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If we are Holy Spirit filled, we do not 'depart from the faith', do not give heed to seducing spirits and their doctrines, and lies. Also we do not have a seared conscience due to 'departing from faith'.

I Timothy 4:1

To 'depart' the faith, one needs first to be in the faith. The seducing spirits that make inroads into the true doctrines, corrupting them, perverting them with lies will bring about in some, a conscience seared with a hot iron.

To deaden the pain of a wound, years ago, they used a hot iron, like unto a branding iron, to sear the wound, close up the gap, and the pain would be initially great, but the flesh was cauterized, and later very little pain there was possible.

Some are 'seared' in their conscience, so that their sins no longer bother them. They accept doctrines of devils that tell them God does not care if they sin, and sin does not do damage to their relationship with Him. These doctrines abound in our day, and many are 'blushless' before the church and before God.

Part of the demonic dogma is to get people to not feel guilt, not to worry about a judgment for sin, and to have a conscience that is seared and insensitive to sin.

The gnostic sect still tells mankind, that the God of the Old Testament is an evil God, and gave the commandments, so they too are evil. Breaking them is good, according to the gnostics. That idea is becoming more and more prevalent in the churches of today. Some have turned from the loving God Who has explained sin, and the division it causes between He and us, and have begun to blame God for not just accepting sinful man as he is. God has sent Jesus to die, to offer salvation to all who would accept it, but many are with ‘seared consciences’ not feeling ‘ashamed of their sins anymore, not grieving for what grieves God, not having a conscience that feels grief for the dishonor their sins, and the sins of society, have done to God.

Therefore, with the ‘seared consciences’ there is not ‘repentance’ from the ones who stumble, to God.

Some today preach a doctrine of ‘no judgment.’ The adherents of that heresy, will denigrate, attack, and belittle any who mention hell, judgment, or even the word ‘sin’. Many have quit preaching ‘hell’ and ‘judgment’. The idea that God would not let anyone be judged, may be popular, but it is not Biblical.

Jeremiah 8:12
"were they ashamed when they had committed abomination? Nay, they were not at all ashamed, neither could they blush."

Many cannot blush, cannot feel guilty. Doctrines of devils have infiltrated the church, and removed guilt from sin, removed shame for sin. The conscience is seared, feeling no guilt from the Holy Spirit. The purpose of the Holy Spirit in guilt, is to draw mankind to forgiveness offered. The plan is simple, and wonderful. Have a changed mind toward the sin, and see it as wrong and harmful (we call that repentance) and Jesus forgives and continues the relationship we have with Him.

The Bible says that there are sins that God does not allow us to do. If we do, He lovingly has sent a Savior, has allowed us to ask for forgiveness, and provides grace to be saved. Yet, some want to just make God to be someone who will allow even Hitler to unrepentantly enter heaven. That is not Scripture, that is heresy. Those that believe that, have a ‘seared conscience’ for the Holy Spirit is trying to make them realize they need to repent, and they are feeling no conviction. Their conscience is ‘seared’ and insensitive to the conviction of the Spirit of God.

That is a dangerous state in which to live.

The Holy Spirit filled children of God allow the Holy Spirit to guide them and transform them into holier saints. It is an on going process. We find that conviction to be gentle and loving. We find the pain we feel, is like a pricking, making us notice the area in which the Lord wants us to direct our attention.

Then as we confess that sin to Jesus, the cleansing continues to keep us saved. How regretful though that some 'depart from this kind of faith' and give heed to demonic spirits that tell one they should not feel any guilt for sin, nor any conviction to aright our walk with the Lord.

That seared conscience indicates that it is demonic spirits that are seducing the person. The Holy Spirit filled saint, still feels conviction. I thank God for the loving conviction of the Holy Spirit.

The 'seared conscience' person is so fearful of ever feeling guilt again, that they normally will attack anyone who believes the passage above, as being a hateful, judgmental, mean person. That is a defense mechanism, that indicates to me, that their 'seared conscience' has not fully taken hold, and they are uncomfortable in the tiny bit of conviction they still feel. The Holy Spirit filled person still continues to pray and intercede for those with seared consciences, until the Holy Spirit tells them not to...

I John 5:16
"If any man see his brother sin a sin which is not unto death, he shall ask, and he shall give him life for them that sin not unto death. There is a sin unto death: I do not say that he should pray for it."

God seeks for intercessors. He wants us to intercede for saints, sinners, etc. Yet, there is one group for whom we are not to intercede. The purpose of intercession is to keep God's mercy upon a person, in replacement for the judgment that they deserve. The mercy does not bring forgiveness, but the mercy allows God to treat them as though they were forgiven. As Jesus prayed while upon the cross, "Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do." And Stephen prayed: "Lay not this sin to their charge."

There is a time when God refuses to be merciful. He will refuse to convict the person for whom we might intercede. He even has instructed us not to pray and intercede for them. This is a time of severity of God.

Romans 11:22
"Behold, therefore, the goodness and severity of God..."

The Lord describes this sin as the "sin unto death." We have more commonly called it the "unpardonable sin." Any other sin, but this one, does not bring premature death to the soul. This sin causes the soul to be eternally damned, and there is no remedy for it. The person who thus sins, will never feel conviction again. The Holy Spirit is the source of conviction, and He is personally offended. He will not convict, and if there is no conviction, there can be no repentance. So if one sins the "sin unto death", it does no good to pray for them. If one has a 'seared conscience' they will not feel conviction, not feel any guilt, and therefore not repent... and eventually they sin the 'sin unto death', feeling not the conviction of the Holy Spirit. After that, the Holy Spirit does not convict even. So, the worse state than a 'seared conscience, is the 'no conviction' even coming from the Holy Spirit. To avoid that, I make sure my conscience is sensitive to even the gentlest of conviction from the Holy Spirit.

It is possible, and even demanded that we pray for any, and every, sin other than this one of having the Holy Spirit no longer convict them. If anyone sins any other sin, we are to intercede for them, so God will extend more mercy to them. If the Holy Spirit has ceased ever to convict them, there is no reason to pray, the decision of the Holy Spirit is final.

Spirit filled saints love the conviction of the Holy Spirit. They glory in His love enough to restore them after failures.

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