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,Many are needlessly disturbed at the thought of 7 heavens... but the teaching here is not that there are seven abodes in heaven, but seven different locations in which spirits dwell.  We do not disagree with this concept in Christianity, but when the term "heaven" is applied, many put up walls before learning what is being taught.

In Ephesians 6:12 we are told that there are "heavenly places" and this refers to places where unseen forces operate.  Ephesians 1:3-20 tells us that we have "spiritual blessings in heavenly places." and that Christ is "set... at His (God's) own right hand in heavenly places."  We can someday "sit together in heavenly places. (Eph. 2:6). 

The word "heaven" in the Hebrew is "shamayim" which is the plural of "shameh" meaning "lofty place." It is never used in the Old Testament in a singular form. Judaism identified seven heavens referring to seven abodes of angels and spirit beings.  God is in all (Psalms 139:7, I Kings 8:27).  Yet, the abode that we think of as "heaven" in Christianity today, is the sixth heaven, which is the planet on which God dwells, and His throne room therein is the "seventh heaven". The other heavens of the seven are about earth, and in outer space.
Paul was taken to a trip to the "third heaven." This is paradise which is within the earth in a place known as sheol.
II Corinthians 12:1-4
"...I will come to visions and revelations of the Lord... Whether in the body, I cannot tell; or whether out of the body, I cannot tell, such an one caught up to the third heaven... How that he was caught up into paradise, and heard unspeakable words (rhema) which is not lawful for me to utter."

This  was not the heaven wherein God dwells to which Paul was taken. It was "paradise", which is "paradeisios" in Greek, meaning an "orchard" or "forest" and is used in the Septuagint to refer to the Garden of Eden which is in Sheol. So if "paradise" is the "third heaven" what are the other heavens.  Isaiah here in his "APOCALYPSE" shows us the answer.

The Jewish concept of the universe are most adequately revealed in the THE APOCALYPSE OF ISAIAH chapters - 2:27-3:4


This refers to the atmosphere about us here on earth, the air from the clouds down... wherein we dwell, and so do many demonic forces, many guardian angels of the saints, etc.   It is that which is above the ground upon which we walk. There is a "Throne angel" in charge of this for God, and there are good and evil angels present in this place.  The good angels and  hopefully, we, the saints, are giving praise to God Who is in  the "seventh heaven" (1:17) as we dwell in this "first heaven."

The second heaven is the atmosphere above the clouds, and is an area in which there is always a war raging between the evil angels, and the good angels regarding God sending help to mankind. 

In the book of Daniel we read of Michael trying to bring a message from God to Daniel, and was hindered in this warfare from getting the message through for 21 days.  Another angel finally came to help Michael.  The war rages, but there is a "Throne angel" in the midst of this heaven.

This is the heaven to which Paul was taken and he saw there things that he was not allowed to tell us. It was a glorious experience for him. This place, according to Paul, and according to tradition, is paradise, which is in Sheol, which is within the earth.  Hell is also in the lowest part of sheol, and according to Ezekiel, Enoch, and others, Eden is also within the earth. 

Here in the Apocalypse of Isaiah we are told that there is a "Throne angel" there, who obviously would only be there if there were other good and also some evil angels within.  In the "abyss" which is between paradise and hell, there are many evil angels and demons bound, and awaiting either judgment day, or awaiting the tribulation period wherein some will be released (one time 200,000,000 come to earth from that area).  

At one time, as in Enoch's time, and before, much was known about this place, for Adam and Eve dwelt there originally before their expulsion.  Now, and in the time of Isaiah, we are told here, that "the memory of that area is forgotten by mankind."  Then Isaiah asked why are not the details of that place known to mankind, and the angel answers: "It is not important for mankind to know of this place now, but many in that place know well what is happening on earth." 

Paul was not even allowed to tell us some things he saw and heard there, and yet, Moses, who was in paradise just before the Mt. of Transfiguration event with Jesus and Elijah, came and talked with Jesus about the things about to occur when Jesus came to Jerusalem the next time.  So knowledge there of earthly events was well known.

