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2 Corinthians 2:11 (KJV)
 Lest Satan should get an advantage of us: for we are not ignorant of his devices.
We must not be ignorant of the devices of the devil.  And yet, many are.  They hear things like ‘jezebel spirits are not mentioned in the Bible.’  Well, technically that is true.  Yet, the Bible does talk of ‘familiar spirits, unclean spirits, etc.  There are many kinds of demons.  In these various kinds, we can give names to describe their ‘devices’.  Some do act like unto Jezebel, some act like unto Judas, some act like Jannes and Jambres, etc.  It is not evil to categorize the various demons.  We do it to make it easier to discuss the various methods some evil spirits use.  The devils would like to get us to stay ‘ignorant of their devices.’  To make us less ignorant of their methods we categorize them.
The devil is wily, and often his devices,  though they are explained in the Scriptures,  catch the children of God off guard.

The spirits that controlled jezebel, back in that day, still roam the earth, (at least some of them do), and they find willing beings to influence.  They are deceptive spirits, who seductively take over the actions and words of some,
and the tools of the devils are usually totally unaware of their usefulness to the devil.

Ahab went home to his wife Jezebel. He told all that had happened on Mt. Carmel. This angered Jezebel.  There are spirits today, and down through the succeeding ages., that act like unto that Jezebel of old.  The spirits of jezebel, today, still, are easily angered.  When these evil spirits are  angered, they can feel great wrath, and desire for vengeance. 

 Angry Jezebel sends a threat to Elijah.  She tells him that he will be dead within 24 hours. There are so many threats, and implied threats from some today who have evil spirits obsessing them, that act much like Jezebel of old. They threaten death, or they threaten to do harm in some other way.

The idea of the 'threat' is control.  The jezebel spirit wants to control the man/woman of God.

Elijah had upset Jezebel’s religion, and spoken against those she looked to for spiritual help.  Elijah had killed and eliminated their evil influence from the land.  So, the literal Jezebel wanted to kill, destroy, control Elijah so this could not happen again.  She felt that she  had to get rid of this 'upstart' called Elijah.

Tired from his ordeal, Elijah hears the threat.  We are never so weak, as after a tiring victory.   Our emotions relax,  and we look around at life differently.   Startled by such a threat from Jezebel, Elijah flees for his life. 
Elijah had gotten his eyes off of God,  and onto the circumstances about him.

Many a person of God has run in the sight of a person like jezebel, for many who are being encouraged by a jezebel spirit, will try to control them.  They will, if denied control, seek to harass, and attack without hesitation, the person of God.

The person with the jezebel spirit spurring them on, will falsely accuse, and promote rebellion against a person of God.  They (the person and their jezebel spirit) will attempt to destroy the witness and testimony of the person of God.

Some persons of the Lord will run, hide, and hope it all blows over, similarly to what Elijah did at first.  Elijah tried to run,  God had to stop his flight and send him back.  Today, those who are attacked by a jezebel spirit find that God has not changed.  Still, neither has the jezebel spirit changed.  Many who are threatened today, find the tendency to run.

We must learn from the lessons of the Bible.

When Peter had begun to walk on the water, with his eyes fixed on Jesus,
he could not sink.  (Matthew 14:22-23)   When Peter put his eyes onto the waves and the storm, he could not walk.  We need to keep looking at our Lord, and not the circumstances.

Elijah fled 120 miles, fearful, scared, and terrified.   Having just seen God send fire and devour the sacrifice, stones, water, and all, yet, he now fears God will allow a woman to murder him.  We all see the humor of Elijah's defeat.   However, in our own lives do we see the humor in our own doubts, fear, and lack of faith? 

In prison, ready to soon have his head removed,  Paul wrote:
Philippians 4:4

Can we ever learn, as Paul to rejoice, even when under threat of death? 

During the flight of Elijah from Jezebel's wrath, he neglected his physical and emotional needs.  He had already been weary, but now he became overly weary, and hungry.  Many a man of God omits smoking, and drinking of alcohol.   Yet, why do so many of God's people forget to rest properly.     Right after the greatest sermon of his life, is when many a pastor has terribly failed God.

God has abundant mercy, and sends an angel to minister to Elijah.  Elijah is fed and told to rest.  The Lord still sends help to those attacked by the jezebel spirit, and 'angels' will minister to the Elijah's of today.

Some pray for miracles, visions, dreams, etc.  and then when a jezebel spirit comes, they flee, hide, fear.  If we learn that God is still in control, and stand firm with the Lord, visions, dreams, and revelation come.  Sometimes the battle is just God's method of answering your other prayers. 
The angel tells Elijah:

Which journey was too great for Elijah? Not his journey to the brook to wait daily for ravens to come and feed him.  No, and it was not the run to the city, in which he outran the king's chariot.  And it was not the journey up the mountain, to challenge 850 false prophets.

