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The devil was told that soon a "Seed of woman" would bruise his head.  This made the devil fearful as he watched the plan of God unfold. He tried to kill everyone he thought would be that "Seed". The devil developed his own religion that would do battle with the true faith, the true Seed.
In the time of Abraham, following the attempt of the devil before the deluge of Noah to corrupt the seed of woman, the devil began to again try to corrupt the seed, and to bring a religion that would counter the true faith.
The tower of Babel was led by Nimrod. He was called Marduk by the people of that day. He was the product of a fallen angel who co-habited with a woman of the earth. This being was strong, mighty, and powerful. The legends and myths of Jupiter of the Romans, and of Zeus of the Greeks. began with the truth of this giant called Marduk, or Nimrod.
The Babylonians called him, "the god of the sun." His wife, called "Ishtar" by the Babylonians (Astarte to some Greeks, Ashtoreth to the Jews, Aphrodite, Venus, Gaia (after her physical death) was worshipped also. The devil developed a religion of worship that has persisted in many lands, in many forms, with a variety of names, but still the religion of the devil. 
Babylon had 53 temples to their gods, 55 shrines were scattered therein to Marduk, and there were 80 altars to Ishtar. 

The Babylonians believed many things
we find re-occurring
in many religions throughout the ages:
1. They believed that the dead went to a dark realm within the earth, not to see light again (darkness was preferred to the fires of hell, and this religion tried to give its converts a hope they could sin and still not have "too bad" a prognosis). 
2. Lambs were offered on altars to Marduk (copying the lambs offered by Adam, Abel, etc. on until Jesus came). 
3. Idols were anointed with oil (copying the oil to be put upon priests, prophets, etc. indicating the blessing of God upon them).
4. Virgin daughters were be priestesses of Ishtar where they would commit fornication with worshippers (a perversion of the training in the Scriptures to be given to children of the righteous).
5. Children were sacrificed to fire to honor Marduk (a perversion of the dedication of children to the Lord).
6. Unborn babies were aborted and the child offered to Ishtar as an offering (a perversion of offering ourselves as a living sacrifice to the true God).
7. Every woman was obligated to sit in the temple of Ishtar and there to submit to immoral acts to please Ishtar (a perversion of the coming to worship places to honor the Lord with worship and love of the Lord).
8. Omens, sorceries, and fortune telling were practiced at the worship sites, astrology was common, priests cast spells, wands were used to draw circles around a person seeking protection (these were all perversions of what the Lord offers worshippers, in prophetic messages, dreams, visions, blessings, and hearing the Word of God preached).

The devils’ horns:
The concept of the devil having "horns" even had its start back in this original religion of the devil. Ishtar, Ashtoreth (meaning shame), Aphrodite, Venus, or whatever, was often pictured with the horns of a crescent moon behind her head. This looked like horns, and from that came the idea down through the ages that the devils had horns.  Attendants at the temples of Ashtoreth wore white robes with caps, on which they had points to imitate the horns of the crescent moon pictured behind Ashtoreth.

The devil has a scheme, and a religion for every age, and this age is no exception. In the Old Testament, the worshippers of Baal were following the substitute religion of the devil. In our day, the devil has been developing a false, evil, and perverse religion. The devil has been collecting converts to this sect. The devil is resurrecting in the last days many of the old religion that he has always wanted to encourage.
I Timothy 4:1
"Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times, some shall depart from the faith, giving heed (prosecho, Greek, meaning "to bring near, give attention to, to be addicted to") to seducing spirits, and to doctrines of devils."
II Thessalonians 2:12
"God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe the lie."
In the 1970's, Claude Vorilhon claimed his mother, Marie Vorilhon, had been abducted by extraterrestrials, and inseminated on September 25, 1945. Supposedly, she had erased it from her memory.  On December 13, 1973, Claude was contacted by a pilot of an UFO.  The being supposedly was small, with a glow about his body, and wore a green suit.  He had a symbol of a star of David with a swastika inside the star.  Claude was told that he was chosen by the extraterrestrials to be a liaison between these beings and mankind.
There were supposedly six meetings between these beings and Claude.  He recorded the message in a book called "The Message Given to Me by Extraterrestrials". 
Claude claimed that he was given a new name, Rael, meaning "the man who brings light." These beings told him, that he would be one of many "light workers" chosen to deliver a message to mankind of the mission, purpose, and destiny of man in the universe.
These supposed extraterrestrials claimed to have created mankind by genetic engineering, and said the "Elohim" of Genesis 1:1 was "those who came from the sky."
They also said that all religions were founded by extraterrestrials (In reality, this may almost be true, for all but ONE, the true one, they created or perverted).   They said that Jesus,  Buddha, and Mohammed were half human, and half extraterrestrial. (In reality, these extraterrestrials are the half human, half extraterrestrial  beings, and their descendants).
These beings also said that a soon-coming leader, named Maitreya, would be half human, and half extraterrestrial (In reality, he will be human, but possessed by the evil spirit power called Belial).
In a book called "The Day the Gods Came",  George King says that he was told "telepathically",  by one called Avatar:
"There shall shortly come another among you. He will stand tall among men with a shining countenance.  This one will be attired in a single garment. He will approach the earth leaders. His magic will be greater than any upon the earth... And any who heed not his words will be removed from the earth." 
These teachings pervade many religions, with some names being changed, but the same lies being taught. Many who "channel" evil spirits and their messages to mankind, are receiving communications that ape-like primates had long ago been impregnated by aliens, altering the DNA.  This New Age teaching are and were  pushed in movies, and in television story-lines, as on the program called "X FILES".
The New Age movement is not an official organization, but a loose network of organizations.  Many groups which cannot find one person who is the leader, nor one organization to which they all answer, for they are directed by an unseen power, the power of the devil. He coordinates many different perversions of truth.

The New Age doctrine has been based on the writings of:
  Helena Petrovna Blavatsky (1836-1891)
  Alice Bailey (1880-1949)
  Nicolas Roerich (1874-1947)
  H. G. Wells (1866-1946)
  Marilyn Fergeson and Robert Mueller
   and many others...
The New Age beliefs include:
the perfectibility of man
belief in the law of Avatars (this is the belief that at the start of every new age, a supreme being known as the "Solar Logos" sends the "Christ consciousness" who overshadows a human being who then gives the world a "new revelation" to help mankind in the coming age)
salvation by works, not grace, and definitely not via repentance for sins to atonement
hatred of Judaism, Catholicism, and fundamental Christianity
belief that Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, and other religious leaders were part of a hierarchy of "Capital Masters" originating from an extraterrestrial environment.
a goal of creating world peace through a one-world spiritual system (much as described in Revelation 17-18) and a one-world leader of their choice
a goal of abolishing all systems based on the Bible
a hatred of any dogmatic theology
a belief in telepathic communications from extraterrestrials telling of mankind sharing the "divinity" of their alien forefathers
a claim by some that these extraterrestrials are from the "Pleiadian constellation", claiming these beings are our creators, and when mankind realizes this they will evolve to a higher consciousness
a claim that the "God" (Elohim) of the Old Testament was a collection of extraterrestrial beings.  
According to Barbara Marciniak, the Pleiadians told her:
"Humanity is learning a great lesson at this time. The lesson is, of course, to realize your godhood, your connectedness with the prime creator and with all that exists.  The lesson is to realize that everything is connected and that you are part of it all." (from the chapter - "Ambassadors through Time" in the book "Bringers of the Dawn")
 more to come

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