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God sometimes speaks to me through visions/dreams
We all want revelation, we all want to hear from God... One of the ways in which He speaks to me, and to many others, is in visions and dreams.

God’s children, will desire and require revelation.

God speaks in many ways.

1. The Written Word of God speaks to every generation. It is the testing of every other kind of revelation from God.

2. God may speak to us, directly. We test each of those instances by the Word of God. After God speaks, there can come confirmations in various ways.

3. Another way of God speaking to us, is through dreams and visions.

Mankind has been created to be "eye-minded". This means that mankind thinks, remembers, and imagines in terms of vision. God did this so that He might communicate with us through visions and dreams. Therefore, for the saint, visions and dreams should be common.

Some think every dream is a revelation from God. That is not true. Those who seek to interpret every dream that comes to them, or to others, end up with a confused mess.

Some dreams come as a message from God.
Some come as confusion and attack from the devils.
And some are natural outgrowths of our active minds, its accumulation of jumbled facts, that can pouring out in manifold manner.

To interpret those that are not from God is misleading to the recipient, for they then try to assume that that interpretation is a message from God. False prophets can seek to lead some astray by interpretation of dreams. Psychics and fortune tellers will use various dreams from the mind to direct persons.

When God gives a dream, He intends for it to be understood. When it takes a bit of time for God to interpret it to the individual, it is not wise to hurry up the interpretation by going to someone who claims to be an interpreter.

Dreams of the unsaved, or carnal Christian, who cannot hear God’s interpretation themselves, can be received from Christians who are given the revelation from God. Dream interpretation is not learned from books or classroom teachers, it is a divine revelation from God for each dream.

Dreams and visions to saints should be interpreted to them from God Himself.

Confirmations may come from others, but God is not going to give the saint the dream, and another person the interpretation. He is on speaking terms with the saint, and intends to continue to reveal to the person themselves.

John is given a vision in the book of Revelation, that reveals, unveils, and puts all former prophecy given of the Lord’s coming, into a logical, harmonious order. This vision of John’s is marvelous, and magnificent. We should be in awe of such revelation, and desire more, some for ourselves. It will not disagree with any God-given prophecy, but will be a marvelous precept upon precept, line upon line. Visions are still for today.

Psalms 89:19
"Then thou spakest in vision to Thy Holy One..."

Proverbs 29:18
"Where there is no vision, the people perish..."

Amos 8:11-12
"Behold, the days come, saith the Lord God, that I will send famine... of hearing the Word of God... shall run to and fro to seek the Word of God, and shall not find it..."

Hosea 12:10
"I have also spoken by the prophets, I have multiplied visions..."

Prophecy is a word, a received word from God, but it often is received in vision form.

Isaiah 29:10-11 “The vision of Isaiah... which he saw...”

Isaiah 2:1 “The Word that Isaiah... saw...”

Isaiah 13:1 “The burden... which Isaiah... did see”

Amos 1:1 “The words of Amos... which he saw...”

Micah 1:1 “word of Jehovah, that came to Micah... which he saw.”

Habakkuk 1:1 “The oracle which Habakkuk, the prophet, did see”

Habakkuk 2:1 “Write the vision...”

The revelation is not the prophet’s, it is God’s, and comes from words of knowledge, prophetic messages, and dreams and visions. The false prophet’s “prophesy out of their own hearts” and minds (Ezekiel 13:2-17). The false prophets ‘speak a vision of their own heart, and not of the mouth of Jehovah” (Jeremiah 23:16, 26, 14:14).

The Holy Scriptures are a revelation of God, given by inspiration of the Holy Spirit to Godly men, and often included visions and dreams. We have here in the book of Revelation, a vision of great magnitude, given to John, the beloved disciple, but meant for all of the church age to read, study, learn, and live by.

There are visions to be received, we need to open our heart's eyes to visions, test them by the Word of God, and let God reveal spiritual truths to us.

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