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The Kabbalah Error, then & now

Mysticism formed early into Judaism. One mystical school of thought came to be known as Kabbalah. The word comes from the root ‘qof-bet-lamed’ (QBLH), which literally means ‘to receive, to accept’. The word is usually translated ‘tradition’.


This false sect claiming to be part of Judaism had the belief that they claim is a special knowledge of God’s existence. They believe that God first taught this secret knowledge to a select group of angels in paradise. After the fall of mankind, these angels taught this secret knowledge to disobedient mankind of the earth to show them how to return to their former nobility. Adam passed on to Noah this secret knowledge, and Noah passed it on to Abraham. Abraham supposedly let slip out this to the Egyptians during his sojourn there, and they used this secret knowledge in their religion. Moses, supposedly, who was taught by the Egyptians, learned this secret from these Egyptians. This knowledge was supposedly then passed down only orally, and not put into writing.


In the medieval period, two books were written, supposedly from those who had orally passed such secret knowledge down during all those centuries. Two books form the crux of their doctrinal teachings. The ‘BOOK OF CREATION’, and the ‘ZOHAR’.


"The Book of Creation" is six chapters long, in 33 sections, written in Mishnic Hebrew. According to the Kabbalah-ists, it was written by Rabbi Akiba in 120 A.D. It claims to be a monologue of Abraham telling the ways of wisdom by which God produced the universe.

"Zohar" is the ‘Bible’ of the Kabbalah-ists. It is in Aramaic, and is a commentary on the Pentateuch. It is 52 lessons. The word ‘zohar’ means ‘light, splendor’. It was really composed by a Spanish Jew names Moses of Leon in 1305 A.D.


In the teachings of Zohar, we find that God is made to be ten beings. Three trinities, and one force encircling the other nine.


In the first trinity, we are told there is ‘Yah’ the masculine one, and Yahweh, the feminine one. Those two are coupled together by the ‘crown’, making the first trinity.


The second trinity is El, Elohah, and Elohim. A third trinity is Yahweh Sabaoth, Elohe Sabaoth, and El Hai. The three trinities are encircled then by Adonai.


One angel is presented as almost divine by these Kabbalah-ists. Metatron. There is also the ‘angel of death,’ called ‘Samael’. In the book, in the end of times, Samael returns to power and hell disappears, and all becomes blissful for all.


These false teachings are supposedly in the Scriptures of the Jewish faith, but are ‘hidden’ inside, and only those with the secret knowledge can unlock the code to find them.


The source of this mystical sect and their ideas springs from the religion of the Egyptians, which some of the Hebrews carried out of Egypt in their minds. The Canaanites, Phoenicians, Assyrians, Babylonians, and Persians also had elements in their religions that are found within the kabbalah doctrines. The corruptions of the true faith given to Abraham, Moses, etc, has resulted in a mystical sect of kabbalah. The false religions of the heathen peoples included feminine deities, and Kabbalah pays much attention to feminine deities.


Many of the basic ideas of the Kabbalah are found in gnosticism, as started by Simon magus. Today’s gnostic beliefs are likewise based on many ideas of the Kabbalah. Kabbalah was popular among some Christian sects in the Renaissance period. They re-interpreted its doctrines to amalgamate into Christianity.


The Kabbalah heresy was and is a Jewish mysticism practice. They seek wisdom and confirmation for their doctrines in the Hebrew Scriptures. The Torah (Pentateuch) has 304,805 Hebrew letters. The Kabbalah-ists believe that hidden in those letters are this secret wisdom meant for those with the intelligence or gift to find such. To the Kabbalah-ists, every letter of the Hebrew language is a channel to God or to His message for us. Finding the hidden messages was and still is the past time of Kabbalah-ists.


People of all kinds seek patterns in life. We create patterns to organize and structure life. We have seven day weeks, twelve months to a year, four seasons, 24 hour days, etc. We have periodic holidays, birthdays.


One of the patterns sought in the Scriptures is called ‘TEMURAH’. In it they change each letter with another one, and then seek to find words of the new letter arrangement. They change ‘aleph’ the first letter of the alphabet with ‘lamed’, the twelfth letter of the alphabet, etc.


Another pattern seeking technique is to give each letter of the alphabet a numerical value. This is called ‘GEMATRIAH’. Then they get the sum total of each word. The value of ‘shiloh come’ is 358, and the value of ‘messiah’ is also 358, so they conclude they are speaking of the same one.


