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Witchcraft is a form of neo paganism. It is recognized as an official religion by the U.S. government. It is a diverse movement, and like in Christianity there are multiple denominations, so in wicca there are multiple beliefs and diversities. All witches are pagans, but not all pagans are witches.

Wicca employs many traditions such as Alexandrian, Algard, Dianic, Gardnerian, Georgian, Seax-wica, and others. No matter which one or ones we can describe, the wicca tradition is to say, 'we are not that way, you are lying' type answer. That is a way to deny all that is ever said bad about the religion, and pretend that everyone is out to get them.

We have to describe wiccan beliefs in discussion of Halloween, and if some wiccan somewhere does not believe this or that, it is still a wiccan belief of some wiccans, so I am not going to divide my discussion of wicca by trying to debate if their particular coven is exactly like the other wiccan in philosophies.

Most in wicca see divinity as immanent in nature, some do worship the devil and other evil spirits though, some do not. Most are nature oriented, and when talking to 'mother earth', it is not 'earth' that answers, it is an evil spirit pretending to be mother earth that answers, thus to we who are Christian, we still see even in ones not claiming to be working with devils to be talking to devils who pretend to be trees, rocks, and natural things.
Some wiccans invoke worship of the 'Mother' or 'Triple Goddess and her male consort, the Horned God'. They have one name for these personages, we Christians have another.

Many witches generally practice some form of divination, practice trances and altered states of consciousness, perform magical spells, and incantations to do what they call 'good' and some what they call 'evil', but as Christians, we see those things all as being the dealing with evil spirits who can lie and claim to be other personages.

Wicca generally speaking is antidogmatic, antiauthoritarian, decentralized, experience based, nature oriented, religious movement, whose followers are polytheistic or pantheistic. Some worship a female god, and some include a horned god, and some have other personages they worship, which we who are Christian call all of those gods to be false, evil spirits, some of which are 'familiar spirits' which pretend goodness, but are truly working against our Trinity.
Wicca has no centralized authority, and their practitioners have so many varied ideas that none of them can speak for the others. The movement does sometimes claim an ethical principle, that 'if it harm none, do what you want'. Though we Christians see that,  if it denigrates our Lord and exalts at the same time evil spirits who pretend to be a valid substitute for our Savior Jesus, it is harming and evil.

Most wiccan ideas are a 'create your own idea of wicca' and it is fine, and most other wiccans will accept you. So no matter what description one tries to give of wicca, it is claimed to be inaccurate by this one or that one. Most of them do not like the hideous, wart covered crone of fairy tales, and mock television portrayals of them, but the facts are they are contrary to our orthodox beliefs, and the spirits which speak to them are what we call evil spirits, whatever or whoever they want to call them. It does not matter if they dress and act like the witches of Halloween costumes, or not, it is not a Christian belief, and has teachings the Bible condemns. Wicca appeals to some who want to be active participants in their own religion, and appeals to some who love nature, and individuals who have been hurt by organized Christianity. Yet, the loving God of this universe loves them, was not the one who hurt them in churches, wants them to realize spirits claiming to be 'mother earth' are not good spirit forms, and the 'horned god' of some is really a devil, a wolf in sheep clothing, actually an evil spirit.

Wicca is a magnet for feminists who like a female deity, and it pulls some who are socially disconnected. Wicca empowers marginalized persons, and allows identity to claim mistreatment for their 'goodness' and 'misunderstanding' for their differences. The Bible though is clear that it is an abomination and insult to our God, so we can love their souls, and want them to get saved, and disagreement with their philosophy and religion does not make us guilty of the Salem trials and hideous costumes depicting them.
Some love the media fascination with their religion, and all of them seem to deny all the books that promote them, as not really them, and their dogma is as hard to describe in what they call 'accuracy' for they are all so varied, so individualistic in dogma. They are not worshiping Jesus as we do, they have spirits to whom they speak or listen to, that in the Bible are called 'evil spirits'. We are not to celebrate their holiday, for to us it is not 'holy', and it is a command for us to not to 'touch' even such celebrations.

