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1. The next black waters were the sins of the world, especially of Egypt where the righteous were made to be slaves.

2. Those sinners then perished.


1. The next bright waters was the coming of Moses, Aaron, Miriam, Joshua, and Caleb, and those like them.

2. The lamp of the eternal law shined upon those who came out of the darkness of Egypt, announcing to them of eternal reward for the righteous, and torments of fire for those who would deny it.

3. The heavens were shaken, and those near the throne of God were shocked when the Mighty One revealed much to Moses.

4. For the Mighty One showed Moses the principles of the laws, the consummation of the end times, the pattern of heavenly Mt. Zion, and its measurements so that he could make the facsimile of it on earth.

5. The Mighty One showed to Moses the fires of hell, the depths of the abyss, the weight of the winds to come, the number of raindrops to come.

6. He showed Moses the restraining of His anger, the multitudes of His long-suffering, and the truth of His judgment.

7. Moses was shown the root of wisdom, the riches of understanding, and the fountain of knowledge.

8. Moses was shown seven heavens, the greatness of paradise, the events of the end times, and the events of the beginning of the day of judgment.

9. The Mighty One showed Moses the many offerings desired by God, and of the ages to come.

10. He was shown the lake of fire, the final place of vengeance, but also was shown the place of the faithful, the place of hope.

11. Moses was shown the future torment, the multitude of the uncountable angels, the powers of the flaming ones, the splendors of their lightnings, the voices of their thunders, and the duties of the chief angels. He was shown also the treasuries of the place of light, the coming changes of ages, and the depths of God's law.

12. These are the bright waters then seen.


Exodus 1:8

"Now there arose a new king (Thutmose III) over Egypt, who did not know Joseph."


Thutmose III forced the descendants of Joseph and his brothers into slavery. The foreign population of Egypt was increasing (one in three were non-Egyptian). Slavery was the answer to avoid the possibility of war, and provided a good source of labor.

Still, the Israelites multiplied. Pharaoh told two midwives (Shiprah and Puah) (Exodus 1:15-22) to kill the male babies of Israel. The midwives feared God more than Pharaoh. (Exodus 1:21)


Then Pharaoh ordered the male children to be cast into the river (Exodus 1:22).


Many in Israel had drifted into idol worship of Egypt, and God had allowed this slavery and abuse to get worse and worse. Yet, God had promised a deliverer (Genesis 15:12-16, Hebrews 11:23). Moses was sent by God, raised by Hatsheput in the home of her father Thutmose III. Jochebed, Moses real mother, raised Moses for the payment of "two bits of silver daily". (Jasher 68:23)


Moses was educated in Egypt, but God gave visions and revelation to Moses that prepared him for his ministry.



1. Principles of the laws (vs. 4)

2. The consummation of the end times (vs. 4)

3. The pattern of heavenly Mt. Zion (vs 4)

4. The measurements of the heavenly mountain called Zion (vs. 4)

5. Hell (vs. 5)

6. The abyss, the bottomless pit, tartarus (vs. 5)

7. The weight of the winds to come (vs. 5)

8. The number of raindrops to come (vs. 5)

9. God's anger (vs. 6)

10. God's longsuffering (vs. 6)

11. God's judgment (vs. 6)

12. God gave Moses through these visions, wisdom, understanding and knowledge (vs.7)

13. The seven heavens (vs.8)

14. Paradise (vs. 8)

15. Events of the end times (vs. 8)

16. The beginning events of the day of judgment (vs. 8)

17. The offerings desired of God in the ages to come (vs. 9)

18. The lake of fire (the final place of the wicked (vs. 10)

19. The New Jerusalem, the final place of hope of the righteous (vs. 10)

20. The future torment of the wicked (vs. 11)

21. Angels (their number, their powers, their lightnings?, their voices, and their duties) (vs.11)

22. The treasuries of heaven (vs. 11)

23. The coming changes of the ages (vs. 11)

24. The depths of God's law (vs. 11)


Do we ask for such revelation and visions? The last days are to be times of revelations, dreams, and visions.


Are we failing God and selves by being apathetic, lethargic, and satisfied with the food of Egypt, when we could be feasting with our Lord on heavenly manna and revelation?

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