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The answer is simple, most terrorists and haters of Jews and Christians, are reflecting the feelings of their 'lord', i.e. the devil.  The devil knows Jesus will soon rapture the Christians, and deal for seven more years with the Jewish people to bring a revival to the true Messiah, and finally the devil will be bound and defeated.  So the anti-Jewish and anti-Christian fervor is growing at an unbelievable rate.

Since anti-semitism, and anti-Christian bigotry is increasing at a record rate, we find a dilemma of what do we do about it.

There are many prejudiced, biased, racially condemning people in this world. We find them even in the churches, some anti-semitism, and in Jewish synagogues, there is still anti-Christian bias. Yet, in most cases these are definitely mild compared to radical Islam’s antisemtism, and anti-Christian bigotry.

The terrorists in our day are beheading Christians if they do not convert to Islam, and some are burnt at a stake, or other gross means of execution.

Whole nations are seeing all Christians, their churches, their religious sites destroyed and the adherents exterminated.

The devils have enjoyed using the media in safer areas to engender more prejudice, more bias, and thereby paving a broader path to more areas where such hatred and bigotry can unfold into violent and deadly persecution. Scriptures are twisted, concepts are perverted, and the resulting doctrines of devilish hatred are engendered.

The prejudice even found in the church has been oft found to try to use Scripture to validate such prejudice and bigotry.

In these last days, there has been a renewed effort by demons to instigate some more divide against the Jewish religion and against Christianity. They have used some Scriptures in a fresh or new way to assert their evil as good.

The Ku Klux Klan is a fraternal organization known for their hoods and white sheet-like apparel. They used torches, standing in a circle, with a large burning cross to terrorize and intimidate people of color. The crimes associated with this group are varied and often violent. The KKK was founded in Polaski, Tennessee in 1866 by six confederate officers. In 1869 it was ordered to disband. In 1915, there was a rebirth of this organization. In 1944, some say it collapsed as an organization. Yet, it has survived more than most would admit. There are many smaller groups, with various names, all bearing similar characteristics to the KKK. These are likely the outgrowth of the former large organization, seeking to lessen notoriety, and not bring national pressure that the former group had garnered. The "Alabama White Knights of the KKK", the "Texas Knights of the KKK", the "International Knights of the KKK of South Carolina", are some of the more admittedly KKK organizations still operating. There are many that are more hidden. The ‘White Power’, the ‘Aryan Nation’, and the ‘Skin Heads’ are tied to the KKK in at least similar ideas and bias. The "11th Hour Remnant Messenger", The ‘National Alliance’ and the neo Nazi groups likewise carry on many of the traditions of the original KKK.

A new surge by a group of ‘Adamic White Skinned Aryan Hebrew, Israelite People’ have begun spreading a lying doctrine that is quite obviously demonic in origin. They say ‘it is a lie that Jesus Christ came to redeem any other race than His own, the chosen people of Israel, the Israelites.’ They go on to teach that those called the ‘Jews’ now are not really ‘Jewish’ but are ‘satan’s Jews’. The white supremacist groups claim these are venomous and evil people who are the offspring of satan with satan’s DNA genetics. They say that Jesus was a "Jew" only in that He was born and lived in Judea. But Jesus was, according to them, a white man. They say that there are two main ‘races’ of mankind, the ‘human’, which they spell ‘HUE-Man’, meaning people of color. The other race is the ‘Adamic race’ which they teach are the ‘white Israelite’ people.

"Contrary to popular Judeo-Christianity philosophy, the Adamic White followers of the ‘way’ are under no obligation to forgive anyone else’s sin, transgressions, or debts even if they claim to be a Christian. In fact, we are ordered to judge them with a righteous judgment and punish them."



Jonah was prejudiced against the Ninevehites. He felt he had good reason for it, for some had greatly abused his fellow Israelites. So, after much persuasion, using a giant fish to finally persuade him, Jonah took the gospel to the ones he was so biased against.

Jonah's message was only five words long in the Hebrew. In English it translates to:
Jonah 3:4
"Yet forty days and Nineveh shall be overthrown."