This heaven is simply the solar system in which our little planet exists.  It is a greater in size place than the former heavens.  There are good and evil angels therein, and they are ruled by a "Throne angel" in the midst. The good angels praise the Lord, and the evil angels glorify Satan.  All the angels therein were praising someone.  The volume of the good angels' praises was greater than the volume of the evil angels... Somehow this strikes me as different than here on earth, where the volume in the rock concerts
dedicated to a band singing about the devil somehow is different than the volume in many sanctuaries wherein people sing hymns barely above a whisper (remember hearing that kind of song service???). Yet, the good angels in the fourth heaven know that God is not disturbed by volume... And you will note later that the praise in all the heavens to God is heard and seen in the seventh heaven where God Himself enjoys it.

This heaven is the regions of outer space beyond our solar system. This is a vast area, beyond mankind's ability to understand. The angels in that area are  greater than angels in the former areas, and their praises are also of greater volume.  These heavenly choirs of good angels praised so magnificently, that Isaiah even joined in as he listened.  Praise is contagious, and worship that is Spirit inspired will encourage many to also worship. Therefore, we are encouraged to worship God when we gather together.  

Evil angels exist in this fifth heaven, and they worship their leader, but they are "drowned out" by the good angels. Surely, the Lord would like us on earth to do the same, but here in this first heaven, the praises for the earthly, for the carnal, and for the non-spiritual things is much greater than any volume we have as yet produced for God! Perhaps the rocks are about to cry out!

This heaven has an "atmosphere" unlike the former two heavens. It is the  planet which we know as "heaven" and there on that planet God dwells.  It has "glory" such as not seen in the former heavens.  We are told in the Bible that God has prepared there, things our minds have been unable to even conceive.  The angels there have the greater aura of power and magnificence than angels in the former heavens.  Their worship was "holy and spectacular". 

Evil angels are not present there at all, and they could scarcely get a chorus of praise to the devil started there so close to God Himself. There is therefore no need for a "Throne angel" there.  The Lord Himself rules here, and the evil angels have fled that place, for they are in direct opposition from Him.  We are told to resist the devil, and he will flee from us also.

In the midst of this "awesome" worship, Isaiah joins in and he worshipped the Trinity. Imagine, if you can, the very planet of God, and wherein the light of the Lord Himself abounds that its light makes the light of the other heavens seem like darkness, and the natural thing to speak of is not football games, politics, etc, but to praise and worship the Almighty God.

Isaiah does not want to leave this place, it is so magnificent and awesome that Isaiah begs to stay.  The angel tells him that he has more work on earth to do, and that the glory of the sixth heaven is no comparison to the glory of the seventh.

This is the bulk of the vision of Isaiah, for he is shown much of future events in this section.  He is transported in time:  to the events of the rapture day,
  to the events preceding the incarnation trip of the Lord to the earth, and to the events of the return of the risen Lord Jesus from earth to heaven.

This seventh heaven is the actual throne room of heaven.  Just as the earth has a hollow place known as sheol, wherein there is the original abode of mankind in a perfect garden, and therein is the White Throne of the Almighty Trinity, so in heaven there is a separate area, with its own "atmosphere" (4:1), and is "in" the sixth heaven. Therefore, earth was likely designed after the planet heaven, and within it is a hollow place where, and only where, there would be enough room to adequately make a Throne room for the Almighty Trinity. 

In that place, the seventh heaven,  someday all the saints, and all the holy angels, will gather to worship the Lord for His blessed resurrection and rapture of His saints. Where else could we find such a room able to hold such a crowd?

Isaiah sees the Lord Jesus there, and he is concerned about Who is this one. He is told that this One has a name which no one can yet know. John re-iterates this truth in Revelation.

Revelation 19:12
"His eyes were as a flame of fire, and on His head were many crowns; and He had a name written, that no man knew, but He Himself.."

This is a seldom taught fact, but it is true.  We know Him as Jesus, Immanuel, etc. but He has a name yet to be revealed, and even in the vision of John of the last days, it is still not told to us.

In vision form, Isaiah sees this seventh heaven as did John and Enoch of their similar visions, for he sees this place as it will appear on rapture day. The saints are all about. Adam, Abel, Enoch, etc. are all there. The saints are wearing special garments, that replace the "filthy rags" of our own righteousness, for we are clothed in the righteousness of Christ, or we would not live standing face to face with God Almighty.

