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Favor saves, works are appreciation for the grace.


Where is the beef?  Where is the proof that grace has saved you?   Well, good works will follow salvation.   There will be evidence of the change in a person, once grace (unmerited favor) has saved them.
As I look around this world, I see offenses, people try to hurt another...

Are they Christian that do such??? Well, some say that no works saved, but they got 'unmerited favor' and that is grace... But then, where are the works that prove salvation following that free gift of salvation...???

So... to me... unmerited favor is given by God to save us,
and works follow..
others say works need to accompany grace to work salvation

I do agree that 'grace ' is not given on the scoreboard of a football game, or on the cash register at the store. Real touchdowns need scored for the points to be added to the scoreboard, and for the clerk to let one walk out with groceries, the register needs value added.

Works need to accompany the 'favor'... that is life.

In God's kingdom, if they truly believe works must accompany grace instead of works follow grace, then where are their works??? Where are the apologies for wrongs committed, where are the admissions of incorrect actions?

God gives grace for salvation... but after that works automatically follow the change in nature that grace accomplished... if some believe that and offended another purposely, attacking one's family or friends, then where are the works proving salvation.

As part of one's salvation to get the merited grace they believe in, there should be works, or as proof of one's salvation after having received the unmerited grace the others believe in... there should be works.

If one has gotten unmerited favor from God, I expect to see some works follow that grace... as apologies, straightening out of offenses, etc.

If they truly believe that works must accompany grace to be saved... then where are those works?
either way... 'where's the beef?'  Where are the works that prove one has been saved?

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