That is quite a short sermon. Jonah "forgot" to mention the repentance that was possible, and the forgiveness that God extends to the repentant. There was possible mercy, and that is why Jonah was sent. Jonah knew that, but even after his storm-tossed trip on the boat, the death within the fish, the days in paradise with saints from times before, this prophet still was bigoted against the Gentiles of Nineveh.

Today, many saints are also bigoted. For some perverted reason or another, some have gotten bias against one nationality or another, or one race or another. Some show it mildly with joking abuse, some go much further and verbally attack, and some even physically do harm.

Some whites are bigoted against blacks. Some blacks are bigoted against whites. Some are bigoted against the poor, against the rich, against one nationality or another. In this writing I will deal with the ones who are anti-semitic.

We need to repent of our bigotries. They hang on, and are difficult to change. Still, despite Jonah's prejudices, there was revival in Nineveh. The Holy Spirit was not bigoted, and He convicted the sinful people of Nineveh. They repented. When God said He loves the world enough to send Jesus, and that ‘whosoever believeth on Him’ will not perish, He truly meant ‘whosoever’. Mankind may try to rule out certain peoples, but God is not confused with their misinterpretations of Scripture. God knows what He truly said, and He truly meant ‘whosoever’.

Jonah had a great revival. Can you imagine a revival with 120,000 converts. The whole town repented. One would expect Jonah to dance with joy. Yet, look at Jonah's reaction to this great revival:
Jonah 4:1-3
"displeased Jonah... very angry... it is better for me to die. "

Jonah went up to the hillside outside of Nineveh and tried to persuade God to destroy Nineveh and its inhabitants anyhow. He sat under a gourd for shade. God prepared a worm to eat at the plant, and the gourd died. Jonah complained for his shade was now gone. This prophet attempted to scold God for sparing Nineveh, and not sparing the gourd. How foolish are many today who attempt to scold a loving, merciful God. How stubborn are our bigotries! How stupid is our refusal to yield to the infallible God! How can we think that God could ever be wrong, and need our correction!!?

God corrected this prophet, and questioned how he could have pity and mercy for a gourd, but not for 120,000 repentant sinners. This resurrected prophet, who was given another chance to fulfill God's commission, now wants to try to tell God how to do His job! We find prejudiced people today, some even in churches, who are trying to twist Scripture to indicate God has a bigotry against a certain people. Can you really even imagine God condemning a Jewish person today for the crucifying act of an ancestor millennia ago? If one of my ancestors were Jack the ripper, neither man’s law, nor God’s law would condemn me. Yet, we find many who justify their wanting to send all Jewish people to hell, for the mistreatment of Jesus millennia ago.

The tomb of the prophet Jonah is on the hillside above the ancient city of Nineveh. The city was destroyed some years later after the people had backslid and gone back into the sinful lifestyle they had before. But Jonah sat and died waiting for this judgment to come. He wanted to see the destruction so much, that he died waiting to see it. He could have gone down into the town and had one of the greatest "churches" of the period. Instead, the next generation, not the saved ones, went back into sin, and God did judge them for their sins.

With the king, and all the 120,000 people of the capital of Assyria wanting to serve God, Jonah could have then reached out in evangelism to the rest of the nation. How many more would have been saved? The prophet Jonah stopped the revival of God by his bigotry. How many revivals today are stopped by prophets who want judgment more than restoration??? How many Israelite people are not witnessed to, due to the prejudice against one’s of their race, that lived several thousand years ago?


The Assyrians were greatly bigoted against the Jewish people and were doing then, unimaginable autrocities against them. The antisemitism of that time was similar to what we have today. We can understand Jonah’s unwillingness to confront them, but he finally succumbed to the ‘encouragement’ of the Lord. We today need to confront, in a Christian way, the antisemitism and anti-Christian ideology that is widespread in our world.

We could have revival, war, or just flee the other way. We need to follow the Lord’s direction for this new crisis.

more to come on this...

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