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Part 5







Evil spirits are beings, and beings have personalities, traits, natures. Some act one way, and some are interested in other things. We are shown in Scripture, that they are organized, by the devil, into an army like organization, and we battle against them. Some lead groups of others, and they follow commands. Divisions, (if you will) are organized to fight the saints in certain ways.


We are not to engage them into conversations. I have seen many who want a dramatic demonstration for show, ask questions, seek to get names, converse on what the demon’s plan was... all ridiculous actions. They are followers of the ‘father of lies’, they have lied at every chance for centuries, and their nature is deception and evil... and are we to trust their answers??? NO!


Jesus demonstrated for us the reason that it is foolish. He asked the demons in two men to give their names. They said their name was ‘legion’. That was the number of them, not their names. If they lied to Jesus, would they lie to us? Yes! So, why converse with liars, evil, hateful, wicked beings? It does make quite a show, and demons like to make a show. They will become violent, put up a struggle, try to make others there have reason to fear ever trying to do what the unwise exorcist is making a show of doing.


We need only speak the commands in the name of Jesus, and they are bound to obey. If they do not obey the commands, then we can pray to Jesus to have the angels to bind them, and take them to the abyss until judgment day. Jesus sends angels, and their disobedient resistance no longer works. They are bound. To add conversation to that process only allows the demons to pretend to be more powerful than they are. We are not to make it a dramatic show, we are to make it a departure of demons who are to have no power at all over us.


There are different kinds of demons.


Unclean spirits, and familiar spirits are the two kinds.


In each kind there are various groupings. In each group there are individual demons, each having a name and a personality. We do not need to know the individual names. The only reason to know the kind of demon it is, is to understand what they have been up to, and why, so after we cast them out, we can undo some of the damage they did to the victim.


We hear much of ‘unclean spirits’.

In fact, this designation of a kind of evil spirit is used 21 times in the Bible.


Luke 4:33-37

"And in the synagogue, there was a man, which had a spirit of an

unclean devil, and cried out with a loud voice. Saying, Let us alone; what have we do do with thee, thou, Jesus of Nazareth? Art Thou come to destroy (apollumi, fully ruin) us? I know Thee, Who Thou art; The Holy One of God. And Jesus rebuked him, saying Hold thy peace, and come out of him. And when the devil had thrown him in the midst, he came out of him, and hurt him not. And they were all amazed, and spake among themselves, saying, What a word is this! For with authority and power, He commandeth the unclean spirits, and they come out."


Unclean spirits are a kind of evil spirit,

following an ‘unclean devil’.


The unclean devil that leads them, is the evil ruling power, that is part angelic, part human from the angels that co-habited with women of the earth in the time, before and following the flood of Noah. This evil devil has gathered evil spirits of the pre-Adamite race that fell with Lucifer, and organized them to be a ‘fighting division’ of the realm of satan.


There are many kinds of unclean spirits. Here we notice that this unclean spirit was in the synagogue. For unclean spirits are spirits that fight against saints, and those who seek to worship God. So, why does a fisherman go to the lake, that is where the fish are. Why does an unclean spirit go to the synagogue, the church, the Christian message boards??? That is where the saints of God are. Shall we flee where ever they may come? No, for they will follow us, where ever we go. We need to learn to ‘evict’ them, as did Jesus here.


The word ‘unclean’ is from the Greek word – akathartos. This is the negative particle, and the word for "cleansed." Thus the word means, "un-cleansed, impure, foul, unclean."


These are beings that are definitely recognizable, by their nature and evil all upon them, it is not hidden and obscure, but openly filthy and evil.


Some demonic beings try to hide their evil, and try to portray themselves as kind, gentle, forgiving, religious, etc. The unclean spirits are evil inside and out, their nature is not to hide, but to attack.


There are many kinds of ‘unclean spirits’. They are blatantly evil, unlike the ‘familiar spirits’ who try to pretend to be good. The unclean spirits are not friendly, not pretending to be helpful, they seek just evil.

We deal with these demons in a firm, forceful way. We need not to talk to them. We do not want to converse with them. We command them to leave, we bind their mouths, for we do not want to hear their blasphemies and foul words. They, if allowed, will say things that hurt and embarrass. They will try to shame and speak words that counter our faith.



1. Hurtful, Murderous spirits


Locust demons that come in the book of Revelation, are now bound in the abyss, for they are so evil that they will attack, and will not heed commands of the Lord, or without some restraint, will not follow guidelines the Lord gives to demons and devil. Some sinners rebel too, and demons can rebel, and when the name of Jesus commands them to stop, they do not. Therefore they belong in the abyss, where they cannot harm anyone.


The locust demons of Revelation 9:1-11 are led by a fallen angel, named Abaddon, or Apollyon. They are loosed in the tribulation, after the rapture, to torment for five months. They have specific commands, that they have by that time learned to obey, or they will be put back into the abyss. These torment men for 5 months, and are currently in the abyss, longing to get out, to do the evil they will be allowed to do. They are extremely hateful, unclean with sins of vengeance and desire to hurt all they can.


There are few of these loose at the moment, but occasionally, one who has not been ‘murderous’ yet, will feel that these are the last days, and will suddenly become ‘murderous’. We do not need to know their name, we do not need to know their address or plan against us. Once we know it is a murderous evil spirit, we bind it, and then send it to the abyss, where it will be bound till the tribulation period, after we are gone.



2. Binding demons


There are binding demons, that take a person and make them bind up, unable to move, scared or immobile for lack of their own will to rise up. Jesus came into contact with one with a binding devil in Luke 13:10-13.