Though some wiccans say they do not believe satan exists, the fact is that the spirits with whom they commune are in reality all cohorts of the one we call satan. Some will admit the 'horned god' of some wiccans is satan, most will not. Some will deny even a 'horned god' but honor other things and personages, listening to their messages, and those in reality of Christianity, evil spirits.

So, Halloween, is a time of intercession for such people, not condoning their varied ideas. When we hear of ‘halloween’, what images appear.  For many, there are no real goblins, no real vampires and witches in their memory.  There is not any child sacrifice having been viewed.  Yet, because I never witnessed a rape, does not mean they do not happen daily.   Halloween laughs at death, devils, witches, demon ghosts, and ‘trick or treat’ is infantile extortion.  None of those things are worthy of Christianity.  
A verse that many Christians have blackened out of their Bible is this command:
1 Thessalonians 5:22 (KJV)
 Abstain from all appearance of evil.

Halloween and the celebration of witches began over 2000 years ago with some pagan priests called ‘Druids’.  The druids were ‘kings’ of the occult.  Witchcraft, satanism, paganism, and all other facets of the occult take lessons from the druids.  Everything, from jack-o-lanterns, trick or treat, costumes, pranks, ghosts, witches and goblins of various sorts owe their beginning to the druids.

These druids celebrated two special nights of the year, Beltane and Samhain. Beltane occurred on May 1 and marked the birth of summer.  Samhain occurred Novermber 1 and signified the death of summer.  Samhain celebrated death and hell, and was there most important ritual. It contained many human sacrifices.   They believed the veil between death and life was opened on that eve before, and that roaming spirits of the dead were loosed, and looked for a body to possess.   We, as Christians, know that it is not human spirits, but evil spirits that roam and want to possess human bodies. The druids tried all sort of terrifying schemes to protect themselves from these roaming spirits.  They sacrificed victims, they drank blood, them put carved pumpkins with human fat from a victim inside, burning, to scare the evil spirits. 

They wore scary masks and costumes, to confuse (they hoped) the evil devils that wanted to harm them.   They went house to house, saying ‘trick or treat’ and if the ones inside did not pay the demanded price, they killed another victim.  Meals, sweets, treats were left out, to try to appease the angry spirits coming by in the night.  The was to be a terrifying covenant with the ‘ghosts’ and that covenant with devils led to them becoming more and more sinful and vile every halloween night. 

The most repulsive event was the human sacrifice of children the night before Samhain. Firstborns were sacrificed, their blood was drank, and their flesh eaten. One thing the Romans can be thanked for was the putting to an end this monstrous cult, wherein killing, slaughter, sexual abuse, etc were considered devoutness.  The druids had counted it a ‘holy’ thing to eat their father’s flesh, and perform incest with their mother and sisters.  All this is the history of halloween. 
The druids celebrated the festival of Beltane on May 1.  The word Beltane literally means the ‘fires of Bel’.  Bel is the same as the god ‘Baal’, mentioned over 80 times in the KJV.  God condemns the worship of this false ‘god’.  Children were sacrificed to this god at this celebration of the druids.

