. Human life is unique. We are made in ‘God’s image’ (Genesis 1:26). The animal rights movement wants to put animals and humans on the same level. Yet, in Genesis 9:3-4, mankind is told they may eat animals. In the New Testament, we learn that even those animals that were considered unclean in the Old Testament, can now be cleansed and be eaten. Mankind did not evolve through the animal world, and being unique, we must not take human life lightly.


2. The Bible forbids murder. Exodus 20:13 ‘Ye shall not murder." The words ‘innocent blood’ are used 20 times in the Bible, and the unborn child in a womb, is certainly innocent. Psalms 106:38 shows that the sacrifice of children, as done by the heathen in those times, was condemned. Women that were pregnant would go to the hillsides and offer the contents of their womb to ‘Asherah’ as a sacrifice for her favor. The abortions then were condemned, and that same kind of murder is condemned yet today, by the God Who has not changed His mind.


3. Prenatal human life is fully human. God watches over life in the womb (Psalms 139:13-16, Job 10:8-12). Isaiah and Jeremiah speak of God ‘forming’ and preparing ones in the womb. It is not to be considered only a ‘blob’, but it is a human child.


4. The Bible says ‘a life for a life’ when an unborn child’s life is taken. Exodus 21:22-25 has been often mistranslated by those eager to condone their acceptance of the prenatal holocaust. The word ‘further’ in that passage was added by the translators, and that error has allowed some think the passage means if it were only a miscarriage, it would be all right, and only a fine would be levied. But it truly says if a child is born due to the accident, it is all right, but if the child dies, then it is a ‘life for a life.’ That puts the unborn child’s life on the same status as a grown human’s life (Leviticus 24:20). The words ‘to depart’, ‘to come out’ in that passage refers to live birth in 11 Old Testament places. It is never used of an ‘abortion’. Therefore, the twisting of that passage by those seeking to condone murder of the unborn children is despicable.


5. Babies in the womb are distinctive individuals. Jacob and Esau were distinctive before their birth (Genesis 25:23, Romans 9:11-17). Samson’s mother was forbidden to drink wine while Samson was yet in the womb, to allow his Nazarite vow to be fully kept. Jeremiah was formed by God in the womb, prepared for his great ministry while yet unborn. Paul claims likewise for himself (Galatians 1:1-15). John the Baptist recognized Jesus while both were still in the womb.


The demonic spirits in this last days are spreading the false doctrine, are seducing many to fall into the lies of abortion dogma.







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