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I know that Jesus is the resurrection and life. yet, as I studied this, it took on a new dimension, a new way to see this.  I rejoiced as I studied this, so I will share it.

John 11:25
“Jesus said unto her, I am the Resurrection and the Life.”

Does Jesus have resurrection power and life for us? We tend to say ‘Yes’, but that is not what He said here.. What He said, is not that ‘I have resurrection and life’, rather He said: “I am the Resurrection and the Life’.  It is what He is, not just what He does. “I am” shows us that He is resurrection and life personified.

Jesus said “I am’ often.. In fact it is the meaning of Jah, one of His names. It is part of Jehovah, which literally means “I am, I was, I will be”.  He is divine, and “I am” is a divine name. When Moses asked by what name should he go and release Israel from bondage, the Lord told Him that the “I Am” had sent him.

Jesus was telling Martha, in the above verse, that resurrection and life, is not merely of divine origin, rather it is the divine nature.

“I am the Resurrection and the Life” is said in most funeral services.  It is not just a claim to Jesus having that power rather, that He is Resurrection and Life.  Mary and Martha came to realize something more of Jesus in this episode, for both said: “if You had been here, Lazarus would not have died.” So they alredy knew that Jesus had healing power, yet  Jesus teaches more to them here, with: I am more, “I am RESURRECTION and LIFE”.

Lazarus was ‘sick unto death’ when they sent for Jesus.  Jesus delayed purposely, and by the time Jesus arrived from the trip that should have just been hours, it was four days after Lazarus’ death.

Jesus knew beforehand what had happened (John 11:14).

It was a sorrowful meeting for Mary and Martha, for their hopes were faded following the death. They had faith enough that Jesus could have handled it, had He arrived before
death. But death to them was greater than Jesus. 

When Jesus told Martha, that He is Resurrection and Life, she expressed a belief in the resurrection of the last day (John 6:39, 44-45).

Martha said that perhaps God would do the miracle of resurrection, if Jesus prayed.  Jesus said: I AM THE RESURRECTION AND THE LIFE.

Resurrection is more than a tenet of our faith. It is a fact, and better than that,  it is a Person. Jesus did not say: “I raise the dead.”  He did at times raise the dead (Luke 7:12-14, 8:49-50).
Jesus, the One Who is truth said; “I AM... resurrection and life.” Mankind becomes immortal, when he comes into union with this Jesus. Jesus in not just ‘resurrection’ for resurrection pre-supposes death. Before one can be resurrected, one must die.  Jesus said, also, that “I am ... LIFE”. 

Once we come into Jesus, and He abides in us, we already have eternal life. Our spirit will live forever. Our bodies may die, but we have life.  Our spirit lives eternally.  Even when physical death claims the body, our spirit continues in Life, for we have Jesus.

Resurrection is triumph over death. Life continues to maintain our spirit, and it is not affected by the temporary cessation of life in the body.

All believers have a promise of both resurrection and life, resurrection for the body, life for the spirit is ours. The spirit is untouched by death, even the ‘second death’ which is separation from God.  Only those without Jesus suffer it. We, when death takes the body, actually come into new life, for we are even closer to God, we are ushered into His presence.

‘To be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord.”

Now, we have Jesus as ‘Emmanuel’ (God with us), but death of the body, means greater ‘Emmanuel’ presence, for we go literally to His manifest presence.

All true life is in Christ. Without Him we are really dead. There are many corpses walking about, some in churches. For they are ‘dead in trespasses and sins’, and that death is more real and actual, than for a saint to have his/her body die.

We have, as Christians, live spirits, that live, in a real, true way in contrast to sinners, who are dead spiritually. Every believer is in reality and forever in life. This life is ever increasing. Our bodies start to die, once life has come to them at birth, but our spirits continue to increase in LIFE as we maintain relationship with Jesus.

To illustrate this more,  the Bible shows us that two companies participate in the rapture.  I Thess. 4:13-18 says that (Vs. 16) ‘The dead in Christ shall rise first”. This speaks of the ‘dead bodies’, for the spirits do not have to rise, they are with the Lord. Jesus was the first fruits of the resurrection, and proved that this will occur as promised. For He is the resurrection.  These atoms that make up the body of a believer in Jesus, have something different about them, they may be dust and scattered to the wind. Those atoms have been permanently marked by the One we call “the Resurrection”.  When He calls “Come up hither”, those atoms will unite again, and be changed from mortal atoms,  to a resurrected body to be reunited with the spirit that has already been with Jesus.

The second group at the rapture are those that ‘are alive and remain’. They, or we, in our mortal body will likewise hear ‘come up hither’, and the LIFE Who is in us, Jesus, Who has transformed our spirit to immortality will transform this mortal body in a moment, one split second, Those bodies die and instantly almost become a new immortal body. We will be caught up into the clouds, catching up with the ‘dead in Christ’ who had a head start.

Praise the Lord.  If you do not feel like jumping right about now, you are dead. Quit reading, and roll over in your casket. I will go on.

Paul said: “In Christ shall all be made alive” I Cor. 15:52. The dead bodies, awake from the dust to redemption of resurrection, the live bodies at that moment will find the body joins what the spirit already has gotten from Jesus Who is LIFE.

Colossians 3:4
“When Christ, Who is our LIFE, shall appear, then shall ye also appear with Him in glory.”

When a sinner accepts Jesus as Savior, he/she becomes one with Him, and is partaker of His LIFE. We are grafted as a branch into the Vine. That Vine has life flowing from it, into us. We are connected, and share what He is, and He is RESURRECTION AND LIFE   John 15:1-8, Gal. 2:20.  We are in union with Him.

I Cor. 15:45
“the last Adam was made a quickening spirit.”

I John 5:11-12
“He that hath the Son hath LIFE, He that hath not the Son of God hath not life.”

Paul described the church at Sardis and said that they ‘had a name that they lived,
but were dead.” (Rev. 3:1)

Jesus called the pharisees to be ‘whited sepulchres full of dead men’s bones’.

I Timothy 5:6
“She that liveth in pleasure, is dead while she liveth.”

If Christ Jesus is RESURRECTION AND LIFE, then for us to ’die is gain’ for it opens up the door of even more life for us.

Death has not only lost its sting, it has lost its fear, its dread. We see death of the body as a step into more life. We look forward to the rapture. as a triumph of LIFE AND RESURRECTION.

One of my favorite songs right now is:
I’m gonna live forever,
I’m gonna die, no never,
Jesus died on a tree for me,
and I’m gonna live forever.

That is the chorus anyhow, and I play it over and over  but I am going to live forever, for I have the One Who is the RESURRECTION AND THE LIFE.  I am in union with Him.
Death has already lost the battle.

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