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Our Lord joked...the devils jokes...


Jokes in themselves are not good or evil, but there can be evil joking, and there can be good joking. Dirty, off color jokes are of course evil, yet, many a Christian fools themselves into thinking they are all right.

Cruel, sarcastic, mean jokes on people are forbidden in Scripture, and are evil, yet, many a Christian is heard to mock the blind, deaf, dumb, handicapped, those who make mistakes, etc.

Foolishly, some think that joking is ‘iron sharpening iron’, when really it is mocking, ridicule, and shaming, with a chuckle. How can we have gotten to the point in speaking that so much is tolerated by

Christians, so much evil pollution flowing from their lips, and not much conviction for it????

Eph 5:3-4

'But fornication, and all uncleanness, or covetousness, let it not be once name among you, as becometh saints, neither foolishness, nor foolish talking, which are not convenient, but rather giving of thanks...'


Some think from that passage that all joking is wrong, but it does not say that. The Greek for the word 'convenient' means 'proper'. Filthy jokes are definitely not proper. Mean sarcastic jokes are not proper.Jokes about a person's physical flaws are not proper, etc.

Yet, what a drab world it would be if we could not smile, pleasantly joke, and enjoy the humor of life.


Words of humor relax the mind,give smiles amidst hard times.

Job used humor when he said to his friends.

'ye are the people, and wisdom shall die with you...'

Elijah joked when he suggested to the prophets of baal that their god might be having a hard time hearing them, and could be asleep or on a journey.

Jesus was using humor when he talked about the man looking for a splinter in another's eye, when he had a log in his own, and when Jesus talked about a camel going through the eye of a needle.

When He talked about straining the gnat and swallowing the camel, Jesus was joking.

Not all jesting is forbidden, only jesting that is 'not convenient', not proper, not of good motive, nor good language, not bringing good results, not tempting to sin.

In that passage of Eph 5, the word 'jesting' is used. That is the Gk word eutrapelia, meaning indecent, unkind, thoughtless, irreverent talking, sugar coated with humor to make it more acceptable to listeners.

The kinds of jokes you listen to, and laugh at, reveal much about your inner soul condition.


I have met people who laugh only if the joke is off color, sexual, and has a cuss word or more in it. When I tell a joke, a 'preacher's joke' as I call them, they see no humor, for it had nothing sexual and dirty in it. What does that tell me about them??? I 'll let you think on that... LOL


Lev 19:14

Thou shalt not curse the deaf, nor put a stumbling block before the blind.


Many would laugh at those kind of happenings. The Lord does not laugh... and I pity the one who does. The Lord is watching, and not laughing.


Some young men laughed at Elisha, and mocked him, telling him to be raptured like Elijah... mocking the teaching of Elisha about that

rapture. They said, 'go up , thou bald head, go up...'


Bears were sent by God and they attacked 42 of those who were laughing at their joke moments before.

Prob 17:5

'whoso mocketh the poor, reproacheth his Maker...'

Some make fun of spiritual matters, or look for humor in a ministers method of preaching. It takes the thoughts from the message and makes fun of the messenger. All such humor is distracting from the message. That is the plan of the 'instigator' of such distractions.


They mocked Christ on the cross... spat on Him, hit Him, challenged Him to prophesy who did it... blind folded Him so the mocking could be funnier... they disrobed Him to shame Him, to make mocking funnier to them.


Some find humor in 'double meaning' phrases... so they can slip in sexual statements and then claim innocence due to its other possible meaning. Talking that is suggestive, dirty, sexual, vulgar, cruel, vile.. is wrong. All jokes that are obscene should never pass through the Christian's lips, and when entering a Christian's ears, those jokes should not receive the approval of a laugh. Laughing at such jokes is approving such jokes. Not laughing, walking away from such conversations is disapproval.

Today, with tv shows wanting to makethe world laugh, we find much humor that the world laughs at. Some movies are made to get Christianslaughing at homosexual behavior, laughing at ministers and sermons of righteousness, laughing at deeds of demons and demon possessed people.

Those should not be watched, and definitely not laughed at...

'blessed are the pure in heart'

The word blessed means 'happy'. So if the pure in heart are happy, how can impure jokes be laughed at? I am happier not seeing any humor in the 'not convenient' forms of humor, and in fact, my happiness is deeper and longer lasting than theirs.


Some will spend much time removing trash and dirt from their lawn, their carpet, their kitchen sink, but it is too hard for them to remove the trash that pours from others lips to their own ears and inner self. Some let that trash pile on and on, and wonder how I can find happiness in not allowing that filthy humor from entering my soul. Well, they may never know, only those who seek to please the Lord with what humor they employ or listen to,will experience the great joy and happiness that the proper joking brings.

Some use sarcasm as humor, and this can be fine if the note of its untruthfulness is plain and obvious. Yet, often, the person to whom the sarcasm is spoken may be sensitive, may feel pain and hurt from the joking sarcasm of the speaker. I, personally, am having to learn that myself. What I sometimes have thought to be obvious humor, has sometimes been hurtful and injurious. We need to set a ‘watch’ upon our lips and our tongues, and be sure we are not hurting while thinking we are being humorous. Sharpening iron does not occur when humor hurts.

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