Isaiah questions why we must for so long await our crowns.  And so have many saints wondered that. Remember that Paul said that he would not receive his crown until the day wherein all the saints also receive theirs. We have been like little kids awaiting our Christmas presents, and beg to see at least one early.

II Timothy 4:7-8
"I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith. Henceforth, there is laid up for me a crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous judge, shall give me at that day; and not to me only, but unto all them also that love His appearing."

Therefore, the day on which the Lord appears, and raptures us to heaven, is the day on which we will all be given our crowns!
Revelation 2:10
"...be thou faithful unto death, and I will give thee a crown of life."
Revelation 4:4
"...I saw four and twenty elders sitting, clothed in white raiment; and they had on their heads crowns of gold."
James 1:12
"Blessed is the man that endureth temptation; for when he is tried, he shall receive the crown of life, which the Lord hath promised to them that love him."
Ephesians 4:8
"Wherefore He saith, When He ascended up on high, He led captivity captive, and gave gifts unto men. Now that He ascended, what is it, but that He also descended first, into the lower parts of the earth?  He that descended is the same also that ascended up far above all heavens, that He might fill all things." 

Jesus released those in paradise, who were awaiting His victory over sin and death so they could go to heaven. Now, when we die, we immediately can go to heaven.  From Adam to Christ, the righteous dead were in the lower parts of  the earth.  (II Cor. 5:8, Phil. 1:21-24, Heb. 12:22-23)

To summarize then, the seven heavens are:
1. First heaven - that air about us here on earth, wherein we dwell.
2. Second heaven - The atmosphere, clouds and above of this earth. Demons abound here, and do battle against God's angelic forces. As they battle, they also observe, the manifold wisdom of God be unfolded.
Ephesians 3:10 
"To the intent that now unto the principalities and powers in heavenly places might be known by the church, the manifold wisdom of God."
3. Third heaven - This is the "lower parts of the earth" that is known in the Bible as Sheol. Within this place is paradise, the abyss, and hell.
4. Fourth heaven - This is our solar system.
5. Fifth heaven - This is outer space, outside our solar system.
6. Sixth heaven - This is the planet we know as heaven.
7. Seventh heaven - This is within the sixth heaven, as sheol is within the earth.  It is the Throne room of God.

The Greek word for heavens is the word "oo-ranos", and literally means "places above the ground."  It comes from two words, "oros" meaning "a rising", and "epouranois" meaning "that above the ground."

Now if you re-read many of the verses in the Bible, it can be seen the fresh and clearer understanding of what they are saying to us.

Psalms 11:4
"The Lord is in His holy temple (the seventh heaven) which is in heaven (the sixth heaven)."
Psalms 103:19-21
"The Lord hath prepared His throne (the seventh heaven) in the heavens, and His kingdom ruleth over all... Bless the Lord, all His works, in all places of His dominion."
Isaiah 66:1
"Thus saith the Lord, The heaven is My throne, and the earth is My footstool."
 Revelation 4:2
"...a throne was set in heaven."

Praise from here in the first heaven, and all the praises being given in the  other heavens,  are  heard in the Throne room of God (the seventh heaven).  God not only hears our prayers, but also our praises.

Somehow, God makes our praises visible whether this is the praises themselves, or whether, we like the pictures in the books of heaven, are somehow seen as we praise God by those in the seventh heaven. We cannot be sure.  With the advent of television, we can somewhat perhaps better understand how God could have an even better system in heaven to view, and allow all angels also to view, our praises.

The first three ‘heavens’ are parts of this habitable planet, we call earth.  The earth, under this understanding must therefore have a large hollow area within.  The earth has been shown to have a hollow interior. It is not a solid sphere with a molten fiery center, but it is a hollow sphere with polar entrances into the area the Bible calls ‘Sheol’.

The total surface area of the earth is 197 million square miles. The earth has a weight of six sex-trillion tons, but if it were solid, it would weigh much more.  Scientific measurements, have proven the earth is much lighter than it should be, if it truly had a solid interior. This has puzzled scientists for years, and many are just recently beginning to look into alternative explanations for such.  The hollow earth theory has gained much acceptance in recent years, and has been shown to be the understanding of many down through the ages also.

