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In modern times, we associate the ‘red carpet’ with the entertainment awards, the glamour walk of celebrities and VIP’s. Why do they use a ‘red’ carpet, and not a ‘blue’, ‘purple’, or another color of carpet? What makes the ‘red’ carpet to be the one they choose for every award time.

Some suggest it goes back to an ancient Greek, classical play, called ‘ARMAEMMON’. Yet, its inclusion in that play only proves that the observance of a carpet made to be significant by being red was already then a notable fact.

That play shows Agamemmon is welcomed home by his wife into a grand reception with a deep red carpet, considered then the color of the gods. Agamemmon is a proud and haughty man, and his wife, Clytemnestra, wants to show this by having him literally walk all over the gods of their culture. The man does walk on it, but only after protesting that the red carpet is worthy only of the gods.

That idea of the ‘gods’ being somehow connected and worthy to walk on the red carpet has passed down through the ages, and now come to the idea that only the most worthy and honored members of society being worthy to walk upon red carpet.

In recent history, when passenger trains became a fast and noted way for people to travel across the country, and passengers on the trains were shown the correct path to the entrance on a red carpet rolled out by the conductors. The ‘red carpet treatment’ idea was continued and meant to honor its walkers.

It is recognized by society as worthy for movies stars, directors of even R and X rated movies, stars of movies with filthy language, nudity and sex, to walk upon and receive oscars, globes, plagues, statues, as reward for their carnal works.

School proms, weddings, nightclubs often use ‘red’ carpets’ to honor their events. The ‘red carpet’ gives the feeling of importance and status to those who walk upon it.

Those are how the world see the ‘red carpet’. Yet, we, the saints, walk daily upon a ‘RED CARPET’ of honor, walking to heaven where we will receive reward and honor far beyond the oscars, golden globes, etc of this world.





The whole plan of redemption rests on the blood of Jesus. His blood has made this carpet we walk upon to be ‘red’.

Blood is the only tissue of the body that is unlimited in its movement within the body. Bones, muscles, nerves, fat, skin, are all fixed. They remain where they are. Blood can reach every cell in the body. Therefore it unites the body. Any cell, placed outside the reach of the blood, dies.

It is because of the blood of Jesus, and our reception of it into our own selves, that we are alive in Jesus, and saints of God, united with God. Because Jesus shed His blood, we can wear the honorable spiritual garments, and due to that blood purchase of our redemption, walk sinlessly, totally in grace, walk the RED CARPET of His blood.

Blood is still a mystery, but mankind has learned some.

Lev. 17:14

"The life of the flesh is in the blood..."

The body has five quarts of blood in it. The body is dependent of the circulation of such, for its life.

The contents of blood are:

a colorless liquid in which are suspended all the solid parts...

solid parts...

thin transparent cells whose duty is to obscure

red cells (erythrocytes)
5 million per cubic millimeter, they carry fuel to the tissues,
combined with oxygen, they give blood its red color..

white cells (leucocytes)
defend the body from infections..

other elements...
some provide for clotting when exposed to air...
antibodies to prevent disease...
various salts and other elements....

The erythrocytes are the red cells. Much is known about the red cells. They are minutely disc shaped cells with hemoglobin (hemoglobin is an iron compound with an affinity for oxygen, needed for fuel to the body). Red cells traveling through the lungs pick up oxygen and form oxy-hemoglobin. Then the oxygen is delivered to the tissues and then the blood picks up the CO2 (carbon dioxide) and cell garbage and carries that away. The whole trip takes about 23 seconds.

Food is brought to the cells, and garbage is taken away from them in the same trip, yet not with contamination. How would you like the same truck taking your garbage away, to deliver your food??? LOL Yet, the great Designer of the body has made blood to be as both. How perfectly did the creator make us!!!!

As blood is essential to the body, so is Jesus essential to us.The Lord needs to reach every member of the body.

As Paul said:

"I live, yet not I, but Christ Who liveth in me."

