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part 1

When we battle devils, we need to know how to do it. Some fear battle of demons, for their education on demons is gotten mostly from the world’s movies and television programs. That is not a good place to be educated on the origin, nature, and wiles of devils.

The Word of God is our instruction guide. The Holy Spirit is our source of power. The authority of our Savior is our guarantee of victory. We may learn as much as we can about the nature of demons, so that we are aware of their wiles and methods. We need to beware the education of the world regarding demons. They are presented as powerful, scary, and undefeatable. In actuality, they are already defeated, already scared of us finding out how to send them in flight from us.


The actual word ’demon’, is not found in the English KJV translation. However, the words ‘devils' and ‘evil spirit' are used, but the word ‘demon' comes from the word translated to such, and that is the word ‘diamon'. The word is usually translated ‘devils', and refers to an evil spirit, but the root word means ‘to distribute fortunes' and this is a common means of entry for demons, they seek to offer persons what their hearts desire is. And when the person yields to that evil desire, the demons provide ‘accusations' for the angry and embittered, ‘curses' for the hateful, etc.


Another word translated devils, is ‘diabolos’, and means ‘Adversary, false accuser' (I Timothy 3:11, II Timothy 3:3, Titus 2:3). Where ever we see demons at work, there will be false accusations given against those who serve and worship Jesus. That is the nature of devils, that is their whole purpose. Like their head evil one, the devil, satan, the dragon, etc. who is also called ‘the accuser of the brethren', and "like father, like son."


Do we need to know more than that about them? We know from the names God’s has called them their nature, their evil designs, their shameful personalities.


We shall now begin to identify some by name, show their origin, show their rank in this army of evil spirits. We do not need to know names and origins to know that they are evil. We can resist, send them in flight, or bind them and call for angels to take them to the abyss. We do not need names, or identities to have victory. The Lord gave us victory, the knowledge of where they came from, what they are up to, what their name is, should not be sought from them, for they are liars, and their ‘father’ is the source of lies. So, why ask them? We should ask the Lord. The Lord has plenty of answers for us.


stay tuned...

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