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GOD HAS HIGH EXPECTATIONS, AND HIGH GOALS FOR US.  God loves to do the hard and the impossible.  We are far from perfect and restoration to what we were meant to be before the fall of mankind into sin, is a long journey.

God used a little cruse of oil and made it to fill many large jars. The little we have is still more than enough for God.  The Lord took five loaves and two fish and fed 1000's.  The Lord can do great things with the little we have.

Look at some of the Lord’s other RESTORATION projects:

The Lord had Samson take the jawbone of an ass and slay 1000's.  God can use little worthless things to give great victories. Samson, while blind and bound, asked for one more victory. In his death, he killed more Philistines at that time than he had in all his life prior to that. The final victory came when Samson felt most worthless and useless to God.

Elijah was discouraged, asked to die, and yet God has made him live for over two thousand years more,  waiting to return and finish his ministry.  God planned a great, and long career for Elijah.

Jesus called an unsaved fisherman, and promised to make him a fisher of men. John was a "son of thunder" who was transformed by Jesus into the "apostle of love".

Paul was a murderer, persecutor of Christians, and yet became the "apostle of the Gentiles".

Matthew was a collaborator with the Romans, hated by his fellow Jews, and yet he became the great note taker of Jesus' sermons.

Why do we think that God cannot RESTORE us to realms far beyond what we ever could have done on our own?  Why do we ask so small?  Why do we think so carnally? Why do we not ask largely? The devil has polluted minds to make many think God is unable.  Others, have the polluted mind thinking that their requests should be greedy, selfish requests. 

Matthew 17:20
"If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place, and it shall remove, and nothing shall be impossible unto you."

Why do we ask a stone, when the Lord wants us to have bread? Why do we ask for Him to help us struggle over the mountain, when He wants to remove it altogether?  Why do we ask for a sprinkle, when He wants us to have a flood?  Why do you only hope for  a tingle of blessing in the worship service, when God wants you to be filled to overflowing. Can God only do the easy?  Must we settle for only the little?  If you were in the wilderness when the ten spies returned would you have thought God able to give you a land with giants, walled fortified cities, or would you have wept in despair all night as they did?

God poured out His anger on the Israelites for their lack of faith, for their meatheaded carnality, and for their refusal to believe God could do the hard things.

God is tired of hearing us ask for crumbs, when He has said: "Come and dine."  Would He have said, "Come and dine" and then only want to give us crumbs? No, He wants to give us great feasts, not leftovers and scraps.  God is tired of us asking for a sprinkle of revival, when He has told us to ask for floods of blessing.  He has promised that in the last days, the "knowledge of the Lord shall cover the earth as the waters cover the seas" -- so why would He want to give us only sprinkles of blessings?
The devil attacks the story of the fall of Eve and Adam.  They fell from God’s plan for greatness.  The RESTORATION process is meant, not for us to return to some great point in our own lives, but to be RESTORED to what God originally intended for us to be.  That is why this process of RESTORATION seems to last forever.  It will continue all the time we are in this sin cursed world, and we are bound in this human, frail, body.  In heaven, in our new and eternal body, the finishing touches on our RESTORATION will be nearly done.  Not till then can we claim completion, and maybe not even then.  This RESTORATION is a long journey, but it is overwhelmingly wonderful.
When Adam and Eve were created, mankind had no inherited sicknesses or weaknesses. He was created perfect and meant to be eternal. Mankind had daily communion with God. He had God-given knowledge, and even in his first days, named all the animals.

The extent of mankind’s revelation from God was to:
be fruitful and multiply...
subdue the earth...
take dominion over lower orders of creation...
take care of the garden...
not to eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

Mankind broke the rules given by God for this time. The judgment brought expelling from the garden, the curse upon mankind and the earth, but a promise of a ‘SEED of woman’ Who would someday come and defeat the devil.
Mankind proved to fail without God, innocence could not keep them sinless. Mankind lost his God-conscience at the fall in the garden. Now God would show that mankind was not only a failure at staying innocent, but would be a failure at developing one’s own conscience to guide.

Cain’s conscience without God’s connection resulted in Abel’s death. Soon the earth was filled with violence. Mankind could not guide himself to goodness, or right living with his own conscience. Fallen angels took advantage of mankind’s weakness of conscience, and co-habited with women, creating a race of giants, not totally human.

Finally, Noah and his family were the only ones left that were totally undefiled by that contamination of God’s plan. The saving of that family, and the flood of judgment on the rest of the world was the result. The promise given at the end, was that never again would God destroy the earth by water.
Conscience could not keep them righteous. God had man use human government to help guide his conscience. Capital punishment was instituted, to help instigate mankind to proper behavior. Evil leaders were accepted, and led mankind to failure in this dispensation. Nimrod, whose evil spirit is now known as ‘Belial’, led them in pride to an attempt to build their own way to heaven. Judgment included confusion of the language, to help separate mankind, and the division of the earth into continents also separated mankind, so that he would subdue the whole earth, not just a portion of it.
Human government failed to keep them righteous. Abraham was given promises, to inspire his, and his posterity’s adherence to the ways of God. God’s promises encouraged righteousness, and gave abundant reward for obedience. Mankind was judged with slavery to Egypt, and yet, they were given a promise of a land flowing with ‘milk and honey’. They failed even in the delivery of such promise. They danced about the golden calf, they complained and murmured despite miraculous manna for food, and a rock that followed them, flowing with water enough for the several million in the desert. The Promises, though always increasing in greatness, do not keep mankind from unrighteousness. Mankind failed again.

Promises from God failed to keep them righteous. The laws given by God to Moses on Mt. Sinai showed mankind, a definite set of ‘thou shalt not’s’. Israel promised to keep them, but could not. The law saved no one. God gave a plan of the tabernacle, and its method of restoration of mankind to God’s presence. The tabernacle pointed the way, showed in type, what God wanted from mankind, and what it would require for mankind to come into God’s very presence.

Laws could not be kept to be righteous. Throughout the age of the law, mankind failed and failed. Judgment came often. Yet, with even seeing the result of sin, and the horrible nature of judgment, mankind kept failing. The Lord came and took the final judgment for sin, by dying on the cross.

Then came the grace due to the cross of Jesus. God has provided an easy way to re-approach God and begin the process of RESTORATION. Yet, even in this, we see mankind failing to appropriate this simple way of salvation. With such an easy way to have forgiveness, atonement, restoration and eternal life with the Lord, one would think mankind would grasp it with joy. With such an example as Jesus, with the gifts and empowerment of the Holy Spirit, and with the Bible to guide, mankind has no excuse for failure. Judgment will come on the church, with the ‘harvest of tares’, and upon the world shortly following that with the tribulation.

Mankind even fails grace and fails when made so easy.
Soon another test will come. Jesus will return, rule and reign with us, and finally, after a 1000 years test mankind again. Yet, even then, mankind will fail at its end. The devil, bound for the 1000 years, will be released to once again tempt mankind. Mankind will fail even the millennium blessings.

God will send fire from heaven to devour those final failures. The white throne judgment will then take place, where the failures of every dispensation will be placed in the lake of fire for their final eternal judgment.

So, all of this history of mankind, the whole 7000 years, beginning with the tree of knowledge of good and evil, mankind has proven that he is a failure. Mankind cannot, without Jesus, boil water. Man needs grace, forgiveness, over and over, time after time, and only with the help of Jesus can we ever have hope. For, we, His ‘saints’, begin the RESTORATION process over and over, for we fail over and over.

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