Another pattern seeking technique is ‘NOTARIKON’. This is the reconstructing of a word, using the letters as initials of other words. Also they take the initial letter of each word of a sentence, and make a word from those initial letters.


The ELS, or EQUIDISTANT LETTER SEQUENCE, found to be so popular today is another pattern seeking technique. This assumes that God locked in code a real message of the Bible. They take every 23rd, every 370th, etc. letter and look for words that may occasionally appear in that new assortment of letters.


The Jewish sage, Moses Maimonides, known as Ramdan, commented on the Zohar, stating that he understood the Zohar to indicate that there were complex codes in the Zohar. These codes, he said, were another reason why a Torah scroll should be unfit for use, if only one letter were missing. The removal or addition of one letter would eliminate the hidden codes, he said. The Zohar refers to such codes in Zohar II 161a.


The Rabbi Michael Dov Weissandl, a Jewish Czech, mathematician, astronomer, found an obscure reference to these codes in a book written by the Jewish Rabbi, Rabbeynu Bachhayah.


Using this method, some have found the name of Yitzshak Rabin near a numerical value that coincidentally is the date of his assassination. Some have figured the chances of such coincidence to be one in 62,500. Harold Gans, a former cryptologist at the U.S. defense department, figured the chances at one in 5.3 million. To some this means that this was an intentional insertion of this fact by God. Many configurations of words are totally random, and occur in any text of sufficient length. A single thing, like the Yitshak Rabin assassination date does not prove a theory.


In 1991, three Israeli mathematicians, Eliyahu Rips, Doron Witztum, and Yoav Rosenberg, used a computer to check the Torah for secret words and phrases. Starting with the first letter of Genesis, and using the ‘EQUIDISTANT LETTER SEQUENCING, the computer sought for meaningful words. Then they did it again and again, using the second letter, third letter, etc. Using this method, they found the names of 32 rabbis and their birth dates. Their report was published in "STATISTICAL SCIENCE" in 1994.


In 1995, the Wall Street Journal reporter, Michael Drosnin, an agnostic, read that report and went to Israel to get the computerized Torah program. In 1997, he published ‘THE BIBLE CODE’. In 2002, he published ‘THE BIBLE CODE II, THE FINAL COUNTDOWN’. He claimed to have found in the same area, the name of Yitshak Rabin, and the date of his assassination.


One of the eight letters in the name of Y. Rabin also appears in the surface text of Deuteronomy 4:42, saying ‘assassin that will assassinate’. How does that indicate a prophecy?


Dr. Eliyahu Rips, whose program Drosnin took to do his work, said of Mr. Drosnin’s book:

"I do not support Mr. Drosnin’s conclusions he derives... All attempts to extract messages from Torah codes or to make predictions based on them are futile and are of no value."


Suppose your name were found in some passage, and then using numerical value for letters near it, we found various dates. What would those dates mean? How would we know which one, if any, meant an assassination date? How would we know if there were any significance meant by those numerical values? To find names, using ELS is likely in any writing of any length. To find dates using the letters have numerical value method is also likely. To find meaningful dates for such names, is also very possible. None of that means we can deduct from such coincidences any prophetic significance.


Michael Drosnin once said:

"When my critics find a message about the assassination of a prime minister encrypted in "Moby Dick", I’ll believe them."


Taking that as a challenge, Brendan McKay did an ELS analysis on "Moby Dick" and found ‘predictions’ of:

Indira Ghandi’s assassination...

Martin Luther King’s assassination...

John F. Kennedy’s assassination...

Abraham’s Lincoln’s assassination...

Yitshak Rabin’s assassination...

Diana, princess of Wales death...


Mathematician David Thomas did an ELS on Genesis, and found ‘code’ and ‘bogus’ in close proximity 60 times. He also did an ELS on Drosdin’s ‘The Bible Code II, The Final Countdown’ and found the sentence, ‘The Bible code is a silly, dumb, fake, false, evil, nasty dismal fraud, and a snake oil hoax.’


