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There is a dogma of the New Age religion, a COPYCAT DOGMA, that is called BIORHYTHMS.  This concept goes back to Wilhelm Fliess (a contemporary of Freud).  He was convinced that the number 23 contained significance.  The number 28 was designated to correspond with the emotional cycle.  Then he added the number 33 to have an intellectual cycle.  Starting with the day a person was born, a chart is made out showing the cycles of 23, 28, and 33 days. 
When put on a graph, the modulating cycles are indicated as curves above and below a horizontal line at the center of each complete cycle.  The person should be (according to this weird plan full of vitality in that area of his or her life. After passing the midpoint of the cycle the lines curve downward supposedly indicating a recharging period (during which the person is supposed to be moody).
The Bible tells us that on our down days the Lord can lift us up to "high places."  The devil wants to rob people of the "joy of the Lord", and the "peace of God that passes understanding." He wants people to believe they are on a down day, and must feel this depression, and anger, etc. But we don't need to be moody, depressed, etc.  The HOLY SPIRIT is given us to be our "COMFORTER." Do you want a STUPID SUBSTITUTE like a biorhythm chart, or the Holy Spirit Who is given to Comfort, edify, lift up, give the peace, joy, longsuffering, love, gentleness, etc.  How foolish are those who miss the gift of God, His Holy Spirit -- and accept a stupid chart, a COPYCAT SUBSTITUTE for the Holy Spirit, that gives us an excuse to feel miserable on certain days, but no help to feel better!

The Vikings used stones, that were inscribed with letters of the ancient Scandinavian alphabet.  These RUNES were used for predictive purposes.  There were 24 letters, each on a stone.  New Age bookstores sell these replicas as a means to interpret dreams, or tell the future.  They are to be laid in front of a person, and gradually an answer is to be emerge to the "listening heart."  The source of any voice to be heard has to be demonic, for God will not answer through this method that is an abomination to Him.  Do you want to hear God's voice, or a demon's voice? 
Do you want to lay GOD'S WORD in front of you, and listen to hear God speak to your heart, or do you want the devil's STUPID SUBSTITUTE--some RUNE stones?  These same people who think we are crazy if we say, "God spoke to me today." are often the same ones staring at a pile of clay stones with letters on them that they cannot understand. They  wait for a "inner voice" to tell them about the future.  How foolish!

The OUIJA BOARD is not a toy.  It is a small board with the letters of the "alphabet", and "numbers", and "yes" and "no", and "good-bye" on it.  It is a dangerous spiritualistic tool designed to contact demonic powers for answers to questions.  It is the STUPID SUBSTITUTE of the devil for the Word of God. 
Through the Scripture, we may learn all God wants us to know.  The Bible is 100% true.  The OUIJA BOARD may lie, because the devil is the "father of lies."  Do you want the devil's STUPID COPY or the  WORD OF GOD to answer  your questions???  If you had some of these people over to a party, and brought out your Bible to answer their questions, and problems, they would mock you... but they sit at home with their little board and trust the answers that come on it through demonic power.

Some use Tarot cards, tea leaves, and other divination devices to attempt to copy the prophetic messages of God through true prophets.  These devices employed by the devil, and the New Age religion, are part of occult magic...
People in occult magic prefer to spell the word "magick" in order to distinguish it from sleight-of-hand magic. Occult magick manipulates people, objects, by using a power outside themselves. The Ouija board and tarot cards are capable of being manipulated by a power outside themselves. The powers which would do this are not of God, but are demonic, devilish spirits with which we should not have contact.

REINCARNATION is the stupid idea that existence is an endless cycle of returning to inhabit another body after death, depending on one's good or bad deeds.  It could be the body of an animal, a human, or even an inanimate object. 
Actor Glenn Ford believes he was once eaten by lions as a Christian martyr. 
Sylvester Stallone claims he was previously a Guatemalan monkey. 
Shirley Maclaine believes she's had many past lives-- an aristocrat beheaded during the French revolution, a prostitute, etc. 
Reincarnation teaches that you need countless lives to improve and redeem yourself from past sins, and wrongs.  It teaches that your next existence is the reward or punishment for this life. 
Christianity teaches that you must in this life, repent and be forgiven for your sins.  We believe that the blood of Jesus Christ cleanses us from all sin, not that  we have to go through many lives and by our own works atone for the sins of a previous life. 
How the devil must laugh at the ones who stupidly accept this COPY for the truth of SALVATION BY FAITH that God offers us now. God offers FORGIVENESS FOR SINS.  The devil wants you to die without repenting.  He wants people to think they will have another chance in the next life, so why repent!  REINCARNATION is the promise the devil gives as a STUPID SUBSTITUTE for the FORGIVENESS OF SINS NOW that God offers. The rapture or resurrection is what we can anxiously expect, not another life as somebodies cow, etc.

YOGA is a 5000 year old Hindu tradition.  It is currently practiced in YWCA's and by the New Age religion.  It is putting oneself into calming postures that improve physical fitness.  Breathing maneuvers, mental concentration, deep meditation, body purification, and cultivation of psychic  energy is involved.  Its ultimate purpose is communication with one's higher self.  The learner is to inhale the "universal life force."  The postures are designed to awaken the power. 
YOGA means "union with god."  This god is the "BRAHMAN" of the Hindus. YOGA may provide one with a little physical benefit, but it opens oneself up to demonic power. YOGA  tries to get you into communication with the higher spirit plane. 
PRAYER  is God's way.  Some Christians even spend hours stupidly doing YOGA, and only seconds in PRAYER.  The average Christian spends 1 1/2 minutes in prayer a day. The average YOGA student spends hours in that STUPID COPYCAT SUBSTITUTE.  PRAYER is so easy, and God promises to listen.  He loves, and desires to help, save and forgive.  Demonic powers do not love. They desire to hurt, not help you. Choose either - God's way - PRAYER, or the devil's STUPID SUBSTITUTE -YOGA.

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