As blood delivers food, Christ delivers our sustenance. We call Jesus, the 'Bread of life'. As blood carries away the cell garbage, Christ is needed to cleanse us day by day.

"Blood of Jesus Christ cleanseth us from all sin."

I John 1:7

We need to be washed in the Blood of Jesus. When we are, we become 'whiter than snow' in Him. Christ's sinless blood does what no other's blood can do, what no lamb on the altar could do.

The leucocytes are the white cells. These white cells, are larger than the red cells, but less in number, about 4000 to 7000 per cubic millimeter. They are to rapidly increase in emergencies. 7000 is the normal standing army per cubic millimeter. When germs come, the news is flashed, and the blood manufactures more white cells. The number of white cells may triple. They engulf the germs, and kill them. When you would cut a finger, and infections starts, you notice some swelling. That is the white cells being rushed to the area. Millions of these will die as they pile around the germs. Then this tissue can be discarded from the body, and only the scar is left, but the body survives.

That is why the doctor takes a blood test when he suspects infection, to see how many white cells are there. If many more than usual are present, then he knows the body is fighting an infection somewhere.

As David said: "I am fearfully and wonderfully made."

We overcome sin with the blood of Jesus, and our pathway to heaven is blood stained with His blood, giving us an honorable, sin forgiven, righteous path on which to walk to our heavenly and eternal rewards.

Revelation 12:10-11

"for the accuser of our brethren is cast down, which accused them before God day and night. And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony, and they loved not their lives unto the death."

Satan accuses us night and day, and he uses many cohorts here on earth,
who ignorantly do his bidding to accuse us too. The devil wants us to doubt our salvation, to make us feel our sins are too great, etc. We need to overcome him with the blood. We cannot have confidence in the flesh. Our trying to do better will not help, when the infection of attack is already present. We need the white cells to surround and kill the infection.

We can go to calvary, to the blood of Jesus, and bathe in the blood of Jesus.

I John 1:9

"If we confess our sins, HE is faithful and just, to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness."

I John 1:7

"But if we walk in the light, as He is in the light, we have fellowship, one with another, and the blood of Jesus Christ cleanses us from all sin."

Are you not glad we have had Jesus die on the cross, shed His blood for us,
and rise again to life, so He can apply this blood daily to our lives? I love this bloody red carpet religion! I am going to get a fresh bathing in this blood today, as I always need, and let Him, and His blood cleanses me.

The only reason we can walk the RED CARPET on our walk to heaven, is because of this blood of Jesus. We have been bathed in the blood of Jesus, and that overflowing blood of the Lamb had drenched, not only us, but the whole pathway on which we walk on our journey to our awards.

We do not get oscars for acting in movies written by heathen and sinful people, we are going to get crowns, and heavenly treasures, eternal life in a new body, because of this blood red carpet path God has rolled out for us.


My part in this great plan of God is to confess my sins, to walk in the light and in fellowship with Him. He does the rest. The hard part is His part. He shed His blood, stained the carpet on the path to heaven’s reward, and all I need do, is dress in the provided garments of righteousness, and walk on to heaven on His RED CARPET.

In the time called Lent, we celebrate the passion of our Lord, remember to thank Him for His ‘bloody’ sacrifice. If it were not for the blood, we would all be doomed to hell-fire. I love this bloody red carpet that Jesus rolled out for us.

People remind me of many of my faults, from time to time. Those horrible sins of the past are past. The scars may still remind me and others of them, but they are cleansed, healed, and totally forgiven, by His blood! No, I do not need to walk in the ‘garments’ of filthy rags that I deserve, but my Lord has provided spiritual garments, finer than any earthly designer ever imagined and made. The garments of fashion worn by the saints on the true red carpet, are magnificent and eternal. We are walking on carpet, not only for the Lord, but was made red for us to be honored and shown to be re-clothed’ with garments of purity, holiness, and power.

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