Luke 13:10-13 (KJV)

10 And he was teaching in one of the synagogues on the sabbath.

11 And, behold, there was a woman which had a spirit of infirmity eighteen years, and was bowed together, and could in no wise lift up herself.

12 And when Jesus saw her, He called her to him, and said unto her, Woman, thou art loosed from thine infirmity.

13 And He laid his hands on her: and immediately she was made straight, and glorified God.



The woman had been bound up in a ball like crouch for 18 years. This was called a ‘spirit of infirmity". Some unclean spirits put ailments, sicknesses, fears of oppression, phobias, and torments of the mind, to hinder and suppress the desires of saints to serve the Lord. This woman must have been carried to the temple, showing that she was still wanting to serve God in spite of her infirmity. She was not possessed by this spirit, but oppressed. Saints can be oppressed, but not possessed. Jesus lays hands on her, and she rises up, whole.


We find demons that will afflict with fears, sicknesses, and bodily pain and suffering. These can be ‘loosed’ from the saint, with a word from the Lord, or from a word from one who speaks in His authority.



These demons that bind up people with some infirmity, some ailment that makes them unable to do normal things, need to be dispelled. They are evil, they resist leaving, so the abyss is the place we are to sent them.



3. Suicide demons, lunacy/mania demons,

vexing/ tormenting demons


These are a division of the unclean spirits. They will possess or obsess some to come and torment, vex, mentally attack persons. When the torment gets difficult to bear any longer, the unclean spirit will suggest suicide. The one the unclean spirit obsesses or possesses, is often taken to a state of lunacy, mania, psychosis.


The unclean spirit loves to show power to make a person totally unable to function mentally, making them a laughing sport for their weird and manic behavior. Lives are ruined, souls are hindered from God by these unclean spirits.


Suicide is often the end result, when the unclean spirit tires of the games with that person. Mass murderers, often have one of these unclean spirits of mind vexing. They are told by the demon that the vexing will be alleviated, if they kill this person or that person.


The unclean demons love to bring about murder, suicide, or both. We read and hear many stories in the news media of murder/suicide. Quite a few of them are due to these suicide demons.


Some they drive to lunacy, and let them rot in padded rooms, or be drugged to a stupor, unable to heed the demonic spirits within or upon them. Not all mania and psychosis has a demonic origin, but much of it does.


The depression can be so heavy that despair at least is a result. Saul of the Old Testament had this kind of evil spirit afflicting him. David sang and played the harp and the demon lost power and control. Yet, when the music of God, of worship ceased, there was the depression, anger, etc there again in Saul.


We need to create around or near such a person a spiritual worship atmosphere. This will lift the depression enough to allow the person to cooperate in the prayer for deliverance. Frequent times of prayer, praise, worship, will keep the devils at a distance, giving time to clear one’s mind of the tormenting thoughts.


Then the command to the evil spirits to be bound, to be silented, and to be taken to the abyss, all done in the authority of Jesus. They dread the knowledge of the power in Jesus, and it depresses them. It is time to give them the depression and fear, instead of letting it abide upon their victims.



4. Wickedness spirits


These ‘wickedness spirits’ will seek to cause some to do evil, sinful things. They obsess or possess (as in Luke 11:24-26) to inspire the most wicked, and evil acts they can.


Lust, greed, hatred, sexual perversion, encouraging any of the ‘works of the flesh’, to great portions in the life of the person being obsessed or possessed.


Temptation to sin becomes extreme, wills are weakened to levels that make it impossible to stop the sins of the flesh. Some find that the struggle to do good works is frustrated by intense temptations, crippling weaknesses of will.


They find times of turmoil, of weariness, of stress, and bring then evil suggestions of evils. The mind is clouded, even blinded at times, by these lusts for evils that in the natural, the person would have no trouble resisting.


These unclean spirits torment with temptation, help with the appeasement of the lusts, and get these with the sinful wickedness to spread their filth and sin before all.


They will send out their pornography, open brothels, work in stores selling books that are fit only for the fires of hell. They will participate in or help in the making of x rated movies. They will share any such material they have, to encourage even youngsters to these sins. They will sell drugs, give drugs away, to corrupt the world.


They are not just evil, they have an unclean spirit that wants all to be evil. Unclean wickedness spirits will spread their filthy sins to extreme.


When an areas suddenly seems overwhelmed by brothels, bars, pornography in the stores, shameful apparel on those walking its streets, the coordination of such degradation is likely instigated by ‘wickedness spirits’.


Prayer for a community that is inundated with shameful, sinful, degrading spectacles, is vital to overcome their wicked attack. Also, prayer for the individuals so encompassed by wicked thoughts is also needed.


The sound preaching of calling sin to be sin, not calling it a normal change in society, but calling for repentance of a community that is in the midst of such horrible avenues of temptation, is necessary to bring revival.


The Bible says to ‘resist the devil, and he will flee’, and the resistance of Scriptural preaching calling sin to be truly sin, and then the resistance of prayer, rebuking the devils and their buildings of temptation.


The children of Israel marched 13 times around the walls of Jericho and they fell. Our ‘walk’ may be in righteous prayer and Bible preaching. Our prayers every time we pass by one of those institutions of sin, can bring their fall too.

We are in a battle against the wickedness spirits. They once dominated in Sodom and Gomorrah, they once attracted with beautiful structures as in Babylon, but God wants us to stand in the Spirit against this kind of wickedness, and we are to ‘hinder’ till we are removed at the rapture.



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