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The name ‘jezebel spirit’ is not a name we find in the Bible.  It is one of the kinds of ‘familiar spirits’ we find active.  The name ‘jezebel’ is a way to categorize the various ways evil spirits attack the saints.  There are many evil spirits, they are organized, there are various levels of rank within their forces.   Some of them act similarly to demons that tormented the ‘Jezebel’ of the Old Testament.  These ones that act as those did, are the kind we are discussing here.

The jezebel kind of spirit will attempt to confuse any site of revival.  This evil demon will fight any move of God.  By complicating, distracting, causing dissension, making false accusations, and stirring up past disputes, she will try to hinder what the Spirit is doing.

Many with this kind of evil spirit that we call the “jezebel spirit’, will be dormant, hidden, unseen for long times. This is to build the ‘false walls’ of hope in them, so naive saints, those who are easily bent by every wind of doctrine, will have great trust in the spirituality of the one with the jezebel spirit.

When revival comes, the Spirit of Truth will bring revelation of the
jezebel spirit, and yet, many are deceived by it.  In Elijah’s day, there were 7000 left who had not bowed to baal.  Yet,  that means there were multitudes of thousands who had bowed, due to the ‘jezebel spirits of that day.  So they are deceptive, and lead many astray.

The jezebel spirit will  attack
anyone proclaiming a gospel message.

Why is this?   Well, those in tune with God, and hearing from Him, will have spiritual  eyes to recognize the jezebel spirit in the person. The evil spirits know that, and therefore inspire the one with the jezebel spirit to attack the proclaimers of the true gospel.  This will distract from the fact that this evil spirit has been discerned, and get attention upon some supposed  evil the demon is trying to point out in the person of God.
Perhaps first, the jezebel spirit tries  flattery of the person of God, hoping to deceive them.  If  flattery can turn the eyes of the person of God from God to themselves, they may then look away from the direction of the plow given to them. 


The goal of the jezebel spirit  is control, so as to eliminate the souls coming to Jesus, the revival of the Spirit, the ministry of the person of God. 

The jezebel spirits  will do anything to control a person of God,  ruthless,  deceptive, falsely accusing, instilling hatred and fear, mocking and seeking others to believe the evil spread.  

The jezebel spirit uses all opportunities to  manipulate and control the thinking of people. When the prophet speaks the Word, and people listen, she will attack the ‘amens’ as being blind acceptance of the message of the person.  Yet, the jezebel spirit seeks just what it is condemning, it wants blind acceptance of what it is preaching.  The ‘jezebel spirits’ want others to  blindly decide the person of God is wanting all to accept them, not Jesus, and wants a cult. If the jezebel spirit can get some to believe that, it will seek to get people to believe that this one with the jezebel spirit was spiritual enough to warn everyone, therefore, all should follow them. 

The jezebel spirit will claim dreams, visions, and revelations, about the person of God.  These visions and revelations are all warnings of
hypocrisy, evil, and wrong motives. They will claim that the people should all trust that vision, dream, etc. as final word on it. The jezebel spirit wants to be the interpreter of all dreams, their own, and others, and not have people try the vision themselves.  The evil spirits will put on trial the person of God that the jezebel spirit is wanting to control or destroy.

Another indication of a jezebel spirit, is that, as with all evil spirits,
truth to them is an option, and not mandatory.  Their ‘father’ is the ‘father of lies,” and it is not a big thing for them to lie.  They lie about ‘who’ they are, multiple personalities is often a sign of multiple demons using them,
and the demons talk one to another, like unto two persons doing that,
and it is normal for a ‘jezebel’ spirit, to also have along a ‘religious spirit’,
a jannes and jambres spirit.  They will lie to hide the multiple personalities within themselves.

The man of Gadarenes had 6000 demons (a legion), and was noted for lying directly to the Lord about it. For the Lord asked for their names, and he gave their ‘number’ not names. The 6000 (legion) do not all have the same name. 

Lying is a attribute of jezebel spirits.  They will condone lies of others, for they do not object to the lies of the jannes and jambres spirits that attack and oppose. The lies of claims for what they personally have done, are easy for them.   They lie about what they have said, and they will deny it, pervert it. 

