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Jude quoted into our Bible that Enoch, the seventh generation from Adam knew about the second coming of Jesus and preached it. What does that same Book of Enoch tell us that Enoch knew of the rapture of the church?


(From the "Book of Enoch", Ladd translation/paraphrase)

Enoch 14:8 The vision that I saw was this: The clouds and the mist called me, the path of the stars as flashes of lightning pushed me on, the winds seemed to make me fly up into the heavens.

14:9 Finally, I came to a wall built of hailstones; around the wall was like a tongue of fire. I became afraid.

14:10 I entered through the tongue of fire by the large house built of a mosaic of hailstones, its floor was like snow.

14:11 Above it were flashes and streaks like lightning, some of which were fiery cherubim flying. About them, the sky looked like water.

14:12 Fire burned about the wall, the doorway was a wall of fire.

14:13 When I entered the house, it was hot as fire, yet cold as snow.

Inside it seemed desolate and empty. Great fear overwhelmed me.

14:14 As I trembled greatly, I fell on my face. Then I saw in the vision,

14:15 another house, larger than the first, it was built of fire, with all its doors open.

14:16 Its glory, splendor, and size, I cannot describe adequately.

14:17 Its floor was fire, above were flashes like lightning, so many that its roof seemed as a burning fire.

14:18 I saw inside a high throne, it looked like ice, with the glow like the sun surrounding it. I heard the sound of cherubim about it.

14:19 From below the high throne, rivers of fire flowed out, so bright was it that I could not look at it.

14:20 The Great and Glorious One sat upon the throne. His raiment was as the sun, whiter than snow.

14:21 No angel, or flesh, could look directly upon his face.

14:22 A fire burnt about him so that none could approach. Yet, there were thousands of thousands in this room. Whatever he said was done.

14:23 The Holy Angels about Him would never depart.

14:24 My face had been covered, that I did not see fully His glory, and I trembled. The Lord Himself called me - "Come here, Enoch, to listen to Me."

14:25 And the Word of the Lord lifted me up and placed me by the door. And I looked, but kept my face down.


Enoch 47 and part of chapter 48, describe this time of the throne room event, also shown in Rev ch 4 & 5, to John in revelation vision. Look at part of Enoch’s description of that same event.


Enoch 47:1 In that time the prayer and blood of the righteous will have ascended as incense to the Lord of Spirits.

47:2 The holy ones who then dwell in heaven will unite with one voice and intercede, pray, praise, give thanks, and worship the Lord of Spirits.

They have shed their blood, and not ceased to pray2. to the Lord of Spirits for justice, and that they would not have to be patient forever.

47:3 Then I saw the Head of Days sit down on the throne of glory, and the books of life were opened. All His saints in heaven and His Council were standing before Him.

47:4 The hearts of the saints were glad that the number of saints had been reached, and that their prayers were heard, and that the Lord was finally to answer the blood they had shed.

 48:1 In that place I saw an inexhaustible spring of righteousness, and many springs of wisdom surrounding it. All the thirsty drank from them and received wisdom. They dwelt with the righteous, the holy, and the chosen.

48:2 At that hour they worshiped the Son of Man greatly in the presence of the Lord of Spirits. They called His name in worship before the Head of Days.

48:3 Even before the creation of the sun and stars, He was worshiped in the presence of the Head of Days.

48:4 He will be like a staff to lean on that will never fail the saints. He will be the light of the people and hope to those who grieve.

48:5 All the earth will someday bow before Him, for He deserves blessings, and praises, and songs of praises of the Lord.

48:6 For this reason He was chosen. and has remained in the presence of the Lord of Spirits before the world was created.

48:7 The wisdom of the Lord of Spirits has revealed Him to the righteous and holy. He will deliver the righteous, for they have hated and rejected the sinful world, they have rejected its ways and works so they might please the Lord. It is in the name of this Son of Man that the saints are saved, and He is the one that has delivered their lives.



Then, in another part of the Book of Enoch, (Ladd translation/paraphrase), we find a further description of the rapture day in heaven, as shown to Enoch. Compare it with John’s vision.


Enoch 61:1 I saw angels being given long cords, and then with wings flew toward the north.

61:2 I asked the angel: "Why did these angels take long cords and leave?" And he answered: "They went to measure."

61:3 "These cords will measure the righteousness of those who depend on the Lord of Spirits."

61:4 "All the chosen shall be gathered together to have their faith and righteousness judged.".

61:5 These measurements shall reveal all the secrets of those who have been in the depths of the earth, of all those destroyed in desert places,

of all those killed in the sea or by animals. They have been able to depend upon the Lord of Spirits, for they know that no soul can ever be destroyed - but lives on.

61:6 Those who dwell in heaven were given a command, and gathered together to praise with one voice.

61:7 They blessed the Chosen One above all things - with many blessings they praised His wisdom and His life.

61:8 The Lord of Spirits set the Chosen One on the throne of glory so He could judge all the works and deeds of the saints.

61:9 As He judges all their ways in the name of the Lord of Spirits, the saints shall bless, praise, exalt and glorify the Lord of Spirits.

61:10 He shall call all the heavenly hosts, the saints from above, and the saints of the earth. The Cherubim, Seraphim, Ophannim, the angels of power, and the angels of the principalities, and the Chosen One shall gather with the saints brought up from earth on that day.

61:11 They shall with one voice glorify the Chosen One, in the spirit of faith, of wisdom, of patience, of mercy, of justice, of peace, and of goodness. They will all say with one voice, "Blessed is He, and blessed be the name of the Lord of Spirits forever and ever.

61:12 The resurrected saints will bless Him, the angels of heaven will bless Him, the chosen ones who were in the Garden of Life shall bless Him, and everyone who is able to praise shall exalt His holy name. All flesh shall praise Him beyond their power to do so.

61:13 For great is the mercy of the Lord of Spirits, He is long suffering and has revealed all His works and His forces to the righteous and chosen.



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