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There is a false teaching called Gematria.

This gematria is riddle writing, or a cipher mode of writing that comes near to a riddle. The idea purported by adherents of such, is that God did not mean what He said, but He hid some things in what He said, to tell you what He really meant to say. Supposedly, only a few "wise" riddlers will figure it out for the rest of us dummies, and tell us what God really meant to say.

So they use numbers, consonant letters, word counts, etc. to try to validate their chosen doctrines.

it is error, and leads to damnable teachings. It should be rejected by true saints.

For instance, the letters of the name Jehovah, in Hebrew could mean many different things, and different groups down through the ages have tried to make the name mean 'earth, water, fire, and air..." (witchcraft is into this one), and many other things the same letters could refer to.

The devil would like us to forget that the word Jehovah (Yahweh, or Yah) means in the original language, "The One Who is, Who was, and Who will be", in other words it means the "Eternal One". It is a name used at times in the Bible to all three of the Trinity.

However, Gematria does not mention that, but wants the letters to refer to something a whole lot less than what the name really means.

Some, like to take a longer word, and divide it up, and make the word mean something else due to the small groups of letters in it. For instance 'fellow' becomes 'fell low" but that tells us nothing good or beneficial, and could be done in many fashions.

The gematria finds its validation in Revelation, where 666 is shown as a riddle, and supposed to have meaning, but the true understanding of what that number means, is far from what the cults that believe in gematria propose we accept as truth. ( We have already discussed in these lessons what 666 shows us. It is not a name that is revealed by 666, but the reality of who the person called the Antichrist will be.)

I Cor. 13:12 tells us "for now we see as through a glass darkly"... but that does not mean that God has put true revelation into riddle form, and all the obvious meanings of Scripture should be thrown out. What that means, is that our revelation of the Lord and His ways is not as clearly seen now, as it will be when 'then we see face to face." and that truth, does not validate the form of numerology known as gematria.

Some Jewish people got into gematria in ages past, and it became part of what we call "Hebrew mysticism". It is an ancient religion, a part of the Babylonian cult that worshipped the one we know as Belial. The devil revives it periodically to distract some from the truth of the Word. It does distract, and it allows using letters to insert into the plain truth some error that is never said in the Bible.

Gematria is an ancient Babylonian doctrine, that perverted some in Israel, making a cult there, that we call Hebrew mysticism.

From those purporting gematria for us we hear that to them, gematria has more to do with "form" than numbers. They say that gematria comes from the "geography" and the "lay of the land" rather than a numerical system. They claim that the sanctified name of the Lord is revealed in the Rock Chief of the corners. They proclaim falsely that there are 4 corners to heaven and earth just as the altar of God is formed with 4 horns at each corner. These 4 horns represent the 4 corner beasts, Lion, Eagle, Ox, and Man, of the throne of Lord. The rejected "Rock" would be at the "mercy seat", or center of this temple square. The heavenly city is of 4 square. The Rock is center of this 4 square. The stone rejected would lie center of these 4 squares, or as the **enzign** of the cross, not to be confused with the crucifix. This is the teaching of the "form" of the hallowed name of Lord in 4 letters, YHWH, or "sign" of the cross and His 4 square city. 

This is just a taste of the heresy known as gematria.

They continue that in seeing the numerical name of the beast 666, as it pertains to form, would be as two triangles in opposition on the left, two on the right, and two in the center. This principle represents the form of the beast and dominion of his kingdom. It represents the "house divided against itself" and the Babylonian "form" of the Kingdom of Solomon. The stone the builders rejected is the center stone of Christ, the builders are those that worship . Solomon and his 666 yearly income of Gold from his principality rule of this Babylonian design and template. This form can be viewed as the tower of Silo"AM", and rule of the 18, it can be viewed as the upper 3 triangles of "Nine-veh" in opposition with it's lower 3 triangles, Michael9 and the Dragon9, or 666. In the center of these 3 assemblies are the 3 shepherds in the "hidden" or center position. Collectively, this dominion of 18 and the 3 are seen as 21, or 777. When seen clearly, these 3 shepherds will pour the 3 plagues of 7 and dissolve the "system" or beast of 666, it's all about form!

Now, that all is very confusing, and detracts from the plain revelation of the unveiling of prophetic truth in the Book of Revelation. There ideas are not really intelligible! It is almost laughable for real saints, and real Bible students. We need to know about it, and know that with this is unintelligible heresy.

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