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Some politicians try to insist that God is Love” and so all religious must be considered a way to heaven.   

The liberal left has decided that they believe that ‘God is love’ . (I John 4:8. 16).  This is then perverted to mean that any god, any religion, must be a way to heaven. This religion is called in religious circles to be ‘universalism.
Now, to be ‘politically correct’ one must not infer in any way that there is one way to heaven, i.e. Jesus Christ and His atonement for repenters.  That is heresy to this politically correct mandated religion of the liberal left.

The political left will allow one to believe in a ‘god’ if that god does not condemn sin, murderous religions, and does not send anyone to hell fire for rejection of any of the laws of the True God.

The religion of universalism is a mandated religion according to the political left, and they are trying to impose it on the nation. It is a perversion of Christian theology, it is perversion of the true message of the Bible.

The message of ‘grace’ that is offered to mankind, allowing all of we sinners to repent and receive mercy from a loving Savior and be granted immunity from divine judgment due to the death of Jesus on the cross, and be granted eternal life due to His resurrection three days following the crucifixion, is not politically correct in this time. 

Society takes monistic universalism and try to Christianize it with a veneer of Christian vocabulary.  They try to inject into Christianity, a departure from the ‘Creator’ idea, into an evolution of the ‘creature’ concept, making man his own ‘god’ evolving and therefore unchallenged for one’s own decision on how and whom to worship.

The ‘god’ of this new politically correct religion wants a ‘divine spirit’ in every man, and allowing everyone to choose their own religion to heaven, and make any exterior ‘god’ to be the same ‘god’ with various names to be for all.

To those who accept this religion, the ‘divine light’ is supposed to dwell in every man, energizing them in their own choices.  The only religion that is unacceptable to this universalism religion is Christianity that rejects their evil and un-Biblical concepts.

A part of the Christian religion succumbs to the political pressure and tries to maintain uniqueness while being un-opposing, apathetic, and congenial with all the lies of universalistic ideology.

The ideological idea of universalism counters harshly against the major doctrines of the Bible.  It is contrary to the core truths of God’s revelation to mankind, and is therefore heretical.

The Council of Constantinople declared ‘universalism’ a ‘heresy’ in A.D. 543.
Later, John Scotus Erigena (A.D. 185-254) and John Denck, in the sixteenth century, and Jacob Boehme (1575 - 1624) tried to revive the heresy of universalism, but now in our current age, we see it being promoted by some churches and by liberal politicians.

Still, the Bible is unchangeable, and universalism is contrary to the orthodox teachings of the Bible, of Christianity, and universalism is as much a heresy today as it always was.

The concept of God’s plan of salvation, of sending Jesus to become a man, so that He could suffer and die, paying the penalty for sin, and offer salvation to all who would accept the atonement possible due to that sacrifice, is perverted to the max by the contrary teachings of universalism.  It is a heresy to the extreme.   

God is a self existent, autonomous, independent, Divine Person, Who has deemed what is sin and what is holy, has laid down the law of punishment for failure to live aright, and has offered mercifully a way of atonement.   Those who reject that One Way through Jesus Christ, are doomed, for there is no other way.  The incarnational involvement of Jesus coming to earth, proves that God is love, and still God never denied that He is still JUST, and the penalty of sin is still applied to all who reject God’s merciful provision of redemption from our sins.

Christian theology shows that one must commence with Who God is, His character, His love, and His justice.  Universalism wants to predetermine that no such God as found revealed in the Bible exists, and everyone can choose any other ‘god’ offered amidst the world’s alternate religions.  

The God of orthodox Christianity is the only one totally rejected by Universalism. The fallacious starting point of universalism predetermines their failure and their rejection of the True God. Their efforts to re-define Christian jargon is pathetic and unreal.  

Of course, ‘God is love’.  ‘Love’ describes our True God, and the creation of mankind to have beings to be able to choose or reject this loving God was God’s plan.  Therefore, the punishment of rejection of God’s plan meant a necessary punishment for sin, which is horrible to the HOLY God.  In mercy, knowing the fallibility of mankind, God made a plan of escape from the punishment for sin. Jesus came and died for our sins, allowing us to have eternal life.  This is the love of God described in the Bible.  God acted out of love to allow only the rejecters of His salvation to be lost and doomed to the punishment of sin.

