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I also wanted u to look on YouTube at the Villia of Mystery's which was found in Pompeii and is about there religion.


The village of mysteries is a part of the excavated Pompeii, which is named ‘village of mysteries’ due to the one room which has some painted frescos on it that has been difficult for some to decipher. The house in which it is, was once on the beach, but the lava has now made it some distance from the beach.

It has large scale painted figures on three walls. It depicts Dionysus, or Eros, (same person), who was a god believed to be ‘son of Zeus, Jupiter.

Zeus, Jupiter were names given to the one we call Belial, Baal.. who was a product of an angel cohabiting with a woman of earth. The son, Dionysus, was called by the false religion of the Greeks, Romans, to be the ‘god of grapes’,, and is pictured as nude, drunk, noisy, riotous.

The pictures in the room of mysteries shows a ‘bride’ being brought to Dionysis/Eros, and some women even in Pompeii’s time, fancied themselves to be dedicated or given to this ‘god’.

The bride is first seen as a young, naive, pure, unspoiled virgin. She is seen in following frames of the scenes as being under a purple cloth, whipped and tortured, comforted, and then dancing and drunken, and given to the celebrating Dionysus, Eros, as his bride... and then sitting alone, waiting for her groom to come to her.

Pompeii was destroyed while no other religion was tolerated but the Roman gods, and this is a room honoring, and perhaps the room which such orgies of dedicating chosen women to this false god.

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