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Ephesians 5:26-27 (KJV)

26 That He might sanctify and cleanse it with the washing of water by the word

27 That He might present it to Himself a glorious church, not having spot, or wrinkle, or any such thing; but that it should be holy and without blemish.

We need to get busy letting the Word of God cleanse us from all the poison food being served in the church of these last days. We need to read the Word, study the Word, talk with the Holy Spirit. We need to discern what is poisoned food being offered from pulpits, and reject the food, and flee from the chef who serves it. We need to let the Word of God cleanse us from poisoned doctrines.

There are many who use the words ‘I think’, ‘my opinion is’, and ‘I feel’. Wash those words from your vocabulary. Get into the Word until you have Scriptures to say ‘I know’, ‘God’s opinion is’, and ‘The Lord reveals in His Word’ this truth.

I do not want to know what some ‘Christian’ ‘thinks’ or ‘feels’, I want to know what can be proven in the Word of God. That which is prove-able in the Word of God makes a great menu for preachers to serve, for us to eat. Let us not eat of anything else.


The sensitivity of people toward this subject of spiritual food, and the rejecting of food of false prophets is displayed prominently in Christianity. If I chose to discuss false prophets, every false prophet in the joint gets upset.
Jesus called Pharisees "serpents and vipers", and guess who got upset. Jesus said to some 'he that is without sin, cast the first stone', and all of them slinked away mad.

Yet, the words against ‘false prophets’ and their ‘poison food’ is not rude. Rudeness speaks of a purpose and a harshness, and there is no harshness in my attempt here to get some to see that though babes in Christ need ‘milk’ and 'pablum' messages, and that ‘poison’ needs to be identified, so that young saints are not tempted to eat such. When I raised children, the containers of bleach, harsh soaps, etc were kept out of reach. It was natural, wise, and expected of parents. Today, we have filth, poison, and false doctrines promoted on television, radio, in books, and we too often let new Christians read and consume those errors as though they had the Biblical training already to know what not to consume. Where are the warnings, where is the public rebuke of false error, so babes in Christ know not to consume the poisons?

It is a shame, a sad shame, that some cannot study the Word the way they read the sports page. Even mature saints need to be very careful in accepting as truth what is heard preached in the media. We cannot accept that if the minister is behind a pulpit, that means it is truth. If we had ‘sports pages’ and could not trust that the scores of games shown were accurate, if the team announced as winner really lost, if the date and time of the next game were really true, we would cease to read that sports page. Errancy of doctrine, corrupted poison ideas heard from pulpits, read in books from the Christian book store, should make us eager to warn Christians still on milk and pablum, that poison food is to be avoided.

Some want fortune cookie type sermons, and any more depth than that and they attack the speaker of those words. They think milk and pablum Christians can mature with just eating sugar coated poison from false prophets who have acclaim. These poisons need to be ‘cleansed’ by the truths of the Word of God.

Those who claim to be mature saints, should not still be on pablum, they should not be consuming poison food either. This is not a scolding... it is a warning in love, to babes in Christ, it is a scolding to those who are naively allowing babes in Christ to consume poison spiritual food without warning, without clear offering of the pablum of the Word that will cleanse out the poisons of devils.

Some that claim maturity, but can't swallow anything more solid than pablum. Need pablum of the Word of God, not sugar coated poison of the devil’s restaurants in the media.

Some who get mad at a dinner that has spiritual meat, some get angry and insult, and when anyone points out that some Christians need pablum, some need milk, some need spiritual cleansing from poison. To allow a new babe in Christ to think they are ready for ‘meat’ and to shop for that meat in marketplaces of false prophets, is unwise to the max.

We must take some responsibility for the errant poisons being promoted in various places of the church, and we must label poison to be poison so new Christians, or Christians already poisoned and sick spiritually by such poison can be led to cleansing in the Word of God.

We can quickly lead many from pablum to meatier menus, if we cleanse them from poisoned food from false prophets. No, it is not rudeness to speak so pointedly, it is vital to undo the works of devils in the sermons and teachings of false prophets. They have poisoned many a young Christian, and if we only offer pablum, and if the 'meat' of the need of spiritual cleansing by the truth of the Word of God is omitted, we allow many a young saint to be poisoned still.

I am supposed to ‘feed... the sheep.’ That was a command of the Lord, and we need to evaluate what the sheep need from the Word, be it milk, pablum, or meat. In order to make some deceitful and evil false prophets happy, they want us to be quiet about their false dogmas. We do not need them to be happy, we need to convince everyone there is a diet of 'steak and potatoes' that is far superior to their poison menu.

Does it 'sting' to be told that not all are ready for ‘meat’? I imagine it does. Will they call it 'rude' to be told that? Yes, they will. Paul tired of having to feed those who once were on meat, the milk again and again. Some of what I teach and preach has to be milk and pablum, so that when the meat if offered, they can have matured to be able to chew on it.

