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1. I prayed to the Mighty One, saying: You alone, O Lord, know the mysteries of Your plan, and know all that is to befall in the end times. Surely, You are hastening the consummation of Your word against the people of the earth. These events of the future are known only to You.1.
2. For You, nothing is too hard, but You do everything with ease, by simply giving a signal.
3. To You, the depths and the heights are accessible, and all ages are obedient to Your word.
4. You reveal1. to those who fear You what is prepared for them so You may console and comfort them with such knowledge.
5. To those who are unaware of Your workings, You show wondrous miracles. You remove walls of ignorance from those who are uneducated. You enlighten those who are in darkness. You reveal mysteries to those who are pure, those who have submitted themselves to You and Your word.
6. You have shown this vision to your servant, show me now its interpretation.
7. I know this vision is an answer to my prayers, and its interpretation will undoubtedly bring forth from me, praises and hallelujahs.
8. If the members of my body were all mouths, and the hairs of my head were all voices, and all these mouths and voices gave praise to You, still they could not recount all Your praise, nor could they adequately tell of Your beautiful glory.
9. I am small among mankind, and there are many more excellent than I am, that I should be counted worthy to hear these marvelous and numberless things from the Most High.
10. Certainly, blessed is my mother for bringing me into this world, that I should be accounted worthy to be told such great things.
11. For I will praise loudly, and tell many these wonderful things You show me.
12. For who, besides You, do such great deeds? Who, besides You, comprehends such deep thoughts?
13. With Your counsel, You govern all persons who Your right hand has created, and You have established every revelation of light, and every wealth of wisdom below Your throne, You have prepared.
14. Justly do they perish who have not loved Your law, and the torments await those who have rejected Your power.
15. For though Adam sinned first, and brought untimely death upon all, yet those are descended from him, must choose either the torments prepared, or the glories to come.
16. For certainly, if one believes on You, he will be rewarded.
17. And the wicked who choose destruction, are judged quickly for you have rejected the understanding of the Most High.
18. The wicked have not learned from the works of God, nor have they seen the message of God in all of creation.
19. Adam is not to be blamed, save for his own soul, but each of us has been the "Adam" of our own soul.


[1.] (vs. 4) Fear God! A holy reverence of the Awesome nature and person of God will allow you to be shown visions and dreams.

[2.] (vs. 5) Admit that you are unaware of God's workings. Be ready for new revelations that will make your present Bible knowledge more clear (not contradict the Bible, but enlighten passages that have seemed muddled or unintelligible).

[3.] (vs. 5) The education offered by mankind often builds up walls of ignorance, and God needs to be allowed to remove such walls. Throw out any misconceptions discovered, regardless of dogma, denominational proclamation, or long held creed.

[4.] (vs. 5) New revelation will suddenly come after much Bible study.  Scripture will become brightly clear, and will occur as when a light switch is turned in a dark room.
[5.] (vs. 5) Get your mind pure before God (Confess sin, search your heart and mind for any impurity).

[6.] (vs. 5) Submit yourself to God and to His Word. Test all new revelation by His Word. Do not hold firmly what denomination, creed, or long held tenets have taught if it is shown wrong by the Word. Many denominations have false doctrines, and the Lord may begin revealing through vision and confirm through the Bible that you have been deceived.

[7.] (vs. 6) After being shown new revelation, do not rush final judgment, for if you are receiving it from God, He will continue to confirm it and interpret it, with more Scripture as time proceeds.

[8.] (vs. 7)  Now Pray for visions and dreams. The Bible tells us that when the latter rain revival comes, we should pray for more rain. (Zechariah 10:1)
[9.] (vs. 7) Praise the Lord for the visions and dreams, for He desires to answer your prayers.

[10.] (vs 9-10) Stay humble, visions, dreams, and revelations are meant for all (Joel 2:28), and that you receive such does not prove you are special. God is "no respecter of persons."

[11.] (VS. 11) Openly relate your revelations (unless directed otherwise by the Lord). You will be mocked, reviled, and ridiculed (as Joseph was by his brothers); you may be disbelieved (as was Jeremiah by his generation); and misunderstood (as has been Daniel for generations). Tell your dreams and visions anyway, you will not be the first to be thought "crazy" and "fanatical". All the prophets were, many were killed to shut them up about visions the others could not endure hearing about.

[12.] (vs. 14) To fail to follow the above steps will result in ignorance, false doctrines, and torment. "Where there is no vision the people perish."

[13.] (vss. 15-16) Visions are your choice, for God has already chosen to give you visions, and if you choose to receive such, you will. If you choose not to receive such, you will not.

[14.] (vs. 17) Those in false doctrines have had to choose to have their false doctrines, and have had to choose to retain error. God's truth is available and shown throughout all of creation.  When proper truth is understood, the whole of creation, all of Scripture, and your visions and dreams will all be in harmony to confirm it.

[15.] (vs. 19) Adam had daily visits by God. They walked and talked in the garden of Eden. These were literal visits and undoubtedly included much revelation being given to Adam. Due to his sin, he lost that intimate relationship, and the accompanying revelations. 

Many Christians still are in darkness and solitude from Godly visits and revelation from the Lord Himself. The resulting false doctrines of mankind's religions, the spiritual ignorance of sincerely-believed misconceptions are a result of our own Adam-like sins.

Adam listened to Eve's ideas, and wanted to please her more than to please God. Many today accept denominational tenets, precepts unsubstantiated by God's Word, and long-held creeds and the revelation from God, that He wants to give, is unheard.

Do not blame Adam, look at your own sins for why you have not had visions, dreams, and revelations from God!

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