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Some politicians are so ‘lie’ oriented, that not much of what they say is not at least mixed with a lie.  They have been a congenital liar so long, that truth is foreign to them, and lies are the normal.  They watch what others think of them so much that their words are designed to twist the truth, make them look better, and thereby make the other person look worse.  These sociopathic liars are always trying to  make themselves look better by making the other person look horrible. 
False and twisted statements are often said to label someone else something they are not, or to make them look guilty of something they never even thought of doing.
This is the kind of behavior one will find in a sociopath.  It is like the old Perry Mason shows, where the guilty one always turned out to be the one that in the first half the show would look less guilty.  Many other movies have been made with that theme, of make everyone else look so guilty, and act like the sweet innocent victim of their evil, and thereby hope to evade being identified as the culprit.
And so, if you gain evidence against a sociopath, of evil that they have obviously done, they will, as soon as they know you have their number, present themselves to you or the others, as someone sweet, previously abused so horribly, and thereby needing of understanding and compassion.  The seeking sympathy route is usually short, for the track record of most sociopaths is so littered with victims that the idea that they are a victim themselves is hard to accept.
The ‘false information’, twisted words of others, twisting their own former words to have said and meant something not meant.  This is to make you doubt your evidence, make you see the other person who informed you of the sociopath’s words, as being at fault and judgmental. 
Evil criminal emails, are justified by pointing out the sneakiness of whoever uncovered the evidence of the crimes.  People who persist in pointing out the crimes of the sociopathic liar, are attacked for pointing it out, rather than ever confession and repentance of the liar. 
It is far too easy for this lying, and loving of lies society  to invalidate evidence, and believe the sociopath.  Some may even doubt their own mind, remembering words that now are denied as ever being said.  Our society is used to lying salesmen, lying lawyers, lying criminals, lying politicians, lying children, etc that to justify a sociopathic lying politician simply because they belong to the political party that one has long been in, is justified in their mind.
The tendency then is to delay exposure of the sociopath, or to be confused over whether it actually happened as you and others recall, or to take the easy way out and reassure the sociopath that your concern was unfounded.
Some sociopaths go even farther, and begin to accuse you then of falsely accusing them, and use the correct charge against them, as evidence of your desire to spread false lies about them.
The sociopathic lying politician has the ability to think quickly, having trained their mind to come up with excuses and reasons for all their behaviors.  If the situation is critical, they will stall for time with distraction, or simply change the subject. 
Then the comparison with others is a tactic that works well.  The serial killer of ten people looks far better when the discussion is on Adolph Hitler who killed millions upon millions.  Yet, if the subject is redirected back to their own wrongs, they will then ask you to ‘remember when’, and bring up something totally irrelevant, but needing discussion.
If that fails, then they lie further, to protect the first lie.  Lie upon lie leads to confusion, and the sociopathic lying politician has never admitted the first lie, and soon so many lies encumber the walk, that you may have well had stayed home.
The pattern of lie, deflect, lie more, deny, falsely accuse others, make themselves look to wonderful to have ever really been guilty, etc.  continues and continues.  Finally, at the worst time for the sociopathic politician, there is another chance given, for the attempt to get them to repent of their deeds and lies, and be forgiven is frustrated by the many denials of being anything less than a “saint.”
You may know of a certainty that the person is lying.  You may have evidence to show that it is unquestionable guilt.  The twisting of the words, the rewriting of history, the shaming the objector with evil and malign motives, leaves a frustration that only the victims of the sociopath will understand.
Other people watch your confrontation with the sociopath, and ask, ‘why did you stay or talk so long?’   They may say, ‘why did you not use this evidence or that evidence?’.   The sociopath is clever, manipulative, and will attempt to dissuade all from ever making them answer for their own wrongs.
You and others can still feel suspicious, or even still know that you have been manipulated, but the sociopath is so adept at their con, that you simply feel foolish, stupid, and give up.
A sociopathic lying politician is a master of manipulation and control.   The sociopath will never admit the lie, for if he did, he would lose control of the victims.  The longer they can con someone, the longer they can use them. 
Sociopaths usually have an exit plan.  They have some other potential victim if they lose you.  They have someone who is totally deceived already, that whatever story they make up for making the switch on who to con, is believed and trusted. 
When totally caught, and the con no longer works, the control is lost, and the victim, at least, is so wary of the sociopath’s behavior, that they are on their way out the door, the sociopath will rush to get out first, and loudly proclaim to all that they are glad to have escaped you, or the one exposing the lies of the lying politician.
This is a trick of mirrors, trying to make the whole situation look like the exposer of lies is the sociopath, and they were blessed to have escaped their vile plans.  Many will fall for this con, and see the truthful ones as the sociopaths, and see the lying sociopathic politician as the victim.  This the illusion with mirrors that the evil politician will use to deflect, distract, and lie to the new intended victim.

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