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God does not do stupid things, for all wisdom is originated in our omniscient Lord. Yet, when compared to the wisdom of mankind, the wisdom of God is often judged to be "stupid".  Therefore, Christians who, called of God, sent to do things, and say things for Him, will sometimes find, what we are called to do, will seem to be STUPID. 

For instance, imagine being called by God to be a prophet, and then are instructed by this same God to preach to mountains, or to preach to a forest!  Would you feel comfortable, as your neighbors walked by and asked you what you were doing, and why? Ezekiel was given many such things to do, and they seemed, in the natural to be "stupid." 

Ezekiel was told to cut off all his hair, and to put it in three separate piles, to cut up a third, to burn a third, and to scatter a third to the wind. He was told to prophesy to a pile of bones. He was told to pack his bags, and to escape during the night by digging a hole in the wall of his home.

In what seemed to be "stupid" instructions, Ezekiel was acting out a message from God in pantomime form.  It may have seemed moronic, absurd, ridiculous, and senseless, but God was speaking through these pantomimes to a people who refused to listen to the normal preaching of prophets as Ezekiel.

When Ezekiel tried to preach a normal message from the Lord, the people would decline to attend, reject what was being spoken, and refuse to acknowledge that God had spoken. The army of prophets today, will find that there are more with ears that hear not.  So, we can expect God to give us ‘stupid’ things to do or say.  He has done it oft before, and if we are too proud to be used of God in such ways, we have thereby limited our usefulness to the Lord.

It was likely difficult also for Ezekiel to obey God's strange commands, but when he did, a crowd would gather to see what "absurd" thing Ezekiel would do today.  They would spread the word to the town of the "crazy" prophet, and his "weird" and "moronic" actions, but the word would be spread... and the message would be given.

Ezekiel became the talk of the town, and an interesting character who was the laughing stock of the area.  God was giving a pantomime sermon, and they were receiving His messages in spite of their resistance to the truth.

There were other prophets who used symbolic actions to preach the messages of the Lord:

AHIJAH tore his new garment into twelve pieces as an illustrated sermon.
I Kings 11:30-31
"Ahijah caught the new garment that was on him, and rent it in 12 pieces... thus saith the Lord. I will rend the kingdom out of the hand of Solomon."
ZEDEKIAH made horns of iron, to illustrate a truth.
I Kings 22:11
"Zedekiah ...made him horns of iron..."

ELISHA was to shoot an arrow, and then pound the ground to illustrate God’s message.
II Kings 13:17-19
"Elisha said, 'Shoot... the arrow of the Lord's deliverance...smite on the ground...'"  

ISAIAH had to go barefoot and in his undergarment only for three years.  That would take some calling today to get prophets to do that, I am sure!
Isaiah 20:2-4
"Go and loose the sackcloth from off thy loins and put off thy shoe... he did so, walking naked and barefoot... three years for a sign and a wonder."

JEREMIAH wore the normal plain and humble garment of a prophet, but God instructed him to get a very fancy linen belt to wear with it. Then told Jeremiah to go and bury it, in a hole, hundreds of miles from home.  Later, dig it up and put it back on. 
Jeremiah 13:1-14
"Get thee a linen girdle... hide it in a hole of a rock"

AGABUS was told to take the belt of Paul, and use it to tie himself up.
Acts 21:10-11
"he took Paul's girdle and bound his own hands and feet"

The list of ‘seemingly stupid’ things that God can ask one to do, can go on and on.  

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