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Matthew 7:1-5

'Criticize not that ye be not criticized...'

When a mother loves their child, it is hard for them to see wrong they do...

I have watched trials, where horrible criminals are sentenced to well deserved punishment, and there, close by, is a mother weeping, unable to see the horrible crimes of the child... and then, when someone is not liked, like Elijah was not liked by Jezebel and Ahab, like Joseph was not liked by his brothers, like Abel was not liked by Cain... it was hard for the one to see any good in the other... they could do no right.

Jesus went about loving, healing, encouraging, feeding the hungry, raising the dead, and they hated Him... He told us that they would hate us too... so, should we be surprised when criticism, judgmentalism, is shown to us, and words critical of us are spoken profusely???

Many can find the splinter in your eye, and never notice the log in their own.

The Bible does say 'by their fruits shall ye know them...' and it also says 'judge not according to appearance, but judge a righteous judgment.' John 7:24 So, we are to notice failures and sins .. but we are to be careful not to be just judgmental, looking to create wrong, when we cannot find real wrong... all of us are imperfect... all of us have sinned and failed God... and that should temper our observation of others failures.

John 8:7

'let him that is without sin, cast the first stone.'

What God hates is the objector, faultfinder, criticizer, antagonist, accuser.

Some have a habit of jumping to conclusions, and decide someone is wrong with little evidence... false conclusions can be made based on a misunderstanding, or on one false word many false conclusions can be made.

Aaron and Miriam said of Moses, 'Hath the Lord indeed spoken only by Moses?' Moses never said God did, Moses never claimed to be exclusive... in fact, Moses begged God for help, Moses did not want to be alone in receiving revelation... and yet, how easy it was for some to falsely accuse Moses of this charge, when in actuality, the opposite was true.

You will find that the devil's tactics have not changed, for he likes to charge God's children with some things that the opposite is true. The devil gets gleeful at how many stumble and fall into believing that stupid charge.

They charged Jesus with saying one should not pay tribute to Caesar, so that the Romans would consider Jesus horrible... when in actuality, Jesus had said 'render to Caesar the things that are Caesar's'.


It is so easy for many to believe charges made... no matter how foolish they are.

I have always told people to prove all I say by the Word, and I always try to back up what I say by the Word. I always tell people that I am not anyone's Lord, and they need to talk directly to Jesus, and I have refused to give or try to give 'words' to people who ask, for they need to speak directly to the Lord... I always am open to questions and try to discuss any objections with any who have objections... and yet... someone says that I want worship, am demanding of agreement, etc... and some then without question believe that charge.

It is laughable at how easily people can believe charges that are baseless and stupid.

Criticism, false accusations, are common in this world... we need to remember that God knows the truth, and any who go to God with criticisms they hear, will hear the Lord defend the truth.

The criticizers are usually seeking vengeance for some real or imagined wrong... the pharisees even sought false witnesses to get Jesus charged with crimes that would bring His death... and their motive was that people would rather listen to Jesus than them.

Those who criticized Moses were swallowed up into the earth in one occasion... God is antagonized by the critical spirit on many today, likewise.
Many a child has turned away for Christ due to hearing criticism of the pastor, of the SS teachers, every Sunday dinner... the pastor the parents oft criticized may have been the one to win that child to Jesus... but feeling engendered by a critical parent may have taken the child they love, from respect enough of the pastor to trust his words...

I remember one woman, who every Sunday had the same prayer request... 'Pray for my husband, that he would get saved' finally, after many months... he came to church, a few Sundays later, he accepted Jesus... several weeks later, the wife got mad at someone in the church, and quit coming.... the husband kept coming, but every day his wife criticized the church, the pastor, etc and finally, he quit coming, went back into sin... A short time later, the wife got over her 'criticisms' and came back to church... and every sunday she had the same prayer request... 'pray for my husband, that he get saved'... her criticisms did not hurt the pastor, nor the others she criticized... her criticisms hurt the husband she prayed for.

Constructive criticism has its place... but most criticism is destructive... We must give account of ourselves to God... we preach the Word, we speak rhema for God, but we are not to be 'lords' of others... and others do not answer to us...

'A person who claims to be religious, and bridleth not his own tongue has a worthless religion...'

James 1:26

The criticisms of us ... by others... will be judged by God...

Many will fall into believing the false charges against us, like the crowd before Pilate yelling 'crucify Him' about Jesus .. they believed the false witnesses, they believed charges that were stupid and senseless about a PERFECT Person... and likewise, many will believe the stupid charges against you...

The critical tongue does much damage... but it damages the criticizer more than the one criticized.. it damaged those making and believing false charges more than the One Who was crucified due to the false charges.

To truly be used of the Lord in allowing your example and new nature shine up the example and nature of another child of God, ‘criticism’ is not the tool to be used.

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