Most of the halloween customs come from the Baal rituals of the druids.  One November 1, fires were built to grieve the removal of baal, for it was at His first coming that Jesus bound Belial (another name for Baal).  In some cultish religions there is a day set aside to mourn the binding of baal, and they long for a day when he will be released.  The demons are the ones instigating these days of mourning and of hopeful joy.  They are angry their leading evil power was bound.  Halloween is their day of anger and vengeance against the world, but they want to intimidate even the Christians to observe it.   They design it for ‘candy’ for the children, funny masks for the youth, and hide in the background what evils they are still promoting.  Naive Christians decorate their homes, put out skeletons and witches to mark their day of anger at the binding of Belial.  Halloween glorifies death and evil.  Skulls, skeletons, ghosts, demons, devils, and witches are not Christians symbols. 
Hebrews 2:14 (KJV)
 Forasmuch then as the children are partakers of flesh and blood, he also himself likewise took part of the same; that through death he might destroy him that had the power of death, that is, the devil;
The devils do not like it that the power of death was taken from the devil, and now, in the end, resurrection life is given to all that are the Lord's. The devil is angry, and through abortion, through euthanasia, and through ritualistic murders of his cohorts, the devils try to kill all they can. In the end, they will burn in the lake of fire. I will not celebrate days that they want to make symbols of death and murder. I will not celebrate with those who celebrate the devils of death.
Witchcraft is sometimes called ‘the craft’.   It involves the use of magic.  Practitioners of witchcraft, no matter what branch of the craft they are in, call upon supernatural forces, that we know to be demonic spirits, to change the outcome, the circumstances.  These attempts are spell casting, and are attempted using their ‘will’ over nature and situations.  The word ‘witchcraft’ actually means ‘craft of the witch’.
In the Bible, the term ‘witch’ and ‘witchcraft’ refers to any activity which involves using or working with evil spirits.  This would include the ‘witch of Endor’, which Saul visited, and she called for the deceased Samuel to reappear and answer Saul. Some evil spirit did appear.  The damsel that followed Paul in the New Testament, praising Paul and his ministry, was also into witchcraft, and her joining the group of Paul’s congregation was to make inroads for her witchcraft business of telling fortunes, etc.  Paul rebuked her and cast a demon out of her.  The demon had been empowering her in her work, and when the evil spirit was cast out, she had no power of herself.
Some think themselves to be ‘natural witches’, having power from birth to cast spells, change circumstances, work with spirits of wind, earth, fire, and water.   They think this is an inherent magic power they have.   When in actuality their power comes from evil spirits.   Other witches claim to be ‘spiritual witches’ and they take time trying to perfect their powers, working with other witches, speaking to ‘spirits’ of the sun, moon, things of earth, fire, etc. and by being taught by fellow witches, they slowly get more into the evil spirits’ control, and are useable by evil spirits for pretend good, or totally evil use by the evil spirits.
The witches claim their ‘magic’ is neutral, and only the use of it determines if it is ‘white or black’, i.e. good or evil. Since the source is evil spirits, not our God, it is evil, whether they pretend to use it for good or not.  The ‘good’ things they may do with their so called ‘magic’ is evil when it makes Christians trust them as a source of power. When Saul went to the witch at Endor, the spirit impersonating Samuel gave similar answer to Saul as did God, but God was angered at Saul’s visit to a witch, and his sons all were killed the next day in judgment for that audacious error.

Unfortunately, witches today depend on the gullibility and naivety of some Christians who if they heard a witch could give tomorrow’s winning lottery numbers, they would line up with cash in hand to pay for that information.   If the source is evil, the magic a witch does, is still evil, whether it be called ‘white’ or ‘black’ magic.   Our powers as Christians must only come from God.  The Holy Spirit works powerfully through saints, does miracles that make the pretend and evil miracles of witches to look pathetic.

The so called ‘good witches’ work in their spells to achieve from evil spirits powers to levitate, to have telekinesis, to use telepath0y, to manipulate weather.  They get those powers from demons, but they often credit themselves as being special in having them.  They use chants, spell casting, meditation, hearing from the spirit of fire, of the sun, of the moon, of things on earth, etc. 

The ‘craft’ of which they speak, is the spells, and rituals that they follow in order to achieve more and more power.   Wicca is a relatively modern term for modern interpretation of the craft.   They follow and observe sabbats, honor esbats, and follow the ‘wheel of the year’.  The ‘WICCAN REDE’ lays out their rules to live by.   They have no central authority that they admit, but as Jesus said, if you do not come through Him only, one is following and subservient to the ‘father of lies’, i.e. their father, the devil.

They claim to be independent of any one person to tell them what to do, how to live, what is right and what is wrong, but in reality, their leader and master is still the devil, whether they acknowledge it, or whether they even know it.  They claim one rule only ‘if it harm none, do as you will.’  Yet, their talking to evil spirits, thinking they are talking to the earth, fire, wind, the sun, or whatever, is harming them.   For Christians to give allowance and for Christians to condone such evil spirit concepts in the church is harming perpetrator and their victims.

