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Baruch 42:
9. For all the sinful will pass, and everything mortal will have passed, and all the things of these times will have been forgotten, as evil as the times have been. 
10. For the current events will come to nothing, and that which seems to prosper now will quickly pass away.
11. The future will bring that which you desire to see, and on the future events we should place our hope, for it is a time that will not come to nothing.
12. And the blessings of that time will be eternal, and the world of that day will enter eternal bounty, and those who are judged in that time will depart to torment, in contrast to those who are blessed.
13. Many of that day, will inherit those prophetic promises, and many will inherit the time long awaited.
14. These will have acquired much wisdom, and much understanding, and they will find mercy and the truth.
15. For to these of that day, will the world of that day be given as an inheritance, and to all others will come the fire of vengeance.
1. Furthermore, Baruch, fortify your resolve, concerning what has been said to you, and contemplate much on the things shown to you, for there are many eternal blessings for you.
2. You will soon leave this particular crisis, and be taken from here, to where you can forget these wicked events amidst these mortals.
3. Go and command your people, and return to fast seven days, and then I will come and speak with you.
1. I, Baruch, went from there, and came to my people, and I called my oldest son, Gedaliah, my friend, and seven of the elders of the people, and I said:
2. Behold, I will soon die.
3. Yet, do not withdraw from the law, but rather watch over and advise the ones who remain, lest they cease to obey the laws of the Mighty One.
4. For the One that we serve is just, and He is not a respecter of persons.
5. Remember what has transpired upon Zion and upon Jerusalem.
6. For the judgment of the Mighty One will be revealed, and His ways, which are beyond our understanding and comprehension, are right.
7. For if you are an overcomer in reverence of Him, and remember what the Almighty wants done, you will be present in the end days, to see the consolation of Zion.
8. The current events are nothing, compared to the end days wherein there will be great events occur.

A seldom mentioned subject, except at funerals, is death. We need to face the subject of death, and more teaching of truth needs to dispel the false doctrines prevalent about it..

God said:
"in the day that thou eatest, thou shalt surely die."  (Genesis 2:17)

The death of which God spoke was spiritual. The devil tries to get mankind all hung up on physical death, and the Lord tries to get us to see that real death is the death of the spirit.

True death is spiritual. Death is the loss of spiritual life. When we are saved, redeemed, justified, and heading for heaven, we are then truly alive.

Romans 8:6
"to be spiritually minded is life and peace."

Jesus came to destroy death, not just physical death, but spiritual death... He has already destroyed spiritual death for those who accept Him, and someday soon, physical death will be conquered for us (on resurrection /rapture day). 

Hebrews 2:14
Jesus "through death, He might destroy him that hath the power of death, that is the devil."

The whole man dies when the spirit dies, and the sinful man is headed for the "second death".

Revelation 20:14
"death and hell were cast into the lake of fire. This is the second death."

The devil tries to get man fearing physical death, and make mankind so
much in bondage to that fear, that mankind is of little use to the Lord. Only the wicked need fear physical death, for they are already spiritually dead. The righteous, who are spiritually alive, need not fear physical death, for it will only bring reward to them.

"For me to live is Christ, and to die is gain" gloated Paul.

Jesus wants the saints, to glory in the Lord, to joy in their spiritual life. Too many fear death, are subject to the devil due to that fear, and waste their time bound!

Hebrews 2:15
"And deliver them who through fear of death were all their lifetime subject to bondage."
What does the reference in this chapter of Baruch refer?
Baruch 44:7-8
For if you are an overcomer in reverence of Him, and remember what the Almighty wants done, you will be present in the end days, to see the consolation of Zion. The current events are nothing, compared to the end days wherein there will be great events occur.

The ‘angels’ that pour out the seven vials in Revelation are not ‘angels’ in the sense we think, but one identifies himself as one of the prophets, and the others are said to be ‘of the same kind’.  So, is Baruch one of those seven prophets that return to pour out the seven vials?

Revelation 16:
12. And the sixth angel poured out his vial upon the great river Euphrates; and the water thereof was dried up, that the way of the kings of the east might be prepared.
13. And I saw three unclean spirits like frogs come out of the mouth of the dragon, and out of the mouth of the beast, and out of the mouth of the false prophet.
14. For they are the spirits of devils, working miracles, who go forth unto the kings of the earth  and of the whole world,
 to gather them to the battle of the great day of God Almighty.
15. Behold, I come as a thief. Blessed is he that watcheth, and keepeth his garments, lest he walk naked, and they see his shame.
16. And he gathered them together into a place called in the Hebrew tongue, Armageddon.

The sixth vial  causes the Euphrates River to dry up. This prepares the way for the kings of the East to come to the battle of Armageddon.  The vials have been given by God to further anger the sinners left upon the earth for Christ is ready to return to save the Jews in Petra.  He is ready to return and begin the Millennial reign.  God even makes it easy here for the armies of the world to reach Armageddon. 

These demonic spirits will go out to convince the other rulers in the world to join the Antichrist at Armageddon against God and the Jews.

The spirit of the Antichrist is Belial, the spirit of the False prophet is Sammael. Those two, along with the evil spirit we call ‘the devil’ will go forth and encourage all kings and rulers of all nations to come and battle the Lord, and to slay those who the devil hates so very much, the Hebrew people.

"Blessed is he that" 
This beatitude is to encourage the readers of the book of Revelation to watch (gregoreo, stay awake, remain alert), and keep his garments, i.e. keep the righteousness of Christ as our garment, rather than having our own filthy rags as our garments.
"For all our righteousness is as filthy rags."

Who would be the appropriate prophet to bear this vial and pour it out to the earth?  Baruch was taken to Babylon, and there on the other side of the Euphrates was separated from the land and the city he loved. He detested the separating river, called Euphrates.  In this book that he authored, he spoke of a promise from God to be able to someday come back and finish his ministry in the last days.

Baruch 13:3
“Because you have shown what will happen to Zion, you will be preserved to the consummation of the times, so you may be a testimony.”

Baruch 13:5
“You and others like you, will pronounce judgment in a time when the peoples will be chastened.”

Baruch 25:1
“You will be kept safely till the time when the Most High will work in the last days.”

Baruch 76:2
“You will surely depart this earth, not to remain separated from life, but to return at the end of times.”

In this book by Baruch, we find that he despised the Euphrates River that separated him from his homeland.  Therefore, my educated guess, is that this is the most likely prophet to be called to pour out this vial upon the earth.

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