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24. Rebel Babies

Did you ever try to feed a child in a high chair, and they fought the food from entering their mouth? It can be quite an experience... food being batted away, some spit out, and an unholy mess all over the room.

Some fight the truth of God's Word that way. The pablum may be unwanted, and certainly they could never chew on meat in that infantile time of rebellion...

What do we do... well we can exercise the fruit of the Spirit, and with children, we do... In the church, we sometimes can see, lovingly, the cause of food rebellion... Maybe a bad taste in the previous feeding has made the babe in Christ reject all food today... Perhaps the memory of eating something totally abhorrent to them, and being forced to, makes them now totally reject even the bite of chocolate cake.

Galatians 5:22-23 (KJV)
But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance: against such there is no law .

Those were in me, in you, in all of the saved. Yet, what has happened? Why do some Christians have no ‘joy’, little ‘love’, fleeting ‘peace’? We find that happens in most Christians, and few have those fruit of the Spirit continuing on and on. We are supposed to have them.

Sometimes the babe in Christ rejects every word, misunderstands every motive, and rejects even what food they would like, if they gave it a chance.

The devil assaults Christians. His attacks are merciless. Other times, he is sly and cunningly slips in attacks. Yet, all these attacks are assaults on our spirits, on our bodies, on our persons. The devil finds some 'babes' who they will use to sling our food back into our faces, by making the hurts of the babes be blamed on us, instead of on the devils.

They are angry at us, who did not harm them, have no ulterior motive than to just feed the babes the pablum they need to grow. They sling the pablum around the room, with much landing on us. They are angry at someone, someone in the past who perhaps deserves the anger, but we, trying just to feed them a bit of good pablum, are suffering the anger in the baby from the past experience.

We who are called to 'feed the sheep' of the Lord, are often confronted by the angry, by the ones upset in life, and our meekness and longsuffering are assaulted. The curse upon this world assures that weather chaos, job insecurity, personality conflicts, physical weaknesses, etc cause us to feel assaulted, and battered.

The assaults of babies in high chairs, against our bodies, our souls, and our spirits is very common in Christian circles.

We want to fulfill the mission of our Lord, to feed His lambs, to tend to the flock with love, not aggression.

Others may feed the flock non-nutrient food, spoiled food long past the expiration date, and too bitter, too salty, too hot, too cold, too chewy food, but when we are trying to feed the good food, nourishing and healthy food, unspoiled food, we suffer the attacks due to the former kind of food having been stuffed into the mouths of the baby Christian.

The assaults of angry babies in the high charis come daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, to all of us. We may be tempted to lose control, yell and scream at the baby, but that does not help, and may actually hurt.

As last resort, if the baby refuses to ever eat, and begins to grow weak and dying, a rush to the Great Physician is necessary. Since some babes in Christ weigh 250 lbs and are unliftable for the forced journey to the doctor, it is wise to summon help through intercession, a direct phone call to heaven, for our Great Physician does make house calls.

Do not panic, the rebel babe is a child of God (we hope), and if not, when the Great Physician arrives, He will identify the family of the child and turn the rebel over to the true father. Till then, we try to spoon feed the rebellious non eater, and hope that hunger will soon overtake their anger, and they will allow a few bites to enter their mouths.

Wow, pablum feeding can be a memory we will never forget.

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