One thing about liars, that I have learned, is they consider everyone else to be totally stupid. Most lies are baseless, without any deep thinking, and totally stupid to believe.  Yet, the jezebel spirit does not care how foolish they make the ones they influence to look, they enjoy the lies.  The jezebel spirits will get  ‘supposed saints’ that they obsess  to lie multiple times.

The jezebel spirits are just one kind of demonic spirits.  There are many others, but you will note, that the jezebel spirit will not be upset at the jannes and jambres evil spirits, nor at the religious spirits.  Some will defend, condone, encourage, ones with a different kind of evil spirit.  They may see one with obvious sin from a jannes and jambres evil spirit, with condemnations to hell, false accusations galore, hatred, evil and every wicked way.  Still the jezebel spirit will find some good to praise, or even condone their evil.  While attacking a person of God, they can do this. The reason is because it is an ages-long trait of the evil spirits, esp. of the jezebel spirit.  The jezebel spirit needs as many cohorts as can be gathered. The Lord will not encourage any true saint to help the rebellion, so the jezebel spirit looks to the other evil spirits at work, and has them bring their ‘prodigies’ to help.

‘Strange bedfellows’, where a wiccan, belial worshiper, a lustful, self absorbed pervert, and a covetous, prosperity seeker (not God seeker), all get into the fold of one group to attack in harmony, a person of God. It seems as though there have been meetings planning this attack, and there probably were, but not the people being used, but a meeting of the evil spirits obsessing those attacking people.  The people appear to have a clanish togetherness that blinds them to the evils in others, while they attack the righteous ones the devil hates.  They cannot see it, at least temporarily, that  the persons of God have not sinned, but are simply not giving them control.

Do we have authority?  The children of God have been given ‘power’. One word translated ‘power’ means ‘authority’ (exousia).  The other word for power is ‘dunamis’, from which we get the word ‘dynamite’.  We are to have both kinds of power.  The ‘authority’ power gives us the right to speak God’s Word boldly.  We proclaim that sin is sin, that God is love, that mercy is available.  And yes, the Lord did promise us such authority. 

The jezebel spirit senses this authority, and will attack it. Even without the name ‘pastor’ , ‘prophet’, or ‘board moderator’, etc.,  the jezebel spirit will attack anyone who has come into the realization of the authority given us by the Lord.

The jezebel spirit has a  false humility.  If the jezebel spirit senses any praise for themselves, they lap it up like a sponge.  At the same time, while telling everyone not to think highly of them, they list all their ‘good deeds’ and boast of their great giving.  The initial words of the response can sound ‘humble’ but if one forgets to note all the list of good deeds, then the one with the jezebel spirit will proclaim that  they are evil, and attack  more and more.

The jezebel spirit will attempt to find some weakness, past or present in the one being attacked, and this is constantly brought up, to try to emotionally black mail the one they attack.

If one ever refuses to give their  endorsement to the jezebel spirits  plan or attack, the jezebel spirit will use this information to threaten or intimidate the person.

When enough people are gathered, in this emotional blackmail clan, following the jezebel spirit, the jezebel spirit will get the group to walk out, leave the church, the group, the Bible study, etc.

The jezebel spirit tries to get the prophet, pastor, or one who knows they have authority from God to be spiritually  killed,  maimed,  intimidated, or petrified, so they will be fearful to speak up.

The jezebel spirit will rather destroy the church, the board, or whatever than to have it follow the person they are attacking.  They will contact some they think are backers of the person they want to attack, and suggest they leave, go away.  

It is like trying to get the opposing ball team to send their outfielders to the showers early, for they need the rest, only to be sure any ball to the outfield then will be a home run. That is the kind of thinking done by the jezebel spirit.

When on the ropes, when in trouble in their attack, when the lies are being exposed, and disaster and failure are in sight, the jezebel spirit will begin to use God's name, quote passages about love and forgiveness, seeking to make the one exposing the evil of the jezebel spirit to mean-spirited and unloving.

