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20. Do, Lord, tell me regarding this vision given to me, and answer the questions of my prayers.
21. Certainly, I know that at the end times, You will bring vengeance on the wicked, and will glorify the faithful.
22. For You govern those who are Your own, and You blot out from the list of Your own, those who sin.

1. When I finished praying, I sat under a tree, resting in its shade.
2. I was astonished, pondering the great goodness that sinners have rejected, and regarding the torments they hated, but still chose to be subjected to such torments for they loved their sins that much.
3. As I was thinking that, Ramiel, who presides over true visions, came to me and said:
4. Why is your mind upset? Why, Baruch, do your thoughts distress you?
5. If the report of such judgment so upsets you, what will you do when you truly see it occur?
6. If the expectation of such judgment overcomes you, how will you be when it befalls?
7. If the declaration of the sufferings of sinners irritates you, how will endure their actual occurrence?
8. If the tidings of good and evil things grieves you so much, how will you behold their happening?

If you do not have questions, questions that burden, torment, and trouble you, you will not be given visions, dreams, and revelation to answer them.

Search the Word, enough to have some questions. Search for the answers, and the Word of God will answer much, but with every answer will come several more questions.

All the prophets of God started with some troubling questions, and their revelations came from God in answer to such questions.

Baruch wondered how God could allow a very evil Babylon to punish a less evil Israel. This book by Baruch is God's answer to his questions.

Abraham wondered where his final home would be when God sent him on his journey. God showed him a revelation and vision of the New Jerusalem that made him only live in a tent, for he desired that vision to be fulfilled.

Enoch questioned God about the destiny of the fallen angels that had fornicated with women of the earth. As God answered Enoch, he was given the revelations we find in the Book of Enoch.

Moses questioned what would happen to the nation of Israel, and the revelations to Moses were God's answers to such questions.
Question God, and Question God, and Question God and you will be given revelation!

Visions give us:
 a. (vs. 5) Reports of judgment on the world
 b. (vs. 6) Expectation of judgment on sinners
 c. (vs. 7) Declaration of the coming sufferings of sinners
 d. (vs. 8) Tidings of good and evil things to come

Jeremiah 12:5
"If thou hast run with the footmen, and they have wearied thee, then how canst thou contend with the horses? and if in the land of peace, wherein thou trusted, they wearied thee, then how wilt thou do in the swelling of Jordan?"

If the revelation of the Word, and of the revelation preached from the pulpit is more than you can accept and bear, then how can God give you more revelation through visions and dreams?  If you cannot live for God with the truth you have, you will not be able to bear more revelation! 

God sought saints who accepted what revelation they already had, and who desired more revelation, and to them He gave more and more.

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