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1. The word of the Lord came to me; Son of man, say to this people; Why do you sin and continue in sin, making the Almighty God Who created you to be angry?

2. Do not love the world and its ways, for loving the world will lead to your destruction by the devil.

3. Remember, the Lord of glory, Creator of all things, has had mercy, rescuing us from the bondage of sin.

4. Often has the devil tried to hinder God’s blessings from you. For the devil desires to engulf you as fire burns straw, and desires to strand you in deep waters.

5. For this reason, the God of glory shows mercy, and will send His Son to rescue us from bondage.

6. Angels and archangels will not comprehend His coming, for He will become human flesh, to save us from our flesh.

7. Therefore, since God desires to be a Father to you, be as children to Him.

8. Remember, God has prepared thrones and crowns in heaven, for those who obey His voice.

9. Upon those who My children, will I write My name on their foreheads, and put a seal on their right hands. They shall never hunger nor thirst again.

10. The wicked one will not have power over them, nor will throne angels hinder them from entering God’s city.

11. Those who sin, will not pass by the throne angels, but the throne angel of death will seize them, and see their unfaithfulness.

12. For sinners make themselves aliens to God’s dwelling place.

13. Pay attention, those of you who are wise, deceivers will multiply in the last days. They will add to the faith doctrines not of God. They will set aside God’s ways, and seek only to serve their appetites and desires; saying, There is no reason to fast and weep.

They will thereby become strangers to the covenant of God and lose the rich promises of God.

14. They had never established firmness in faith. So do not be deceived by them.

15. Remember, God established a fasting supplication, since creation, to be a way to defeat passions, overcome evil desires that oppose one’s faith, keeping one from deceptions of the evil one.

16. A holy fast is commanded by the Lord.

17. Those who fast often will avoid sin, even when envy and strife are all about them.

18. Those who would separate from sin, should fast. Those who cease from food, without desiring to separate from sin, anger God and His angels.

19. This improper fasting harms their souls, and are saving up wrath for the day of wrath.

20. God calls for a holy fast to provide us pure minds and pure hands.

21. For the fast releases sin, heals disease, and casts out demons.

22. The fast will bring power at the throne of God, rising before Him as a holy incense, overcoming sin through prayer.

23. Who would proudly go to work with no tools? Who would go to war without a breastplate?

24. If the unprepared soldier is found, will he not be punished for disobedience?

25. In the same way, to seek to enter God’s presence with doubt is impossible.

26. If one prays in doubt, he is a hindrance to himself, and even angels know he is unfaithful.

27. If one desires only God’s ways, then be aware of the times, so one may be wise in all things.



1. Concerning the evil rulers of the last days, and the time of destruction of evil ones in heaven, on earth, and under the earth.

2. Those who are the Lord’s are never overcome, nor need they fear in battle.

3. And when they see a ruler who has arisen in the north, they will call him ‘king of Assyrians’, the wicked one. He will increase strife and attacks against God’s land.

4. The land will groan, children will be seized.

5. Many will desire to die.

6. A king will come from the west, the King of peace.

7. He will run upon the sea as a roaring lion.

8. He will kill the wicked one. Vengeance will come upon the land with war, and much bloodshed.

9. Then he will command peace in the land, and this will be a gift without price.

10. He will give peace to saints. He will then say, ‘the Godhead is unified in purpose.’

11. He will honor the priests of God, the saints. He will exalt the holy places.

12. He will give promises beyond price to the house of God.

13. He will secretly travel through the land.

14. He will survey the holy places, and count the idols of the pagans. He will count their wealth. He will appoint a new priesthood..

15. He will command the wise, the leaders that He has appointed, to go to cities by the sea, taking His one message to the many peoples.

16. When you hear Him say, ‘Peace and joy has come’, I will ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

17. Here are His signs, so you will recognize Him.

18. He will have two with Him, one at His right, and one at His left.

19. The one on the right will follow demonic suggestion and abandon the Person of God.

20. For four ruling powers will come against that King.

21. In the thirtieth year of the King of Peace, He will come up to the good city. He will be the Temple in the good city at that time.

22. His follower on His right hand shall arise and have Him killed.

23. The whole land shall shake.

24. At that time, an evil spirit with the evil one of His right hand, shall try to decree that all good done by the King of Peace be returned two-fold.

25. The evil spirit will try to shut the holy places, and take the homes of believers, attempting to make them prisoners.

26. The evil spirit will demand sacrifices, and cause people to do abominations and bitter acts.

27. The evil spirit will appear below the sun and the moon.

28. Then the priests will tear their garments in shock and rejection.

29. Woe to those rulers, for their time is over.

30. The violence against the humble will make them reject and scatter the demons.

31. Economic crisis will come upon the cities of the earth. Marketplaces will be empty and collect only dust.

32. Those in the markets of the world will weep. They will desire to die, and be unable.

33. They will climb rocks, leap from them, saying, ‘fall on us’. Yet, they will not die.

34. A double portion of affliction will then come.

35. The evil spirit will command nursing women to be seized, and have blood taken from their breasts to be used as poison in battle.

36. Due to the wars, the demon spirit will demand that all boys, twelve and even younger, be trained for war.

37. Midwives will mourn in that time. She, who gives birth, will regret bringing a child to birth on the earth as it is.

38. The barren woman and the virgin shall rejoice, because they have no children upon the sinful earth. They will long to bear their children in the heavens.

39. Then three kings will come from Persia, and put in bondage the Jewish people of the land, and make many rush to Jerusalem to hide there.

40. If you hear, ‘There is peace and safety in Jerusalem, then tear your garments and weep, O priests, for the evil spirit of Belial will soon disrupt that peace.

41. At that time, the wicked one will enter the holy places.

42. The three rulers from Persia will then flee, and war with the four Assyrian rulers.

43. They will be three years in removing the wealth of the Temple.

44. Blood will flow from Nazareth to Jerusalem, and no one will be able to drink the water for three days.

45. Woe to the land, and to those within it.

46. A king will arise in the ‘city of the sun’, Beth-shemesh, in Naphtali, and the people will fear.

47. He will flee to the good city in the sixth year of the kings of Persia.

48. He will ambush the Assyrian rulers, and the Persian rulers, and will take vengeance on the people.

49. He will bring gifts to the Temple and say, ‘we all serve the same God."

50. The people will hail these Persian rulers.

51. Those who do not die in that conflict, will accept the one in whom the wicked one dwells, and accept him to be ‘the king of righteousness’. They will trust him to save the land.

52. This ruler will command that no taxes be given for three and a half years.

53. The land will prosper and have abundance.

54. The living will wish for the dead to arise and enjoy the time of peace and prosperity.

CHAPTERS 3, 4, & 5 to come... stay tuned

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