Some witches claim to be respecting nature when they speak and listen for answers from wind, fire, earth, water, etc.  The ‘esbats’ are the full moon honorings that witches observe every 28 days.  They attribute to the moon power in their lives, and they seek to unite with the spirit of the moon to be sure that power from the moon does good for them.   They know the moon affects the tides of the earth, and claim that we too are mostly water, so it affects us, and we are supposed to be able to determine if the effect of the full moon does good to us or bad.  This is far from Christian teaching, so when they say they are just doing the ‘craft’, they do not want fuller explanations of what they are doing to be commonly known, especially not to the Christians amidst which they want to glorify the ‘craft’.

Sabbats are festivals of celebration that mark what witches call the Wheel of the year.  Wiccans and witches honor nature, and do so on eight sabbats. On these days they claim to realign themselves with the earth.  They have eight such celebrations: halloween, winter solstice, candlemas, spring equinox, beltane, summer solstice, lammas, and autumn equinox.

The sabbat of halloween is a time witches believe the veil between the living and the spirits of the dead is very thin, and contact with them is very easy.  They also believe that it is an optimum day to perform spells, for it is a day of great magical power.  They try to stay open to any messages from dead spirits that may visit them. At least that is how the ‘white’ witches, and wicca handle the day. There are even more sinister ways of observing it, but even in this ‘white’ or good way, we see that they are communicating not with departed humans they knew, but with evil spirits impersonating such.

The celebration of witches on candlemas is interesting.  They believe it to be a time of ‘divination’, looking into the coming year. They do a candlemas spell where they bid farewell to darkness, using an incense holder, candles, salt, water, and a plate, they attempt to create what they call a sacred space and circle. They tell ‘darkness’ to go, they ask the spirit of the fire in the candles to light their year.  Again, this is speaking to demons, for the flame and the candle have no power, are not deity. Only the demon of deception is answering their spells.

The common feature is the elimination of God as the one to whom they pray or speak.  The uplifting of themselves to places of thinking they have magical powers and can cast spells on certain days that will bless their lives.  None of this is Biblical. 

An esbat is a ritual celebration of the full moon.  People often will speak of ‘being under the spell of the moon’.  The wiccan and witchcraft belief is that there is a spell of the moon to be observed, and used in their craft.  There is a full moon every 28 days, meaning 13 a year.  The 13th is called the ‘blue moon’.  

Their reasoning is that the moon affects the tides, and therefore, since we are mostly water, it affects us.  They believe they can tap into the supposed power of the moon, and use those ‘energies’ in their lives.  Many traditions of witchcraft teach that the full moon is the best time to perform rituals and magic.   Some believe that the full moon is a link to the ‘goddess’ and them.

Many meditate on various aspects of their beliefs during the full moon time. For instance, during the ‘hazel moon’ (Sept 22 to Oct 22) they meditate on the laws of karma, and of reincarnation  

During the ‘rosemary moon’, they feel their communication with the god or goddess closest to them is stronger.
The esbats are not Biblical celebrations, and the way they observe them lifts up false gods, evil spirits, and they attempt to be more open to spirits.   We are commanded to ‘have no other gods before (in the presence of)’ God.  That is one of the commandments, that is still in effect.  Our God is a jealous God and wants total reverence for Himself, not to be shared in the honoring of other gods.  

We want to win these deceived, misled, confused, witches to the Lord.  When they do come to Him, they will naturally renounce all involvement in witchcraft.   One of the signs of someone being truly saved, is that they will confess Jesus before others, and that testimony is a sign of true conversion.  We can witness to witches, but to condone their talking to evil spirits, their ideas of necromancy, and of magic telekinesis, telepathy, etc. is not to be accepted.   When they repent of that involvement, they can be wonderful Christians, and will lovingly serve the true God.

In batting demons and evil spirits, we must focus on them as the enemy, and the human cohorts and defenders of them, we must see as victims, not enemies.   We are at war with the devils, we are here to win souls and counter the meager powers of devils.

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