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We are human, and as humans, we often fail.   We may try our best to achieve, we may work hard, be giving to a fault, jump when we don't need to, weep when we fail.   The world, the carnal, and the demonic love to mock our  failures, challenge our motives, deny any semblance of victory.   We keep fighting for victories.

It is very hard to stand in this battle without feeling the need to constantly duck the fiery darts.  Our shield of faith blocks those fiery darts, but we still see them flying toward us, and we want to duck them, hide totally from them. 

The spiritual goals given by the Lord are meant to be victories.  The personal goals we choose on our on, aspiring to great things are  not always given victories.   It is like the disciples toiling at sea all night and catching nothing, but when the Lord says throw the net on the other side of the boat, we find His victories are never failing. 

The long night of toiling and failing, in trying to catch some fish, wears on our hearts.   Yet, the great haul of fish upon doing it Jesus' way, does cheer us.

The doing what is right, like Daniel praying three times a day, and then being thrown into the lion's den for it, is heartbreaking.  The answer to the king in the morning, that one is safe and happy, makes the night seem worth it.

The refusing to bow to the devils, and then being sent into a fiery furnace for it, is difficult. Of course, finding Jesus therein to talk with us does add a bright note to it.

The walking to the beheader's chopping block is a slow, deliberate walk.  Yet, Paul knew that in a short time, he would be standing with the same Jesus he met on the road to Damascus.

Yet, the embattled times are hard.  There is a battle continuing though, and we will be attacked by devils.   In the midst of the embattled times, it is so hard, so draining, so tiring, and so lonely.  I tire at those times, and so do most.  We all need Jesus.  We can look forward to the victory shout when we stand before Jesus.  

Jesus is pleased with our efforts, even when we feel no one is.  Jesus knows our hearts, and though we never won the favor of mankind, we always had His.

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