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Revelation 2:7
To him that overcometh,will I give to eat of the tree of life, which is in the midst of the paradise of God.
Messages to the ‘overcomers’ of the church ages, “To him that overcometh” is promised:
 (2:7) ‘eat of the tree of life”
(2:11) ‘not be hurt by the second death.”
(2:17) ‘eat of the hidden manna, a white stone, and a new name.”
(2:29) ‘power over peoples... the morning Star.”
(3:6) ‘white raiment... not blot out thy name... confess to the Father and to angels.’
(3:13) ‘...make a pillar in the Temple of God... go no more out... write upon him name of My God... New Jerusalem... write on him My new name.”
(3:22) ‘grant to sit with Me in My throne.”

Notice that here, to the Ephesus church, is promised to be able to someday eat of the tree of life. The tree still exists, after all these years.
Jude, half brother of Jesus, quotes from a book that the early church used much in the first 300 years of the church age. Jude quoted from Enoch, and verified that a true book of Enoch existed, and we know from that quote that it was not considered ‘pseudopigrapha’. When Jesus taught the disciples from all the prophets, that would have included the prophet, Enoch. Therefore, we need to see what the early church was reading in that book.
In the Ladd translation/paraphrase of Enoch’s prophetic book, we read:
Enoch 24:1 From there I was taken to another part where there was a mountain of fire that burned day and night.
24:2  As I approached I saw the seven great mountains of precious and beautiful stones. Three glorious and beautiful mountains were toward the east, and three  more toward the south, all close to the other.
24:3  There  was  a  seventh mountain in the middle of these, and in their tops they seemed like thrones, with fragrant trees all about them.
24:4  One  tree I saw was unlike any I'd seen before. Its smell was very fragrant, its  leaves  and flowers, and wood never withered or aged. Its fruit was like bunches of dates on a palm tree.
24:5  Then I said: "Behold, this beautiful tree! How beautiful and pleasant are its leaves and fruit."
24:6 Then Michael, a holy and honored angel who was with me, answered:
25:1 "Enoch, why do you ask me about this tree?"
25:2  Then  I,  Enoch,  answered: "I  wish  to  learn  about  everything, but especially about this tree."
25:3  Michael answered: "This high mountain you saw whose top is like a throne, is  like  God's throne, and is the throne where the Great Holy One,
 the Lord of Glory, the  Eternal King, will sit when He comes to visit the earth at the end time.
25:4  And  this  beautiful fragrant tree is the one that no human has the right to  touch until  the judgment of the Lord's vengeance. When that end has come, then this tree will be given to the righteous chosen ones and to the humble.
25:5  From  this  tree's  fruit, life  will be given to the chosen; toward the north  it  will  then  be planted in a holy place by the house of the Lord, the Eternal King.
25:6  At  that  time they will rejoice in that holy place; they will partake of the  fragrant tree to receive life, and lives will be long - sorrow, pain, toil and punishment will not touch them.
25:7 Then I blessed the Glorious  Lord,  the  Eternal King, because He has created such things for the righteous, and has announced His purpose to give them to men.
From Enoch’s book, we learn that the tree of life, exists in paradise, and is much like a palm tree, with flower like leaves surrounding an inner fruit.  Inside this flower like pouch, are fruit like bunches of dates. 
In the New Jerusalem, we see from Rev. 22:2, 14, that these trees shall be growing on both sides of the rivers that flow down from the throne. It tells that twelve manner of fruit are harvested each month from such trees, and its leaves and fruit never fail.

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