When in a molten state, at the time of formation, the centrifugal force causes the heavier substances to be thrown outward to form an outer crust, leaving a hollow interior with openings at the poles. Some of the original fire and incandescent material remain in the center of the sphere, to form a central ‘sun-like’ mass. The aurora borealis that illuminates the northern sky came from that central sun of the earth.  The auroral borealis is the reflection of fire from within the interior earth. Scientists have argued over the source of the light for many decades, and the lights reflection off the electrified particles at the polar region, has confused many, but left them in awe of the spectacle.

We call that central sun like mass in the center, to be ‘hell-fire’. The Bible indicates that souls of unsaved, sinful mankind, go to the ‘lowest’ part of sheol, to be punished until judgment day, and then resurrected back into an immortal body, and to be thrown somewhere called the ‘lake of fire’, wherein the soul and body will burn .

Clouds, produced by the warmed inner air, (warmed by the central mass of fire) pushing out of the northern chasm opening, creates massive clouds at the polar area. Just as when one exhales warm air from the lungs, into the cold winter air, and a small fog of breath is created, so the earth has warm air rising from this inner core, and clouds dominate the polar region from the warm air coming into the cold polar atmosphere. This cloudy exhaust has hindered photographic evidence of such opening, but several good pictures have been obtained over the years, that do show a massive opening into the earth in the northern, polar region.

The shell of the earth, the crust-like covering for sheol must average about 800 miles, some think it is much thicker.  One theory says that the hard structure of that outer shell, is about 62 miles thick, and inside that is an inner core, where the density is decreased, a molten rock like mass of about 1740 miles, making a total thickness of such outer crust to be 1802 miles.  (Theory by Jan Lanpract in his book, Hollow Planets, 600 pgs.) This same author goes on to state that Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars all show evidences of having hollow interiors.

The north pole is not just one point, but a circular line around the rim of the polar opening.  The compass points straight down when on the rim, and further inside the rim points, it points upward, due to being in the downward sloping entrance.  The circular rim, magnetic region, is a circle around the polar area with a radius of 1059 miles, a diameter of 2118 miles.

This hollow area has been called different names down through the ages, and in different cultures. In the middle ages it was called the ‘isle of Avalon’. In Asia minor, it was called ‘Shamballah’ (temple of the gods). In Tibet, it is called ‘Shangri-la’,  and among the Mongols it is called ‘Erdami’. The Persians call it ‘Alberdi’ or ‘Aryana’. The Mexicans call it ‘Tula’ or ‘Tolan’. The Spanish conquerors heard such tales, and searched for ‘El Dorado’, the ‘city of gold’, which they had heard was within such place.  The ‘aborigines’ of Australia call it ‘Manoa’ (or ‘city whose king wears clothing of gold’.)  The Celts called it the ‘land of mysteries’, or ‘Duat’, or ‘Dananda’.  The Chinese call it the ‘land of Chivin’ or ‘the city of a dozen serpents’.  The Germans called it ‘Walhalla’. The Buddhists call it ‘Agharta.’

Modern belief is much due to William Reed, who in 1906 wrote much concerning evidence and historical understanding of such an inner place. Marshall B. Gardner in 1920 added more to this study.  It was then further validated by Admiral Richard E. Byrd’s arctic (1947) and antarctic (1956) expeditions, These expeditions penetrated the north pole entrance by 1700 miles, and the south pole by 2300 miles. These reports have been hushed and often now totally denied, but evidence still exists of such for those who would search.

Admiral Byrd, of the U.S. navy, left the icebound land of the arctic, and entered a land of warmth, free of ice and snow. He saw mountains, forests, plants, and animal life within the area we call ‘sheol’.  One animal that was reported by him, and some companions with him on the expedition, was a monstrous animal resembling a mammoth.  Some years later (1956), Admiral Byrd entered a South Pole entrance, and made similar discoveries.
The mammoth seen by Byrd, and others, has had historical evidence of such existence. In 1799, Schumachoff, a fisherman in Tongoose, Siberia, found a complete mammoth in frozen ice. He removed the large tusks, left the carcass, which was soon devoured by wolves.. Scientists who converged on the scene, came to find the complete skeleton, now in the Museum of Natural History in Leningrad. Eskimoes often find mammoths, in frozen ice, and actually eat the meat of such, for it is still fresh, and edible.