The journey that was too much for Elijah, was the one he made OUT OF THE WILL OF GOD.  The journey of fleeing a jezebel spirit will be the toughest journey of your life. Do not flee, rather stand and confront, as Elijah should have done. Or kneel and pray, and find out how God wants you to attack the devil, not flee a jezebel spirit.

When Elijah came back into the will of God, he could do so much more.

I Kings 19:8

Imagine, Elijah was able to go forty days and nights, in the strength of the meal given him by the angel.  Why?  He was now again in the will of God. He was not fleeing a jezebel spirit in fear any longer.

When we get out of God's will, we are easily weary.   When God's people get out of God's will, they are  usually found to be overcome.  Yet, when we are in the will of God,  the travel can be long, and wearisome.  The travel is easy for the person in God's will.     

The jezebel spirit will attempt to confuse any site of revival.  This evil demon will fight any move of God. By complicating, distracting, causing dissension, making false accusations, and stirring up past disputes, the jezebel spirit will try to hinder  what the Spirit is doing.

Many with the jezebel spirit, will be dormant, hidden, unseen for long times.
This is to build the ‘false walls' of hope in them,  so naive saints,  those who are easily bent by every wind of doctrine, will have great trust in the spirituality of the one with the jezebel spirit.  

When revival comes, the Spirit of Truth will bring revelation of the jezebel spirit,  and yet, many are deceived by the jezebel spirit, who has spent great effort to appear holy and wise.

In Elijah's day, there were 7000 left who had not bowed to Baal.  Yet, that means there were multitudes of thousands who had bowed,  due to the ‘jezebel spirits of that day.  So they are deceptive, and lead many astray.

The jezebel spirit will  attack the prophet, and anyone making any prophetic revelations, be it a pastor, evangelist, teacher, or prophet.  Why is this???
for those in tune with God,  and hearing from Him, will have spiritual  eyes
to recognize the jezebel spirit in the person.  The demon knows that, and therefore inspires the one with the jezebel spirit  to attack the prophet, distract the people from the revelation of her  to the evil the demon is trying to point out in the person of God.
Perhaps first, the jezebel spirit tries  flattery of the person of God, to test,
hoping to deceive them.  If the jezebel spirit can get the flattery to turn the eyes of the person of God from God to themselves, to get a bit swell headed, and look away from the direction of the plow given to them.
The jezebel spirit seeks to get one to become swell headed, proud, haughty,
sure of one's own greatness,  so as to be able to defeat that one more easily in the near future.  We must not fall for the flattery of a jezebel spirit.

The jezebel spirit will try to unite with the  prophet to be a help to him or her, in  the spirit realm. There goal here, is to be close enough,  that when the fall of the person of God is accomplished, they are close enough to take over control of the situation, assume control of the ministry of the prophet.
The goal of the jezebel spirit  is control, so as to eliminate the souls coming to Jesus,  the revival of the Spirit, the ministry of the person of God.
The jezebel spirit,  when in the ministry group will seek to divide and conquer,  those in the group.  The jezebel spirit will make up false accusations to accuse some with,  gossip, privately email, suggesting that the person  she is telling this lie to is special, and more anointed than the rest, so they can understand what she is about to reveal to them.
The lies that pass about this way,  have hurt many a ministry.  We need to reveal those with the jezebel spirit, so as to stop this dastardly evil work.

The jezebel spirits  will do anything to control a person of God,  ruthless,  deceptive, falsely accusing, instilling hatred and fear, mocking and seeking others to believe the evil spread.
The jezebel spirit will even attack the marriage relationship of the person of God.   The wife or husband will be berated, attempting to make the person of God so mad and defensive, that he/she will make an error of judgment and say something that can be used against the person of God. 

Even when the jezebel spirit fails at an attack, it will lie, and try to make the success of the prophet to look like failure.  People have short memories, and a twisted version of what really happened with be repeated so often, that many may begin to believe it to be truth.

The jezebel spirit often takes on the nature of a religious spirit, seeking to look worshipful, holy, a person who fasts, weeps for sinners, etc. But the person is truly evil, and worship is a farce, for it is outward only, and not inward worship of the heart.  The purpose of this deceptive worship is to make others think -"I am spiritual."

And if the jezebel spirit can get others to think that, they may give more respect or responsibility to the one with the jezebel spirit.

Attempts to bolster hope in self, pride in good works, and joy in what the jezebel spirit  tells a person of God that they have great personal accomplishments, is another ploy.  The jezebel spirit wants the pride to lead to a spiritual fall.  For we are to keep our eyes on Jesus, not on self, nor on blessings.  The one who wants one to boast or glory in spiritual gifts, and signs and wonders of the ministry, likely has a jezebel spirit.

The Holy Spirit will want one to joy in Jesus, not self.

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