I will give some pablum lessons, some lessons on the need to mature beyond pablum. I will point out the poisons of false prophets, and have some call 'rude'. I will not shorten messages from the inspired Word of God authored by the infinite, Divine mind of God into one sentence explanations, so the meat haters, will feel happy.

Sorry, but I looked at the Readers Digest Version of the Bible years ago, and laughed. To want all of God's teachings watered down to one sentence chapters is on that level. We need to cleanse out poison doctrines, feed the milk and pablum of the Word, mature those who eat that spiritual diet to meat and dessert that is purely the Word of God. The meat is to be ‘chewed’ and that means some work before we swallow it, but it is so far better and tasty a food that the milk and pablum. We need to offer a pure diet, leading new saints, and old, formerly fed poison saints, to the true meat of the gospel message.

Babes are on pablum, and grow quickly to meat; but, those who are 'saints' for years, and still on pablum have a problem. What would happen to them if they got on spiritual meat? It would mean that they would be weeping for sins of the world, instead of watering down the great commission to 'go into all the world and smile.' They would be seeking heavenly blessings, and not trying to intimidate God into giving them financial blessings on this earth. They would be exposing the lies of false prophets instead of believing their lies and heresy. They would be searching their hearts for sins, repenting of such, instead of judgmentally and falsely attacking other saints for differences they have. They would not believe the lies of tares and hypocrites against the children of God. They would not be taken in by the false doctrines of the apostate church of today, but be hearing the real message from the Spirit to the churches. They would not believe the lies of abusive saints, and of their enablers, against those who have had the spiritual nerve to say the abuse in churches against young saints needs to stop.

They would hear the Spirit confirm with spiritual discernment who are the true prophets, and who are the false prophets of our day.

Some have chosen to not to eat spiritual meats, and want to continue on pablum...

Some have rebelled so long that the Lord has given them over to a "spirit of slumber". That way they miss the banquets of spiritual meat, and only wake up in the middle of their night to demand a bit more from the baby bottles of some pablum feeders. Some have slept through many prophetic messages and not heard them. They have read the Bible, but not understood what the Spirit is saying. They have ignored the truth, and the Spirit of truth, so long, that He has left, grieved, and vexed.

Those are the pablum feeders, not the babes of the faith, but the decades old still on pablum feeders. Some may find these facts to be ‘un-enjoyable. It is allowable to cease reading here, I have no ball and chain for anyone. Yet the ‘meat’ of this teaching is vital for true spiritual growth, and vital to see the need of identifying poison, and of cleansing out with the Word of God the poisons already consumed by some.

The Lord said 'feed My sheep' which is what we must all be doing. Yet, He also said 'feed My lambs'. So, some need simpler food till they mature to meatier menus. Only those who are still on pablum, but know they should have gone on to meat decades ago, will feel offended by this message.

All of us have seen babes put things in their mouths, and try to consume those things. Parents have all had to take pencils, toys, crayons, etc out of the mouths of children trying to consume them. Spiritually, we need to be alert to what is being allowed for babes in Christ to consume.

To take meat teachings and make them short enough, concise enough to get some to read them, and not reject them, is necessary for ‘lambs’. The ‘sheep’ could consume a longer, more in depth, more Scripture passage verified meal. The diet of babes is less abundant in portion size than the diet of mature saints. We need to offer a menu that can be sufficient for the lamb and sheep.

A message that gives statistics, Scripture references, illustrations, etc... and to boil it down to pablum level is to take those many pages of material and say 'sin is bad, God does not like it...' is necessary sometimes. For some that is all they want. For some, it is all they can consume as yet. Some do not have time to read the whole, for some it is too deep, and too much Scripture to digest, not on the level they are in their new birth training, that is fine. But to be still at that level years later, without any evidence of maturing to more meatier a diet is a shame for both the babe, and for the one serving the meals.

That is why Paul wanted people to have milk, but get back onto the meat as they were before. Some new in the faith understand that the 'meat' lesson is far better than pablum, and some are anxious for meatier lessons.

Hebrews 5:11-14

"...of whom we have many things to say, and hard to be uttered, seeing ye are dull of hearing. For when for the time ye ought to be teachers, ye have need that one teach you again which be the first principles of the oracles of God, and are become such as have need of milk and of strong meat. For every one that uses milk is unskillful in the Word of righteousness, for he is a babe. But strong meat belongs to them that are of full age, even those who by reason of use have their senses exercised to discern both good and evil."

Who are these who are 'dull of hearing'? They are the ones who once had gone from milk to meat, but now are back only on milk. We can present meat posts, and 'milk posts' and the 'dull of hearing' ones who should have graduated to meat, but won't, are identified by their desire to not accept the meatier meal anymore.

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