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1. The next bright waters that you observed, is this:
2. There shall come a time when the people will be close to perishing while in that captivity.
3. Nevertheless, they shall be delivered, and their enemies shall instead be judged in their presence.
4. They will then have great joy.
5. After a short time, they shall return and build Zion again, restore its offerings, and have the priests return to their ministry. Even the Gentiles will come to glorify the building.
6. Yet, it shall not be as great as it was previously.
7. These are those bright waters that you saw.

1. The last waters that you observed, that were blacker than all others before, are for the whole world.
2. For the Most High has planned all that is to befall from the beginning.
3. For all the horrible sinful ages, He foresaw six kinds...
4. For all the righteous revivals, He foresaw six kinds... bringing these people to the consummation of the times.
5. Therefore, He will bring the end of the ages... with great blackness.
This is referring to the event celebrated by the Jews in the feast of Purim. II Maccabees 15:36 calls this day, "the day of Mordecai." In the book of Esther, there is this interesting story. A man called Haman had a great disliking for the Jews in the land of Babylon. A Jew named Mordecai (probably Matacas, or Natacas, the powerful, favorite minister of Xerxes, who is spoken of by Ctesian, a Greek historian) had refused to bow to proud Haman. This angered Haman even more. He determined to kill all these Jews, and especially Mordecai. Since Mordecai was a relative of Queen Esther, he spent much time outside the gate of the palace, keeping a close watch on her. Haman had to pass by daily, since he was second in command under the king.

Mordecai overheard a plot to kill Ahasuerus the king, as he sat near the gate.  He had the king warned, and thereby became a hero to the king.  Haman had to carefully plot to kill Mordecai, lest the king learn of Haman's desire to kill Mordecai. 

Haman persuaded the king to order the killing of Jews for disobedience to unspecified laws. The king did not realize that Mordecai, and even his wife- Esther, were Jewish. Once signed, this law could not be rescinded by even the king.

Mordecai began to pray and fast for his people.  Yet, he still refused to bow to Haman, or anyone other than his God.  Then Mordecai informed Esther of the plot.

Esther bravely approached the king, without being summoned.  This could have resulted in her death, yet - the king accepted her and asked what she wanted.  She requested to serve the king and Haman a great banquet.

Haman proudly came to the dinner. The meal went so well, that the king offered to grant Esther anything she desired. The queen asked to have another banquet for Haman and the king. There she would tell them of her request. Haman was delirious with the double honor.

While these banquets were transpiring, gallows were being built for Mordecai by the subjects of Haman. His scheme was soon to transpire whereby on a particular day the people would be allowed to kill the Jews.

At the second banquet, the king asked Esther of her petition. She told the king that soon her, and her people, were facing a death sentence, and asked that her people be spared. Haman followed Esther to her bedroom, to request mercy - since he now realized the danger he faced since the queen was a Jew. The king came to the bedroom to find Haman there, and angrily had Haman put on the gallows awaiting outside. Therefore Haman died on the gallows he had prepared for Mordecai.

Then the king wrote a new decree that allowed the Jews to gather and arm themselves.  He then granted permission for the Jews to kill any and all who attempted to kill them. This second decree so scared the people of the land that many decided to become Jews. The feast of Purim is this celebration, of the great deliverance from this evil plot.

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