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Cloning and DNA

Currently, mostly in secret, technology of cloning humans and altering DNA tissue is occurring around the world. This technology allows scientists to alter the tissue of a future infant in regards to physical characteristics such as height, appearance, intelligence, and birth defects.

Also, there is occurring the mixing of dna of an animal with human dna.  This is reminiscent of what angels have done in the past.

It is disturbing that alteration of DNA is allowed. Cloning and DNA alteration is morally wrong according to the Bible.

Genesis 1:27,
“So God created humankind in his image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.””

Genesis 5:24
“When God created humankind, he made them in the likeness of God. Male and female created he them.””

Psalms 139:13
“For it was you who formed my inmost parts; you knit me in my mother’’s womb.””

DNA altering and cloning would be attempting to place scientists in comparison with God. To try to alter His handiwork is morally wrong. God created man in His image and man was perfect until he sinned in this world.
Also, there are potential problems cloning and DNA alteration continues. Man has been attempting for ages to remake God’s creation. Cross breeding trial and error has been experimental with for years. New technologies allow scientists to manipulate the world at the genetic, as well as, the agricultural levels. Corn, soy, and cotton experimentation and alternation have also taken place. New genetically changed organism has dangers to the environment. Reproduction problems of these clones are common, almost universal.

Genetic flukes arise in humans, in animals,  and in agriculture occur in their attempts to improve or to change animal life to have human characteristics.  These so called “scientists” are ignorant of God’s plan.  The only reason that mankind is as frail, is the curse placed upon creation placed on mankind at the fall.

Soon, Christians will be raptured and given a new body to house their already perfected spirit.  This is God’s way to genetically altar the dna back to His original plan.  The feeble attempts of scientists to do His work are doomed.  This world and those who do accept Jesus as Lord, Creator, and Savior may try to find a human answer to creating the perfect man, but the curse is unredeemed with Jesus.

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