Scandanavians speak of the land that they call ‘Ultima Thule’. To them it is a wonderful land in the far north. Some of their people have over the ages, gone into such a land, and returned with reports of such.

In the arctic area, there is often found ‘colored snow’, where for 1000's of square miles, there is red, yellow, pink, blue colored snow. Investigation of such snow, has shown that the color of such is produced by pollen from plants. Where did such pollen come from??? It would take massive fields of flowers to produce that much pollen. In fact, it would take millions of acres of flowers to produce pollen to color snow, as it does there.  Such pollen, in an arctic region is impossible, were it not of the near by polar entrance chasm, out of which warm air carries such pollen, to deposit it on the polar regions.

The weather inside the earth, is more uniform that it is on the outside.  It is warmer in winter, and cooler in summer than on the outer earth. There is adequate rainfall, for there is much water within, and the heat of the ‘hell-fire’ sun-like mass, makes the water to evaporate, cool and fall as rain. Much of the area has its rain fall come mostly as a mist that covers the land area in the cool of the day.  There is never enough cold for it to snow. 

The inner-sun has about it, in the abyss area between the inner core and the sun-like mass, dark areas of clouds.  The Bible speaks of these ‘cloudy dark areas’, as part of a ‘bottomless pit,’ wherein evil spirits are bound till judgment day. See Jude verse 6, and II Peter 2:4.

In Luke 16, Jesus tells of a rich man, who died and whose soul was then taken to the ‘hell-fire’ of the inner earth.  A poor, but Godly man, named Lazarus, died about the same time. The rich man could look over a great abyss, and see Lazarus in paradise.  This shows Jesus’ understanding of such a ‘paradise land,’ within the earth.  Jesus also told the thief on the cross, ‘today thou shalt be with Me in paradise’, and Jesus told the disciples that He would be in the ‘heart of the earth’ for three days and three nights, just as Jonah had been, when his body was in the fish’s belly.

Matthew 12:40
“For as Jonas was three days and three nights in the whale’s belly; so shall the Son of Man be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth.”
Paradise is inside the earth, still protected by a guardian angel named ‘Zotiel’, who keeps mankind from eating the tree of life, located in that area. Paradise is on the other side of the Mammoth Ice barrier of the outer earth.
Butterflies, bees, mosquitoes are found in the far north. They cannot be found for hundreds of miles going south into Canada, Alaska, or Russia, but in the very furthest reaches of the north, there they are.

The musk ox migrate north in the winter. Foxes are seen in the furthest reaches of the north of the outer earth.  Birds come out of the northern chasm opening, and return there in spring.

Buddhists believe in ‘Agharta’, a subterranean world.  The capital of such is called ‘Shamballah,’ with a ruler they call the ‘king of the world’.  They believe that he gave orders to the Dalai Lama of Tibet (his terrestrial representative).   Tunnels in Tibet are said to connect to this inner earth. There are reportedly tunnels in Brazil, that also connect to such land within the earth.

The Buddhist traditions say it was colonized when a holy man led a trip underground. The Bible tells of such a thing too, in Numbers 16, and giants of the post flood era, also are reported in different cultures to have gone into the earth and colonized a land within the earth.  More on this in later lessons. There are myths, tales, traditions, and religions built around the stories of part angelic, part human inhabitants of an inner region of the earth. 

Quetzalcoatl, whose name means ‘feathered serpent’, meaning a ‘teacher of wisdom (serpent) who flies,’ was a prophet of the Maya and Aztecs, was of a different race, with fair skin, tall, bearded.  He reportedly came on an aerial vehicle, and is believed to have returned to a subterranean world.  The natives of Mexico, thought Cortez was a returning Quetzalcoatl.

In the valley of Hinnom, outside the walls of old Jerusalem, according to legends, there was an entrance to sheol, marked by a column of smoke between two palm trees.

Huguerrin, in a book on flying saucers, believes that there exists many subterranean cities, cities at various depths within the earth.  He has made a diagram of the earth, with various cities mapped out, and connected on such map with tunnels.  There are immense cavities within even the crust-like shell of the earth.

Bulwer Lytton in the book called ‘The Coming Race’ describes a subterranean civilization in a large cavity of the earth, connected to the surface with tunnels.  It is illuminated by a strange light, produced by electrification of the atmosphere. They grow therein, their own food, (vegetables), and have an apparatus with which they ‘fly’ not walk..  They are reportedly free from disease.