Randall Ingermanson, Doctor of Physics at the University of California at Berkeley. wrote the book ‘WHO WROTE THE BIBLE CODE?’ in 1999. He used the probability theory to see if the ‘messages’ of the Bible code are more than the normal law of chance. In his book, he noted that God was not dictating all the Pentateuch to Moses, for Moses’ own death was recorded, with that part at least being after stopped dictating the book to him. He also said that Torah editions show variations from one another. The Leningrad Codex differs in 41 letters in Deuteronomy alone. Such variations would play havoc on the ELS pattern search.


Other methods have been attempted to seek for hidden messages in the books of Scripture. Sir Isaac Newton had his own method of deciphering Biblical prophecy. He confined his efforts to Daniel and Revelation. Newton did not try to find predictive things, but thought that events that have happened since the writing of those prophetic books could be found in them, to prove to the world the prophetic nature of the books. Newton did succumb to the temptation to look for prophetic messages, and did predict the end of the world for 2060.

In his book, ‘OBSERVATIONS’, Newton said that the prophecy in Daniel was ‘not to gratify men’s curiosities by enabling them to foreknow things....’ but were there to find after fulfillment to be a ‘convincing argument that the world is governed by providence."


Newton’s method did not depend on patterns in letters or in numerical value of letters. Rather, Newton followed Joseph Mede’s method.


Newton said:

‘The prophets shared a common symbolic discourse, resembling a code which could be broken... or a forgotten language, which could be recovered."


Newton thought the forgotten language might be Egyptian hieroglyphics.


Bible codes cannot foretell future events. In the Bible codes, there are no secret sentences, no detailed messages, no theological statements. There are only random key words, names, and a few phrases.


The resurgence of the Bible code searchings, and the strange date setting and event predicting that is now accompanying it, are from a doctrine started long ago by evil spirits. The warning for us to avoid ‘demon doctrines’ of the last days, is certainly applicable here. We should avoid these doctrines, rebuke those who get led astray by them.

Some in the Christian faith are seeking to insert this kabbalah mysticism into our faith.

They point to such things as... the name ‘Yeshua’ is found often in the Torah if we use the ELS code. This is true. But, if we are to use this Bible coding method, there is one sentence in the Bible to be found using it. The sentence is ‘Yeshua is a false messiah’. Those involved in the ELS coding will usually then point out that there were many people called ‘Yeshua’ in those times. "Yeshua" is encoded in every messianic prophecy of the Old Testament. Yet, this is easy, for "Yeshua" is a short name, of only 4 letters (yad, shin, vav, ayin). It can be found at random in nearly every Hebrew writing using the ELS. The name of ‘moon’, of Rev. Sung Yung Moon, is found frequently in messianic prophecies also. Does that mean he is a messiah? NO!!! The ones purporting this ELS to be of import, do not seem to mention those sort of things.


The Jewish people were people of great detail and study of the Scriptures. In notes of the margin of the Masoretic text, we find the copyists identified the middle clause of each book, they totaled the exact number of each of the 22 Hebrew letters used. They calculated 1534 sentences in Genesis. The middle one is Genesis 27:40.


By the Masoretic counting, there are 815,140 letters in their Bible.

Aleph - 42,377

Beth - 38,218

Gimel - 29,537

Daleth - 32,530

He - 42,554

Vau - 76,122

Zain - 22,867

Cheth - 23,447

Teth - 11,052

Yod - 66,420

Caph - 48,253

Lamed - 41,517

Mem - 77,778

Nun - 41,696

Samech - 13,580

Ain - 20,175

Pe - 22,725

Tsaddi - 21,882

Koph - 22,972

Reph - 22,147

Shin - 32,148

Tau - 59,343


When a scribe copied the manuscript of Genesis, which has 76,064 letters, he would count out the precise number of times each of the 22 letters of the Hebrew text was used. On each page, the number would be noted. If one letter was missed, or one added, the whole copy being done was destroyed.


This precision and carefulness of copying was not just ‘typical’, it was a mandatory exercise.


If the 815,140 letters were put into a huge bowl, in the exact number of each letter as noted above, and one would pour out a table full, randomly, there would be oft times that the four letter of ‘Yeshua’ would occur. These random findings would be similar to the findings of words, and occasional phrases, as found by the ELS method.

To try to show prophetic significance to some random words, names, or phrases is wrong and errant. To base doctrines or teachings on such things is totally a demonic attempt to distract and lead others from the plain, written, understandable message that the devils would like us to miss. God said what He meant, meant what He said, and did not hide messages for only computers to find.

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