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Today, we see uncountable ‘scrooges." We find some wh o will not utter "Merry Christmas’, but either ignore the celebration of Jesus’ incarnation into human-kind, or actually attack those who celebrate Jesus. Some opt for ‘happy holidays’, even when they know which holiday is being celebrated. Some deny manger scenes, the White House occupants, this year said the manger scene was depressing to them. Christmas trees are banned, or have to be ‘renamed’. The doll in manger scenes is being stolen from manger scenes. The world still hates the facts about Jesus, and the attack against Christians is increasing.

The Muslim terrorists target Jewish people and Christians, and the politically correct "scrooges" defend the Muslims, and claim they are being discriminated against. There are many ‘scrooges’ in the world today.

Herod called for the advice of the chief priests. These were the religious leaders of the priesthood. The priesthood was divided into 24 courses (I Chronicles 24:7-18). These 24 leaders of the priesthood each took turns in ministering in the Temple. Those leaders of the 24 groups were called "chief priests". They would have necessarily studied the Scriptures, and been advisors and teachers of the other priests who would minister to the people. Thus they were "teachers of the teachers".

The chief priests are the religious leaders who have much Bible knowledge but were only "knowledgeable dupes". For they knew wherein the Messiah would be born, but did not desire to follow the "star" with the wise men. They returned to their "pews" and sat there to discuss the "wise men".

Later when the reports of the shepherds began to be circulated, and the prophecy of Simeon and Anna were being preached in the temple court itself, they still sat upon such pewS of apathy.

The church congregations of today often have such "high priests" leading them. Ones who should know the prophecies of the Bible, know little, of if they do know much, are too apathetic to show any excitement of the signs of the last days being fulfilled. Their churches, and their own spiritual lives have no anticipation, no joy, no expectation. They are not anxious to leave the world that has given them wealth, power, and prestige.

There are also many religious in our day, who like the "chief priests" are duped by the Herod's, and are too dispassionate to care to be ready for the coming Messiah. They are the pew sitting, 'vegetating', tired, apathetic, unexcited multitudes found in many churches.

The wise men went to Herod, who was troubled at the thought of a coming Messiah, and Herod went to the chief priests who could care less about the coming of a Messiah. There are many today who are troubled or apathetic at the prophetic message of our day. They will seek to harm, deceive, and lie to any who follow the prophetic message, or simply to sit and calmly discuss the fanaticism of those who are excited about the coming of Jesus. Today, we call such people to be abusers, tares, false prophets, etc.

This Herod called the religious people of his day, the 24 chief priests, and they were knowledgeable enough to know that the Messiah would be born in Bethlehem. Yet, these same religious people who were apathetic about the prophetic message, did not accompany the wise men to Bethlehem. They had eyes to see the same star as the wise men, and knowledge of the Scriptures, and yet they sat in their "holy" pew, and did not care to see the infant Messiah. They were "knowledgeable dupes" of the day.

In our day there are "Herod's" and "chief priests" galore. The message that Jesus is about to return to earth is being proclaimed, and yet many today, like these "chief priests" are apathetic, lethargic, indifferent, unconcerned,

uninterested, unresponsive, and dispassionate to the exciting news of the second coming of a Messiah.

Are we in similar company with the "scrooges" of today? Are we, ourselves, behaving this Christmas, like unto the "scrooges", the innkeeper, Herod, or chief priests???

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