Massive tunnel systems exist on the earth, that lead to the center ‘sheol’ of the earth. The most famous is called the ‘roadway of Incas’. The mysterious disappearances of Incas, is complicated by the widespread claim that they entered tunnels, and went down into the earth. 

In Brazil, in the Roncador Mts. of northeast Matto Grosso, Colonel Fawcett, and his son, Jack, are said to have disappeared there. The tunnel entrance is guarded by fierce Chavantes Indians, who kill uninvited persons. Some tunnels are guarded by Murcego Indians, who are dark skinned, undersized people of great strength, and having a great sense of smell.

In the Liyobaa (meaning ‘cavern of death’) caves, of South America, near a village called Mictlan, there is a ‘cavern of death’ located in the last chamber of an eight chamber building. This building has four chambers above ground, and four chambers below ground. Of the four underground chambers, the first is where once human sacrifices were done on its stone altar.  The second chamber was used as a crypt for perserved bodies of the priests.  The third was only an entrance for the fourth chamber. The last chamber is where the dead bodies of the sacrifice victims were put. Beyond that last room, there is a supposed cave leading down into the inner ‘sheol’ of the earth.

The Aztecs of Mexico believed in a land called Tlalxico that is ruled by “Mictlan (god of death). The Mayans of the Yucatan peninsula, also believed in an underworld that was ruled by Ah Puch, the lord of death. The Incas of Peru and Chile, believed in a person named, Supal (god of death).  The legend is that the first Inca, Manco Capac, and his followers came from underground caves, and revered snakes.

The Bible teaches that there is something under the earth:
Revelation 5:3
“No man, in heaven, in earth, neither under the earth was able to open the book, neither to look thereon.”
Revelation 5:13
“Every creature, in heaven, on earth, and under the earth saying... Glory, and power unto the Lamb.”
Philippians 2:10
‘At Jesus’ name, every knee bow, of heaven, on earth, and under the earth.”

Of late, the U.S. has been secretly entering into sheol from an antarctic region.  They have discovered ‘Lake Vostok’, a massive lake, two miles under the ice cover. The lake is the size of Lake Ontario, but twice as deep.  From that lake, going towards its source, they have entered one of the southern chasms, to find sheol.  Up a great waterfall, they have come to an inner river, and across such river they have found a ‘Korah-ite’ town called ‘Kophi’ (pronounced ‘coffee’).  The U.S. has mistakenly thought the city to be ‘Atlantis’, and has made some major errors in trying to contact such people. More will be shown on this.

The Russians have with agreement with the U.S. taken the northern entrance, and have come into Sheol.  They met with disaster from their attempts to cross a ‘red’ river, into a land of plush growth, but protected by angels (including Zotiel). At one time, the whole invading army, trying to cross the river which they were forbidden to cross, were struck blind for 30 days.  Attempt after attempt had been thwarted, and their attempts are currently at a standstill. 

Originally, in later fall of 1999, when first in the Lake Vostok area, the U.S. explorers were shocked to find a female come over the falls which they found coming out of the cave up into an unexplored area.  The woman was rescued, but found to have cancer, and had to be secreted out of the Antarctic region, with many excuses being given for needing a plane to fly out some from that area. 

The finding of that person, made the U.S. push forward to find what lay above the falls that flowed into Lake Vostok.  Using cables and a mini-helicopter, they entered into the ‘sheol’ area of the earth.  Many events have transpired since, and continue to occur. 

Current reports of such excursions are filling the internet, and the reports of finding a small baby mammoth, inside the southern entrance will soon be announced.  More on these stories as our study continues.

There are two habitable worlds, one of which is this earth, and many of the strange occurrences of the earth, including ‘ufo’s’ and mysterious beings, are not from outer space, but are locate-able within the earth.  The original, and only, ‘alien’ beings are called angels, and are from the other planet which God has inhabited.  These angels, and some offspring of them, now are frequently seen in or as ufo’s.  The tampering of these fallen, evil angels with beings on this earth, have made some unique, sometimes bizarre, beings. 
We shall study this phenomenon, as caused by disobedient creatures who invaded this planet long ago, and still remain, altering more life forms of this planet.

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