Jesus took a whip to the moneychangers, and I imagine there were jezebel spirits getting ones to talk and preach after that event, how mean the Lord was, claiming that those poor merchants, were only trying to make a living.
The evil of a jezebel spirit cannot take what it dishes out.  It cannot stand to be exposed for the lies, the abuse, the evil motives, etc.  So sermonettes on love, compassion, etc. to try to encourage the young saints, to feel pity for the exposing of the sins of the jezebel spirit.

Only when it is needed by the jezebel spirit, will the Word of God, the name of God, be used.   

Jesus tells us how to handle troublemakers, and heretics.  Those with the demonic influence of a jezebel spirit will accuse even the Word of God as that being too severe, too evil to do in this time.  For they will know that their sins being exposed will reveal the jezebel spirit, and condemnation of such things is correct and necessary.

The jezebel spirit does not, of course, have any true regard for God. In the person being influenced by the jezebel spirit, there will be tell-tale signs of this. 

To disobey a direct command of Scripture,
is no big problem for them...

To condone a lie of another...
To lie, be caught in it, and condone it still...
These are no problem
for the one influenced by the jezebel spirit...

To do dastardly acts, speak words of hate and evil,
falsely accuse and when proven false,
not feel any need to apologize.

These are all indicative of a jezebel spirit.
Satan himself quoted Scripture, but the jezebel spirit will also try to use Scriptures, but do in with twisting, and perversion of such.  This is true of not only the jezebel spirit, but all evil spirits.
The jezebel spirit is deceptive, and seemingly religious, and will claim spiritual insight into what is wrong with a person. These lying accusers. The jezebel spirit is subject first to the ‘accuser of the brethren’.  The one they are using to attack and to try to control, finds themselves amidst many lies.
The jezebel spirit will flatter, cajole, and take advantage of the naive saints.
Like Absalom, who also was influenced of the jezebel spirit, one will seek to make others think that they are more honest, more sweet, more wonderful than the one they are attacking.  With sweet words, the jezebel spirit
seduces many to believe in them. 

No, a true prophet is often harsh, blunt, and straightforward, for the true prophet is not trying to just get applause.  But the true prophet speaks bluntly for the Lord is usually angry when He gives a message to a prophet.
The person influenced by the jezebel spirit is not worried about what God thinks. Rather, they will spread sugar over the hateful evil words they speak, to seduce naive saints into thinking they are so sweet.  That is deceptiveness, and needs constant vigilance to avoid being entrapped in it.

Fake prophesying will occur with the ones influenced by the jezebel spirit.
The prophecies will be half truths, sometimes copies of prophecies of others, prophesying what the listeners want to hear, to assure that the one with the jezebel spirit gets patted on the back for the prophecies.  They will promise success, victories, healings, etc.  Even for the person they attack, will they so prophesy. 
Carnal blessing are a specialty in their false prophetic words, for even if they do come true, the jezebel spirit will not care, for the carnal blessings distract from the spiritual sight and vision we are supposed to have. 
A religious spirit is akin to most with a jezebel spirit, and there will be a religiousness coupled with pride. This pride in works, in ‘spirituality’, and in accomplishments will be frequently stated and restated.  The jezebel spirit wants to be thought of as the most religious, spiritual person in the group.
And the one with that spirit will try to be the first one to shout, to sing, to dance, to cry, to fast, to feel a burden. If someone beats that person to any of those, the person with the jezebel spirit will seek to out do the other person.  So their shout will be louder, their dance will be more active, their fast will be longer, their burden will be more announced, and proven to be heavier than any other there.  All will be done to promote the jezebel one, to bring glory to the person, and lessen glory to Jesus.

In the last days, every demon the devil can enlist is actively attacking.  We are only still seeing the ‘tip of the iceberg’.  So we must be prepared. Remember, Jesus is the victory.  Trust the Word that “No weapon formed against you shall prosper.”   God has promised ‘I will restore unto you all that the locust hath eaten.”  And the devil fears us for “Greater is He that is in you, than he that is in the world.”  So, Rejoice, do not fear.  Rather let the  “devils believe and tremble.”

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