The politically correct concept of a ‘god’ that is only ‘love’, and not also ‘just’ and ‘holy’ is a perversion of the Bible’s teachings. When tolerance of human indecency, when mankind is allowed to abuse women, kill unborn children, murder innocent victims, commit euthanasia, etc, and claim to be serving a ‘god’ of love, they are liars to the max, and deceived beyond reason.

Some Christian teachers have far too long focused on the punitive consequences of mankind’s sin, yet, still, God’s love is not a denial of His justice and judgment. God’s love, and God’s justice, are not contradictory.  So far, God’s judgment has been an effort of the loving God to encourage mankind to seek entrance into His love.  The final judgment time of the White Throne judgment still to come is the final judgment, wherein the loving God, weepingly, allows mankind’s final choices to become their eternal choice and they go into the punishment they willingly chose to suffer rather than accept the merciful provision of redemption God offered.
The true God is ‘not willing that any perish’, and yet, is loving enough to not force any to leave their own personal choice to serve themselves or a false god.  

Some want a ‘god’ that will serve themselves. Some want a ‘god’ dependent upon themselves. The true Creator God is Self-existent, independent, and has millennia before creation of man made the rules of holiness. We do not change the True God into our image, we were made in His image, and returning to the image and likeness of God is the only way to be pleasing to Him. This return to holiness requires repentance, acceptance of Jesus Christ, and His atonement and sanctification process we call ‘salvation’.

We were created to be ‘choosing’ beings, able to choose willingly to accept atonement through Jesus, or to reject that salvation. We cannot ‘will’ someone other than the True Savior to be our redemption. Only the True God has the free will to choose the method of salvation. Our will is limited to acceptance or rejection of God’s will and God’s chosen plan of salvation.
When God created man with ‘choice’, He risked that mankind might reject His plan. Divine love recognized that vulnerability and fallibility of mankind, and planned a way of redemption for failures and falls into sinful choices.  Repentance is fallen and sinful mankind’s errors. Yet, repentance is seldom preached in this world where ‘political correctness’ is more pushed than righteousness, and atonement for sins.

Sin is the result of an evil character, and contrary to the image of God into which we were created. Universalism seeks to avoid the concept of ‘sin’ and therefore cannot conceive of a holy, sinless God. Sin is irrelevant to universalism, and not something that defines the nature of those not redeemed.  Politically correct universalism sees sin as an illusion, and attack anyone with a concept of sin as something to be shunned, and removed.  Sin is minimalized, made to seem trivial, at best. Yet, it is something that needs repented and escaped via the loving provision of the True God.      

Our loving God does not send some to hell for their sins, but He is ‘not willing that any perish’.  Yet, He does allow for the freedom of choice to allow those who choose, to receive the consequences of their sinful choice.
God considered the vulnerability of fallible mankind to be reason to lovingly send Jesus to suffer and die at the hands of evil men.  The sinlessness of His death allows us to choose to accept His sinless death to replace ours. 
‘God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish, but have eternal life.’  John 3:16
God ‘made Him (Jesus) Who knew no sin, to be sin on our behalf’.
 II Corinthians 5:21  

Jesus gave His life as ‘a ransom for many’ I Timothy 2:6.

If the political correct lie of universalism were true, there would have been no need of Jesus’ death, resurrection, and the teachings of the Bible on ‘repentance’, ‘faith’, and the following holy living. If all were destined to be saved, then there would have been no reason for the death and resurrection of the incarnated God, i.e. Jesus Christ.

C.S. Lewis said that ‘God does not send people to hell: people choose to go there by their own unbelief.’ 

The politically correct false teaching that mankind is universally bound for heaven, is heretical and those who try to force us to agree with it, are not to be elected.  It is a damnable doctrine, not from the True God.  Their proof texts are twisted: their philosophical reasonings are fallacious.

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